Hackers, Scammers and Conmen.

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The telephone rings, your watching tv or in the kitchen making a drink. You walk over to the phone, pick it up and say hello..... then...

Submitted: February 15, 2018

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Submitted: February 15, 2018



Hackers, Scammers & Conmen.

They seem to be everywhere these days, lurking in every corner of the technological sphere of an online society.

I always have that paranoid feeling that when I click on the browser to go online, that there are a plethora of Scammers Or Conmen ready and waiting at the other end of a website to steal everything they can, whether that be passwords, credit card details, user dates of birth and so on..

Of course,

I’m no wizard at all this magical security stuff and as I spend time online, I just browse away and hope that I have the correct security features that stop this kind of password and/or credit card stealing stuff that seems to happen all the time somewhere.

Although, one thing I have noticed over the years, is that, when a hacker does get caught by the authorities (Police, Cyber police) and such..

The trivial sentence handed out by the judge or magistrate never seems to really fit the crime, up until a few months ago cyber crime hasn’t really had a very serious punishment by law, it’s as though…the legal authorities over here haven’t really ‘got to grips’ with the seriousness of hacking and stealing through the virtual world of the internet.

A good computer security analyst can earn around £60k a year over here but on the other hand, a good computer security hacker, potentially could earn double that a year so I suppose its all down to how honest and trustworthy the analyst is.

And lets not forget the telephone Scammer…

There you are, sitting at home, maybe watching something good on the TV or in the kitchen making a cup of coffee, when all of a sudden the phone rings.. So you stop what your doing and pick up the phone handset.

Caller- Hello…could I speak to…******** ***********

Me- Hello, who’s calling?

Caller- Oh it’s MicroSoft..

Me- Yes, of course it is, let me guess, I have a virus and you need to access my computer?

Caller- (says something that I can’t hear) then puts the phone down.



And the short calling sequence ’up above’ is just one of the various telephone Scammers I have had to deal with over the last few months, it’s as though telephone Scammers are breeding like flies, they seem to be everywhere these days, testing the caller with unscrupulous questions just to see if you’re a potential easy target and your so trusting that you will tell them what they want to know (most will be financial details or access to your computer).

And with the telephonist number changing apps that are available, they can easily withhold there genuine number and replace it with a fake display number so were all back to square one, I mean, knowing a number that displays a familiar number, well, your most likely to answer it, instead of just letting it ring.

Telephone Scammers are not a new thing, they have been around since the invention of the telephone but ’I suppose’ with all the new scrambling of new telephonic software, it’s never been harder to stop these Scammers from operating from a secret number.


There are various ways that will spare your from being cold called on your home phone but (I am not surprised at all) that you have to pay your telephone provider extra money every month, this will stop most spam calls but I doubt all of them.

So the telephone provider whom you already pay a standard monthly fee and whom you already pay for a telephone package tariff, are now charging you extra so that you can stop the spam calls reaching your home number…. (the same home number that they willingly give the spam companies access too, as well).

‘That’s what’s called, Corporate business’

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