Boyfriend Woes

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My boyfriend

Submitted: June 14, 2012

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Submitted: June 14, 2012



Who wouldn't want someone who'll be there for all the days you're off from work ?

Someone who'll listen to you talk about nonsense and join the conversations.

Someone who'll call you because he was eating a sandwich and thought of you for no reason at all.

Someone who'll play in your hair while you guys lay together watching a movie. 

Someone who'll share his umbrella with you in the rain.

Someone who'll laugh at your horrible singing.

Someone who's kiss will make you feel beautiful.

Someone who'll want to make you happy.

Someone who'll be proud to have you tag along with the guys [sometimes]

Someone who'll listen to everything you say without judgement.

Someone who'll will actually want to be with you.

Someone who'll want to take you out, even if it's to a park to star gaze. 

Someone who'll keep you warm on many cold and lonely nights.

Someone who'll be honest with you about everything.

Someone who'll want you to meet their family.

Someone who'll love you with every fiber of their being.

I'd like that.

Sometimes people will settle with just about anyone who can temporarily give them the pleasure and the attention they want. There were times I've settled. Even though I knew those guys didn't have my best interest at heart, if only for that moment, I felt special. That feeling I got in those few hours we've spent together only made me more selfish, and more lonely. Everything went back to normal once I was in my own bed snuggling up to my teddy bear. 

I say those moments made me selfish, not in the sense that I wanted you all to myself, but because I wanted someone I could call my own. I think I might have equated sex for love. Again, not in the literal meaning, but I felt like by me giving you my pleasure, you might have actually cared for me. I know now you don't and just wanted the pleasure. I've grown since then. Maybe I've given myself enough time to heal from previous wounds, maybe even too much time. Both of which are fine, but all I know is that I don't wanna be deprived of love. I have so much to give and no single being to share it with. When the time is right I'm sure I'll find someone who'll want to be with me because of the right reasons. As of now I'll be content with continuing to better myself as a person; that way I'll know how to love myself and share the rest with someone special. 

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