WIFI Enabled Speakers!!

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Technology to help ease the burden of daily living, here we have to choices, one from Amazon and one from Google... take your pick because they both do about the same thing, that being data
collection from the user.

The Voice From Beyond.
That’ll be the Amazon Echo & Google Home speakers!
The new wizardry of technology comes to you from the worlds biggest snoopers in history, giant monolithic billion pound companies, showing you the way to a brighter and smarter future.
They have even reduced the price of these speakers so even those of us on a modest income will be able to afford them, that’s got to be the most generous Christmas gift ever!
As long as you have an internet connection with at least 2MB in connection speed. (most broadband speeds will meet these requirements) anyway.
How can you resist such a windfall offer so go out right now and buy one!
I’m sure everyone will love the idea of the constant recording of even their most intimate personal conversations!
Of course (as with all terms & conditions) these companies will say that they only use ‘Snippets’ of what the wifi enabled speaker hears (and if you believe that, you also think the moon is made of cheese).
These companies never give anyone ‘a free lunch’ and they will undauntedly make more money from ‘you’re’ data, than you will get from the benefits it will give, if you have one in your home.
Not bothered about privacy because we all have nothing to hide!
Sound familiar?
I can guarantee that you have read about someone ranting on about (if you’ve nothing to hide, well, what’s the problem)!
And I say to these ’soothsayers’…..
‘So why do you close you’re curtains on a night’? 
These Wifi enabled snoopers speakers have got to be one of the worst Christmas gifts in the history of wifi technology, there always connected to the internet (quietly listening) and (quietly gathering) you’re personal and highly private data, to be used & stored, all in the purpose of to serve you with better advertisements (& those dodgy companies that buy data) from these companies too!
And lets not forget the ease of technology being able to connect to you’re other Bluetooth enabled house hold items, all connected to each other all silently transmitting you’re usage data to an invisible monolith server somewhere in the world.
Oh ’Happy dayz’….
What a great monumental discovery this PR campaign has been!
‘’Imagine people spending there own money buying these technological marvels and placing them inside there own homes so our technology can snoop and spy on them with our always-on technology speakers, hell, its like a science fiction movie that’s come to life.’’
Bluetooth technology is just a mere ‘Hack’ away.
Everything that has the capability of Bluetooth transfer, has the capability (and floor) of being swiped by your friendly and competent hacker, these people are getting highly sophisticated in their approach to finding loop holes within the Bluetooth code.
And so with endless patches and tweaks that these speakers (probably require) you might be safe trusting such an invasive device as wifi enabled speakers!
The Good points..
You can ask them practically anything and you will get an answer faster than the speed of light to your question.
You don’t need to boot up any device to get instant answers.
The Bad points..
There always listening, regardless if your asking them a question or command.
I won’t have any listening speaker anywhere near my private and personal home life.
(yes, I close the curtains on a night) and lock the doors. 
Thanks for reading.

Submitted: December 18, 2017

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