Emo Love Story #1

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It’s no good. I wrote it a few years back so yeah. And if you don’t like the Emo scene then DONT read this. Other wise try and enjoy :)

Desanor is a loner who never even entertains the thought of him finding love. Lura is the hottest girl in school and she has a secret crush. What happens when Lura finally talks to Desanor?

Submitted: January 26, 2012

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Submitted: January 26, 2012



Desanor and Lura

Desanor sat in the back of class; he hated life with a passion, well at least his. He walked through this world; a loner, all aloof, He hardly had a life to live. He hated it too. He never had anything to do but write poetry, songs and stories. But he didn’t realize he had one more thing that would make it worth while.

Lura, the most gorgeous, nicest, funniest girl in school, had a great admiration for Desanor. She watched him, wishing she could reach out and help him. He didn’t have the nicest body in school, or the best style, but he understood the world and she loved that about him. She would just admire how corrupt humanity actually is.

One day, when Desanor had been thrown into the lockers by the star QB, she witnesses him being abused and ran to him as he crumbled to the floor. She gingerly placed her hand on his shoulder and asked if he was okay.

He mumbled “It depends on what you mean by okay.” And then he glanced up at her. There eyes met and they knew that they were going to be together for the rest of their lives.

After that they were anything but separable, they did everything together. They did homework, him doing his best subjects for the two of them and her doing her best subjects for the two of them. When someone was picking on Desanor, Lura and him would pound there faces in. When a guy hit on Lura they would tell him off together. She even tolerated watching him cut once after he had a really bad week. But then it happened.

Lura’s parents didn’t like Desanor, they actually despised him. The thought of their beautiful, successful daughter with a loner, lowlife disgusted them. But they knew that they couldn’t separate the two with threats or grounding, so they tried their last resort.

Desanor looked everywhere for Lura, she was nowhere to be seen. So he decided to go to her house. He knew this was forbidden and he would be shot if seen near their property, but he didn’t care, he needed to see Lura after three days. When he got there he couldn’t believe his eyes. He knew they didn’t like him, but why did they have to torture him. He collapsed to his knees. He couldn’t move; he couldn’t breathe, he was petrified knowing that those two words were the end of his life.

“For Sale…”  He repeatedly mumbled under his shallow breath as he ran back to his house. He strode quickly into the kitchen and immediately found a knife; the sharpest knife in his house, the 7 inch long fillet knife. He had been reading his moms human biology book, and specifically studying the ribs and heart.  He had been teaching himself how to slip the blade between his ribs and into his heart.

He would bleed to death. He counted “one… two… three..!” and the sound the knife made going into him made perfect harmony with his scream.

Lura heard a scream. She was standing outside of Desanor’s house when she heard it. “no. no. no. no!!” she yelled in her head. “I’m too late!” she raced into the house; which was hard because she has been walking to his house from her new house for two days to get to see him.  Then she saw him lying there in a small, murky pool of blood.

He looked at her and smiled, at least he got to see her face one last time before he died. She hastily ran to him and knelt by his side.

His breathing was jagged but he forced out a whisper “Sort of like the first time we met, right? Except this time I don’t think I’m going to be ok.” She looked in his fading gaze with her teary eyes and saw the knife in his chest. She hugged him, avoiding hurting him by touching the knife, then kissed his lips for the last time. They were so affectionately warm, and then they began to grow cold, she knew he was gone, and she knew it was forever. So she grasped the knife in his chest. She cringed slightly at the feeling of the flesh releasing it as she slowly pulled it out.

She took it and put it to her neck; she then rested beside his unmoving body. She grasped his hand and gently intertwined their fingers, as she slipped the knife across her throat. Her body went limp next to his as their blood mixed allowing their souls to live together forever.

The End

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