Lay It Down

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You know how it is when you get into an argument with someone and regret what you've said to them...yeah...its like that.

Submitted: March 15, 2007

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Submitted: March 15, 2007



I didn't know what was

To come around

With all the egg

Shells on the ground. Then,

I started to resent you today,

As your eyes like glass stared in

you Just shouted in your mad pain.

I started to hate myself,

As my words flared

And my face turned cold,

I didn't care if I was

Mean or bold

You took my peace

Turned it into nervous worry

Of what will be.

I'm sorry for this

I Never wanted to get

This sick.

But the pressure is on.

Your trial is me.

My burden is your song.

Though,Your fits of rage

Are burying me down

I hear you in your room,

I hear the sad, sobbing sound

How do I let this all be gone?

How do I make this is ok?

I want to come around

Make the world perfect

But I'm frail and not that strong

I Want to put out the flames

Maybe I won't resent you today

Is it possible to

Lay it down...just

Lay it down for you

Maybe you could lay it down for me too.

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