Chasing Truths

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic
With a simple game of chase, truths are about to be uncovered.

Submitted: October 17, 2014

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Submitted: October 17, 2014




*Warning: Contains some sexual scenes so if you're underaged, please find more appropriate materials to  read . (-.^,)


I looked up from the book I was reading upon seeing her stomp into the room, fuming.

“What is it, darling?” I asked calmly.

“Hand me your wallet!” she barked.

Oops. It seems the anger bar meter wasn’t just in the middle but in full. It only reaches this level when she’s having her period. But wait… It was her turn a few weeks ago.

“Whatever for?” I asked cautiously.

With a snap of her fingers, two burly figures entered the room. They looked at me apologetically. I almost snorted a laugh. They couldn’t really handle my wife when she was being the dragon lady.

 I glanced at the window only to see three more people guarding by the veranda.

It looks like I get to play chase again with these people.

“Search her,” she ordered.

“B-But Mistress…”

“Do it!”

I held up my hands placing them at the back of my head with a smile. “No reason to hesitate, boys. Do as the Lady says. Come and check my pockets.”

Out of respect, a woman guarding from the veranda stepped in to do the work only to be revoked.

“Not you, idiot! Raymond!”

Raymond, one of the burly guys by the door had to do it. “Sorry, boss…” he whispered as he searched me.

I sighed. “What is it this time?” I whispered back.

“I have no idea. All I know is that it has something to do with your wallet.”

I hoped the reason was not what I thought it was.

“What’s taking you so long?!”

I suppressed a chuckle but didn’t hide my amusement. I thought so.

“Back pocket,” I told him. He extracted a black leather wallet and presented it to his Mistress. Every guard seemed to hold their breath waiting for what would happen next. That’s her impact on other people working alright. But it was also a big advantage for me.

I watched Adalia as she scrutinized my wallet. “This is not the one. This is new!”

That was my cue to get past Raymond and the other guard on the door.

“Get her!” Adalia shouted.

The chase was on. I grinned. This kind of game only gets enjoyable if Adalia was the one conducting the chase. I headed towards the forest which composed most of the estate. Behind me, I heard the ripping of clothes, crackling of bones, and guttural groans. A chorus of howls echoed after that.

Another group emerged from up front and from the sides trying to ambush me. I immediately pictured a kangaroo, feeling it mold my form. I leapt above their heads. I sped up my pace by calling upon the fastest running land beast. Unlike them, the transitions were much easier for me. No ripping of clothes and no crackling of bones. Yellowish brown, black spotted fur whooshed in a blur among the thickets of the forest.

*Catch me if you can!* I taunted my wife telepathically.

I shut off my connection immediately before she could growl at me.

I reached the side of the cliff, pausing to slow down my heart rate.

After a few seconds, they emerged from the thickets. I returned to my human form idly dusting my suit.  A growling wolf stepped forward. The sight of the livid colored coat of her glistened as sunlight touched it.

“Glad you made it, wife,” I smoothly said.

*Stay where you are!* she snapped in my head.

“Aw… it wouldn’t be fun then. I love being chased by you,” I replied and changed myself into an eagle.

*I’ll be back once you’re all calmed down,* I said in a singsong.

*Oh no. I’ll get you this time, Raed. You’re already at your limit. I’ll wipe that smug look from that face of yours.*

I shut her out from my mind and flew off. She was right. Continually shifting in a day takes a great toll out of me. I headed to that one place where she wouldn’t be able to find me.


I wearily parted the thick lantana shrubs, which hid the opening of the small cave, wrinkling my nose from its scent. I had to crawl a few feet to reach the wider part of the cave. I stood up, a hiss from a snake caught my attention. I sighed in relief. “What do you know, dinner…” I muttered. “You’ll suffice for now.”

The area of the cave was around ten square feet and at least eight feet high which was good enough. The metal chest at one corner contains some necessities. At another corner was an iron cast stove I managed to stash in the cave and made sure to install a ventilation system. Opposite the stove was a stone platform carved from the wall two feet high used as a table and a bed.

I lit up some candles just for the fun of it and ate the snake I roasted. My stomach still growled. I still am not strong enough to go out and hunt at the same time evade Adalia and the men so I decided to just sleep it off and do it tomorrow.

