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some of the questions one asks when feeling all alone and scared

Submitted: August 13, 2016

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Submitted: August 13, 2016



Who am I?

Where am I?

Why am I here?

Poised and happy!

Is that really who I am?

Or is it all just pretend

Like with some of my friends

Vanity and deception, I see it in their eyes

Smile and laugh with me daily

While spreading rumours and lies

Of whom you may wonder? Of me of course

They’ll tell me they love me, my rides or dies

I nod and smile, knowing it’s all a lie

But birds of the same feather flock together

So what I see in them is definitely within me

Greatly equipped and better at deceiving

So here is my question, who am I?

Is it the boy whose smiles and laughter rise with the sun

And welcome the moon dark into the night

Or the fool in the mirror who wishes to die

Gone and lost, they don’t know

I lay in a pool of darkness, where all the monsters play

They are my friends, they live within me

They tell me stories and give me dreams

Of a world without me, how interesting it would be

They lead me to a door

That leads me to a place where I feel no more

Joy, pain, emotion

It has a name, you probably know it

They call it death, I call it home

And every time I reach that door

A light pulls me, I’m wide awake

It pains me to bring out the mask

The façade that helps me go through life

Think twice if you think you know me, inside and out

Cause I just might shock you

When my monsters come out

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