My Time Of Fall

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Lupus in latin means 'Wolf'....

Submitted: September 18, 2008

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Submitted: September 18, 2008



my voice is without melody
and these words may not sound as poetic
as I press my forehead against the grey shaded
window reflection
marking the glass as I feel its coldness
a relief to my heated thoughts

lately, I have paid more attention to
the way I breathe,
the beat of my heart
the way my skin feels tighter
as eyes lift up to see sharp wolf irises
in the translucent image

strange transfiguring
a flash in the sky of remembrances
things of a former life
reappear only in the back of my mind

I have lost count on days gone by
the weeks, months into years
and still a watcher from the inside

I've witnessed the leaves and flowers,
fall and bloom and fall again
trees stable in their ground
as its branches have grown

and I wait, for bloom of a new body
while my time of fall
lingers in the deep reflected image
of a wolf ghost waiting to fade

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