relation of opposition

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Well I actually wrote this at a confused state,its about the simple confusions we make in life

Submitted: July 05, 2013

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Submitted: July 05, 2013



If all humans steps were backwards Time would not rewind Earth would not reverse If all the living moved in a direction The world would not fall forward Why A line can only be walkd A world can only turn

Many confuse length and space Many confuse vows with oaths Many confuse alignment to order Truly is Relation of opposition

How ugly the beast So beautiful the eyes How cold war is So warm is blood

Eyes capture pictures Tongues taste mixture Is the head just a fixture The body a gesture

Dunes 2 desert Tunes 2 sounds June 2 years Close but not of the same

If i eva gt lost Find me in a familar A clue Underneath ur chest The one of which is missing The one ill be your heart

Life Almost an unsure name To live in an everlasting frame Life an endless game Never ending isnt quiet endless Or everlasting

Everytime we sleep We practice death All deaf and blind the the world Everytime we live We practice life We can mistake life with a life span We can make the same mistake with death

There no oasis in chaos Everytime we love We against all odds We defeat all odds

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