The gentle strokes on my arm turned rough when I stirred. I closed my eyes to clear my head. She was seated by the edge of the bed dressed gloriously with silk. I never expected she would really find me.


“I was wondering if you were going to sleep like a rock for a moment more,” she cooed with such venom.

I swallowed. Uh-oh.

“Too late for that, darling,” she added seeming to hear my thoughts.

I tried to move but felt enchanted ropes tied on my wrists and feet.

“How’d you find me?” I asked, hiding my panic.

“It wasn’t really difficult like the last time.”


Then I realized. They must have slipped a tracker on me.

“You got it right. Though I’m not telling where,” she gloated.

I cursed silently making her laugh. I couldn’t block her out in this condition.

She searched my body thoroughly and finally found what she was looking for.

“You don’t want to see what really is in there,” I said dejected.

“You’ll pay dearly if it displeases me,” she said coldly it seeped through my bones making me shiver.

“I swear… I’m not cheating or anything,” I tried to explain but she just ignored me.

She opened the faded black wallet and instead of seeing paper bills, she saw photographs mostly of her.

“What is this? Some sort of photo album?”

I just shrugged my shoulder in response.

Her face started to soften as she scanned the pictures. She smirked after seeing the ones that were at the bottom.

“So that’s what you’ve been hiding, you perv. You really had a reason to run away.”

I couldn’t hide my flush.

“And here I thought I was the one who pursued you. You’ve been eyeing me all along. No—that wasn’t right. You’ve been stalking me since grade school.”

I groaned. “That’s your proof that I wasn’t cheating. Now can we please stop?”

She didn’t. “Is this why you were so fond of checking your wallet out anytime you could to compare all the changes that had been happening to my body? Is that what’s been amusing you?”

“Adalia, release me,” I begged.

“Admit it first,” she purred.

“Adalia!” I demanded as I struggled free.

“Admit it.”

“Fine! I’ve been desiring you ever since you were young and I couldn’t wait until you were fully grown so I made a deal with your father to ensure things. Solitary as I am, I had to be part of the pack and help him out to be always close to you.”

She smiled at that and moved to kiss me, moving gracefully against me. Her hands stroked my arms then reached to cup my breasts. I groaned, opening my mouth and let her tongue wander inside to meet with mine.

“Unbind me,” I gasped when she broke the kiss.

She shook her head with a mischievous glint in her eyes. She undid the halter straps of her dress revealing her nude form. My eyes blazed with desire.

“Tell me, Raed. Which part of my body do you like best?”

I couldn’t answer, distracted too much with her beauty.

“Is it this?” she stroked her face sensuously with a finger then moved it down slowly to the swell of her breast. “Or this?” she asked cupping them then pinched each nipple. “Or this?” her hand moved lower in between her thighs.

I wanted to explode. “Adalia… please…”

“Oh you poor thing,” she cooed and reached behind my back, intentionally brushing herself against me. The ropes came off. I massaged my wrists as she unknotted the ropes around my feet.

After she did, I grabbed her and pinned her on the bed, kissing her passionately and full of hunger. “Such a tease…” I muttered in between breaths.

She kissed me back with the same intensity, biting my lower lip making it bleed.

My hands moved to caress every part of her. Then she pushed me off with such great force that I fell off the bed.

“What the fu—!” I stopped when I heard her retch. The putrid sour smell of vomit assailed my nose.

“Adalia? What’s wrong?”

I moved immediately to rub her back.

After some minutes, the retching stopped. I wiped her mouth with the sleeve of my blouse. She looked up at me with a pale face and troubled eyes. She began to cry. “I’m sorry Raed… Forgive me…”

My heart thudded against my chest. What’s happening?


What was supposed to be a fiery moment fizzled off from the cold reality of the situation.

I tried to comprehend what her apology entailed…or I don’t have to because I already was aware ever since it started.

I suspected it but I don’t want to doubt my wife.

I went to pick up her dress and handed it to her. She took it not looking at me.

“So now the dragon lady is being afraid?” was what I was about to tease her but changed my mind so I said instead, “We better go back home. I just remembered how hungry I am.”

She laughed softly at that then became sorrowful again. I ignored it, helped her put on her dress and couldn’t help caressing her skin.

“Raed…” she moaned. “I’m a mess…”

I nipped her ear earning a jolt and a slight push. She looked away again. “We better go.”

