The Old Woman

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What happens when you meet an old woman inside the bus?

Submitted: October 04, 2014

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Submitted: October 04, 2014



The Old Woman’s Tale


Mika sat at the end of the bus occupied by a teenager and an old woman. Tired from work, she shut her eyes for a bit only to open them up again at her seatmates’ exchange.

“I get it granny. You don’t have to tell me the story. I’m no friggin’ preschooler. The old woman swallowed a fly which led her to swallowing a bird, a cat, a dog, a cow, and a horse then she died. End of the story,” the teenager said gruffly.

“Oh, it doesn’t end there, young one,” the old woman replied smiling.

“Whatever.” The teenager rolled his eyes and left as the bus stopped.

The old lady suddenly turned to the worn out woman eye to eye. “Interesting,” the old one crooned. “Would you like to know what happened after the old woman swallowed the horse?”

Mika was not up for conversations but couldn’t just be rude.

“What happened?” the younger woman managed to ask out of politeness.


Mika dropped herself at the sofa deciding that she wouldn’t make it to the bed.

‘The old woman swallowed a fine young man and lived to be youthful.’

She shivered at the memory. It has something to do with how the old woman spoke and gaze at her intensely.

She groaned at the insistent knock on her door. She dragged herself towards the door when it suddenly opened revealing the old lady she met in the bus.

“There was an old woman…”

Mika failed to hear the next words as darkness engulfed her.



A young woman brushed off a patch of dry skin from her cheek as she left the apartment building with a smile.


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