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All her life, she found no purpose. And now that she was too old to even care, her help was being sought out.

Submitted: January 13, 2015

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Submitted: January 13, 2015





I watched her grow into a fine teenager until everything was shattered at her parent’s separation. I wanted her to come to me but she never did. Why would she? She was so young when she met me. She had already forgotten me. She was the only one who believed I existed. And now, she is gone. I waited and I waited. She never returned.


“Please. You have to help us. People are already dying. The psychic said you’re the only one who can appease it.”

I opened my weary eyes. In my eighty three years of living, this is the first time someone badly needed my help. I smiled bitterly. “You kids are pushing your luck. This old lady has done insignificant things all her life and definitely of no help now in this condition.”

“Listen lady, our loved ones’ lives are at stake. We’ll do anything even if it’s against your will!”

I ignored the brash young man and closed my eyes again. I’m too tired.


Five individuals sneaked out an elderly towards a van. They were relieved the elderly slept like a log.

The van stopped by a swampy area. They walked along the board walk leading towards a decrepit house.

It was believed that around the area where the house was built lies the remains of a witch. During that time, the land was still dry unlike now.

Two of the individuals prepared a magic circle to summon the demon witch. It took them lots of guts to do the same thing they have done that night which angered a supernatural being. Now, they have come to appease it and only the elderly as a sacrifice would save them all.

They placed the old woman in the middle of the circle and distanced themselves as they witnessed the appearance of a rotting body.

“Ha! You brought me the soul of an old woman in exchange for all the souls you bargained for what you wished for?”

The eerie voice was none too pleased. The individuals, who appear to be successful in their careers, begged.

“You dare insult me, the daughter of the Sky goddess?!”

The individuals writhed from her psychic assault.


The creature turned towards the old woman who was finally gaining her consciousness.

Suddenly, something passed between them—something unseen by naked eyes.

The old woman saw a lady being executed for possessing evil magic only because the elders believe that only males were chosen by the goddess to bear her powers.

The old woman gasped. She saw a young girl—a younger version of herself wander off and was almost bitten by a snake when a lady in rags helped her and killed the snake.

In turn, the demon witch saw what had happened to the elderly’s life during the early years. She saw a teenager rebelling on her mother. It led to disownment and a life in the streets. A man twenty years older than the young woman took her in and falls for her. They wedded by the time the young woman was eight months pregnant. She had three kids whom she offered little affection. The husband dies when the third child was in college. She was left alone to live with what was left of her husband’s wealth. Then her children sent her to a nursing home when she was very old.

The old woman whispered a name she had long forgotten.

Soon, she was hovering above the ceiling in her younger form like the lady and was looking down at her old form.

“We have to get rid of the parasite that got lumped with you,” she spoke lovingly and held out her hand.

The lady became uncertain. “I can’t. The creature has become very strong.”
“Come on. Those guys got rid of you because you were more powerful than them and more compassionate. You can do it. I know you can.”

The lady smiled, looking affectionately at her. She couldn’t help it. She kissed the lady.

A horrifying scream from the pits of a dark abyss broke through. The rotting body turned to dust. The individuals were set free. But the old lady was dead.

The old lady’s relatives were shocked to see rich people paying her respect and even extending their help to them.

The ‘demon witch’ and her companion smiled at each other. “Yep. This place will do for the two of us.


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