I sighed and braced myself for what’s about to come. “Lead the way then, my lady.”


I raided the kitchen, thankful that Nana Tacia and her helpers always leave a banquet for us to feast on at any time of the day.

I was aware of her watching me as I fill my plate and gobble all the food up turning her face green.

“Dear wife, you better go to our room and rest while waiting for me, alright?”

I said with a mouthful in mock seriousness. She only turned a deeper shade of green. Okay, that didn’t give the desired effect. I heard her retch as she ran out of the kitchen. I heaved another exasperated sigh. If I do any more sighing today, it might become a habit.


I entered our room catching a whiff of tears and vomit. A servant was attending to her, wiping her face.

“Ate something bad?” I said dryly.

“If you ask me if eating snake falls under bad food category, then yes,” she deadpanned.

“So it has something to do with me then?”I chuckled.

She didn’t reply and motioned the servant to leave.

I dove towards the bed, wrapping my arms around her waist.

“Stop playing around!” she snapped tossing me off the bed. I rolled to  avoid hitting something.

“Just drop it Raed! You know what this means! Stop acting like you don’t!”

My face darkened. I haven’t realized I was pinning her on the bed with my arms and legs. “What are you admitting, wife?” I breathed harshly.

Her eyes blazed in anger. “What did you figure out?” she challenged.

“Damn it, woman!” I snarled.

The unfriendly sound from the doorway snapped my attention towards it. I was immediately at the door lifting the man up in a choke hold.

“What are you challenging me for, Ruben?”

The sharp gasp from Adalia gave the answer away. I guffawed.

Honestly, I couldn’t picture her with this one. But there’s only one way to find out how an androgynous looking man tamed the dragon lady. I let go of him. “Run, wolf.”

The smell of fear doubled. I growled at him, baring my pointy teeth.

Adalia screeched. “Raed, don’t!”

An arm turning to a huge paw almost grazed his face if he didn’t move fast. He had no choice but to run. I turned to my wife, my smile feral.

“You’re not giving answers at all, darling, leaving me no choice. I had to depend on my own conclusions. I just hope I wasn’t actually playing dumb ever since I suspected it but if I find out I was really fooling myself, I might just rip Ruben into pieces.”

I shifted before her into a bear ignoring anything else that she said and ran off for the hunt.


It wasn’t really that hard to catch up with a prey if you have the gravest intention to kill. He was wise enough to change into his wolf form but none escapes until I lose all my strength.

He was at a little distance from the tree where my hawk form perched. I swooped down, scraping a mark on his head gaining a whimper. I called upon my bear form, not wasting any moment for my bubbling anger. I pressed the tawny colored form against the ground digging my claws into his flesh.

*Tell me what your intent is, wolf.*

*I meant not to challenge nor take anything from you, Supreme. I only wish the lady to be free from harm,* he whimpered.

*You do know why the previous Supreme chose me to take his place even though I wasn’t just a wolf shifter, right? If you’re smart enough better start talking.*

*Please, Supreme. I was sworn to secrecy,* he begged.

Intriguing. This is leading to another conclusion. I bared my teeth and sank it into his fur.


I got back home with the search party my wife had sent after me. She shrieked at the sight of blood all over me.

“What have you done?!”

“Leave us,” I ordered to the men which they obliged.

I slumped at the sofa, relaxing. “So that was it? You were suspecting me of having an affair because you were actually doing it?”

She charged at me so I had to lock her againt me to restrain her.

She screamed like a banshee becoming more aggressive at the smell of blood. I can feel her wolf surface.

“Adalia,  don’t.”

I pushed my energy towards her to keep the beast at bay. She fought back valiantly that I had no choice but to keep on pushing until she yielded.

The standoff ended to labored breathing. I loosened my hold on her, stroking her back to calm her. We stayed that way for a while. I was glad she didn’t make any move and just remained atop of me.

“What are we going to name her?” I queried, breaking the silence.

“We don’t even know if it’s a boy or a girl,” she scoffed.

“Well, we can think of two names.”

“So you’re going to accept the baby after you killed the donor? You've never been fond of children!” she spat, trembling in anger.

With one move, I flipped her underneath me.

“Who said I  killed him?” I smiled slyly.

Her eyes widened in realization. She pounded my chest with both her hands. “It was just an act all along!”

