'Intel Inside' Meltdown Outside.

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Its like a science fiction novel that has suddenly come to life, the latest but possibly not the greatest computer update and patch for all processor enabled devices in the world, is this really
needed or is it the biggest hack the world has ever seen!

Whilst watching the 007 film Spectre and the ensuing Meltdown of the bad guys, it occurs to me that the words Spectre & Meltdown are colourful words and they add to an excitement when watching a great James Bond film.
Just like in any great western, were the first gunman to shoot will probably hit his target and the loser will no doubt fall.
The Reality is closer than you might have once thought!
Meltdown affects nearly all the computer chips that have the name Intel written on them.
Spectre affects all the other computer chips that have been installed within the last 10 years. 
Apparently, all these computer chips (could allow hackers) to steal data within your computer by compromising the Kernel (that’s the brains within your computer).
But of course, as with all hackers, the information within your computer has got to be worth their time, it’s a pointless time wasting exercise hacking through a backdoor within a processor if the target machine has nothing of value to steal.
And with billions of processor enabled devices in the world it’s an impossible task to find a device that holds a kings ransom (as they say), a hacker wants a quick return for their efforts and the maximum amount of money is all that drives ‘most hackers’.
The hacker who is most dangerous, is the one that has no interest in financial income, they will professionally hack for information (whatever that my be).
Information is power and governments can be toppled through highly confidential information being released to the world.
I have very low intelligence in information technology (true) and all I do is update security and patches as and when they become available so I urge ’everyone who reads my essays’ to do the same.
And don’t forget to keep all your antivirus up to date as well.
Although antivirus and firewalls are ’sort of pointless’ until they release a major updated patch for your processor within your machine or device.
Final thought….
Is this really a case of hackers trying to infiltrate and compromise the security of all processor enabled machines and devices.
Is this a world wide global fraud by the worlds biggest security government financed hackers?  ’Never Say Anything’!!
My thoughts by,
Left On The Shelf.

Submitted: January 05, 2018

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