I chuckled and caught her hands.

“I just asked him to contribute a bit of blood. He’s probably fully healed right now and enjoying the company of his lover.”

Adalia snorted a laugh.

“What’s up with us?” she sighed.

“Only one way to find out,” I smiled suggestively.

She pushed me off with a stern look. “Oh, no. Not with all that blood. Bath now.”

A shriek escaped her lips as I carried her and hurriedly moved towards the bathroom.

I had the shower running then ripped her clothes off. She did the same with mine. We laughed for a second then our lips met for a fiery kiss. I led her towards the cascading water as we continue to kiss. Her fingers deftly rubbing off the traces of blood on my body.

Satisfied, she moved her mouth to nibble my ear and rub her body against me. I groaned. I cupped her buttocks, pulling her closer.

“Fast or slow?” she whispered mischievously.

I took her hand and led it to where I want it to be. She stroked teasingly. “How impatient.”


She smiled and kissed me. “Let’s do it together then…”

And with that, we fell into a rhythm until we soared together towards that one special place.




I paused from stroking her arm and let her turn around to face me. We were now on the bed, just basking in the after glow of our love making.

“Are you sure you want to have the baby with me?” she asked gently. “I know it was selfish of me to go through the process without you, not even considering your feelings about it.”

“It was what you wanted all along and I didn’t consider. I am the selfish one.”

She wrapped her arms around me. “I thought you were going to say you no longer have a choice since it’s already there.”

“I was,” I replied in mock seriousness gaining a pinch. I laughed. “Thank the goddess for modern technology. I don’t have to kill someone for touching you.”

“Well, you almost did.”


We spent another moment of silence just cuddling each other.



“I love you. I really am not fond of kids but I’ll do whatever it takes for our baby.”

She looked up at me with twinkling eyes and saw both fear and excitement from my own. “Together…”

I nodded. “Together.”

No further explanation or reasoning was needed. No need to complicate what was simple.




It’s a relief that her abilities hibernated after three weeks of conception. I don’t think I could handle more of the mood swings with the abilities intact.


I cringed at her angry call. I moved further from the voice and headed towards Ruben. He was trying hard to stifle his laughter.

“Wow, boss. You look…”

 I glared at him. “Not a word. Go and calm her NOW.”

“You’re her partner. Go deal with her. I’m not throwing Ruben to be a chew toy for the dragon lady again,” Ruben’s lover complained.

I gave them both a pleading look. Threatening them would only make matters worse.


This time the call was frantic. Ruben and I rushed immediately towards Adalia. Her face was contorted in so much pain. Water was flowing down her legs.

I didn’t know what to do. She grabbed my hand and squeezed it so hard. “What are you doing, idiot?! Call the doctor!”

“Doctor?” I reapeted thoughtlessly.

I felt movements around me but couldn’t put together what was happening.

“Boss…Supreme, the Mistress is about to give birth!”


There was a loud ringing in my ears. Adalia’s going to give birth.

My body grew numb and cold. Darkness swallowed my vision.


The shrill cry of a baby woke me. I blinked to clear my vision. I moved to a sitting position on the cot and saw Adalia on our bed cooing to the baby then began nursing it.

I watched them intently, my heart overjoyed.

I didn’t know jow long was I staring. I jolted back to my senses when she spoke. “Raed, come here.”

I tried my best to walk with shaky legs. She patted the space beside her for me. I

I sat quietly and was surprised when she yanked my ear.

 “You missed the whole action.”

A blush crept up my face amidst the pain from the yank. “I’m sorry…”

She laughed then, patting my cheek. “It’s fine that you did. We wouldn’t want you to be throttling the doctor while he did his job, would we?”

The movements around her arms caught our attention. With a closer look at the lovely thing, my heart raced. Adalia let me hold it.

“It’s not an it, Raed. It’s a she,” she said softly.

Tears streamed down my face.

“Raed, say hello to Emma,” Adalia introduced.

“Hello, Emma,” I managed to whisper.

“Emma, meet your other mother, Raed.”

Everything overwhelmed me all at once I thought I’d burst like a bubble. Adalia knew just what to do. She kissed me softly and enveloped me in her warmth.

This was real. Very, very, real. I am really very fortunate.

























© Copyright 2020 LeFrogg. All rights reserved.

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