venom of vengence

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this is an over view story of the tribes of the 11 tribes of a star cluster concerning their conflicts, relations and legends.

Submitted: April 04, 2016

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Submitted: April 04, 2016



The Venom of Vengeance

“The time is hear my master we should strike now while the time is ripe.” “ No we must wait, vengeance is setting in.  it is corroding his heart, soon the fires of war will spread then we will rise.

 This legend begins many light years away. In the center of a star cluster of bright, young suns burning with new life lies a planet with thousands of moons. But two stands out from the rest they are infernous, and grantite. Infernous is a planet scared with destruction; Volcanos litter the landscape, with raging red and orange seas of lava wedge between.  Darting through the ember filled skies are the inhabitants of the moon, Fire, is what they call themselves due to the fact most are impervious to it, and on  rare occasions, control it. They consist of three groups the embers, warrior, and legend, the legend is the one this story is mainly about. This legend is a descendent of a long line of great rulers going back to the dawn of fire; his name is Arsenal, son of Krekk the fire lord. Arsenal is the ruler of a once mighty empire, an empire that controlled by fear.  But after the rise of the Ka’rook it was reduce to a back water.  He is a short man for his people; his body is dominated by the traditional red orange and black amour of the fire tribe with a green jewel in the center of his Brest plate. His right arm has an extending drill attached above his wrist and his left arm has a cannon in place of his hand that he lost during the Battle of the Cold Suns.

  The Ka’rook lives on the moon Grantite, a moon dominated with rocks of all kind. Soring Mountains stretch across the moon with low lying plains in between. The Ka’rook is the elite of the rock tribe. The rock tribe was once a evil race seeking to sow terror, but were thwarted by the tribes of earth, water, ice, air, and fire. The Ka’rook is tall race covered with jet black armor as black as night. For that is how they got their name Ka’rook. “Ka” means night in obsidus and “rook” means armor. They have a giant crested head like their ancestors. But unlike their ancestors they have deep blue eyes like the Orion nebula with deep caring respect ,but an utter savage instinct hidden deeper to protect their loved ones. And the planet itself, the planet, which looks much like earth, was the birth place of all these people and the one who created them, The Arbiter, but is now the layer of Necromancer the darkness. Buried deep inside the planet is this evil being who has created monsters to contaminate the surface.  These creatures are from nightmares.  Creatures that hide in the shadows a wait for unsuspecting prey to devour.  No one lives (except for the exiled) on the planet because of this, but instead of fighting wars on the moons they bring the war to the planet.


“Your majesty we are ready to begin tests on the dormant volcano. Your majesty?”

“I heard you, you fool, stop pestering me before I send you the the ninth ring .” Threatened Arsenal who was not in a good mood.

 “S-sorry sir I didn’t mean to upset you.’ The servant sputtered.

 “Oh Rasamat you never do mean to but you still do.” Arsenal seethes as he begins to stand. “Now leave my presents before I have you feed to the shadow crawlers you insolent worm!” he bellows as Rasamat scrambles away from his wrath with terror in his eyes.

” Y-y-yes your excellency.” He shrieks as he runs out the door.  Arsenal sat back in his throne scowling and mumbles to himself. These days he is consumed by one thought, to bring back his father once mighty empire.  But in order to this he must destroy the Rock leader and head of the Ka’rook , Enforcer the one who has slain his father.

 “ He will pay with his life, and his people will follow .” he vowed that day with his father blade in his hands.  “It’s time to pay an old visit to the rock tribe.” Decides arsenal as he his polishing his left arms cannon.“Rasamat call a war committee for I have to settle an old debt long due.” Ordered Arsenal



On grantite, gathered in the meeting hall, are the nations of ten other moons called the elemental alliance, to figure out what to do about the declaration of war?  “We must play defense like the Icoen have and wait forrrr them to make the firrrst move.” Shouted Errort the insectoid Chief.

 “We should crush them, just like we did the Rock’s evil past!” Bellowed Desert storm the Earth Chief.

 “Order, Order” shouted the Peace Keeper.

“Quiet bone heads. Now is not the time to argue war is upon us; the moment we bicker with each other is the moment the alliance falls and Necromancer wins.” Scolds Enforcer Who sits at the end of a long table dressed in full armor with to soldiers on each side of him armed with emerald tomahawks.

  “What do you know about the alliance?” Mocked thermos, Air greatest Chief and warrior. “Arora and Mapalis started the alliance; Rock only joined 100 year after the fall you ancestors fall.  What gives you the right to take charge? By ritual the peace Keeper should take command not the newest member.” Boomed Thermos.

 “Have you forgotten who took down the fire lord during the age of flame? Retorted one of the soldiers.  “It wasn’t Air, and last time I checked you and water were battling the Shadow tribe.” Smirked the private.  “ You also got your  handed to you…”the soldier dropped his tomahawks and reached for his throat and started to rise up the wall.

“ you dare talk to a chief like that.” Thermos seethed as he began to stand, the air in the room swirling around him.  The second soldier pulled his tomahawks from their pouches and threw one at the Chief.  Only to have it fly back at and his nail his other hand with the tomahawk to the wall. Everyone stared at Thermos dreading what he will do .  The choking soldier started to thrash more violently.

 “He can’t stand much morrre of this.” Murmured Errort.

“stop this now ,Thermos. He is still young.” Ordered enforcer.  The soldier went limp and fell to the floor. Ebolat, the water representative ran to the man.  She started mumbling to herself. After four minutes the man started to cough.

“You were lucky this time.” She warned.  Thermos scowled,

 “The only reason I stopped was to let him train his Tongue.”  He growled eyeing the soldier who was just finally starting to return to normal.

  “Apparently you need a reminder on why ground Blizzard appointed us leaders of the Alliance.” Mumbled Enforcer.  “The Ka’rook will meet fire on The ninth ring .” stated Enforcer glancing at the chief. “Anyone who wishes to bear arms speaks now.” He told everyone as he began to stand.  To his right Errort stood.

 “ The Grievers  long to cross blades with a phoenix.”  He replied.  No one else stood, “Let them come there treacherous knee shall bow.” He growled as he turned and freed the soldiers arm from the grip of tomahawk.”  Deploy the men, and make ready the grave.  We go to war.” He roared as he left the hall. 


It is all falling into place. Soon we will rule this system. Marauder, find your prize and spill his essence.

“Pull out of air time” ordered Arsenal who stands on the bridge of Fires of War The  proudest and most powerful ship of his fleet.  “Tell ST Helens to pull alongside us  ,and release the drop ships It is time to take  the Mountain ranges”  he commanded.

  “Sir Three Insectoid Destroyers are pulling out of air time” reported an intelligence officer.

 “Target their engine and strand them. then send sulfurous to knock them out” replies Arsenal.  “Prep my transport.  I want to personally want to separate Enforcers head form his shoulders.”  Arsenal seethed as walked of the bridge as Green energy rounds sped past the bridge.


 “Hold position” ordered Enforcer watching the clouds darken as Fires forces descend to the planet and unloading hordes of troops. Seven days into the war and he has already lost half of his fleet to Arsenals Battleship s, and 100 men to shadow crawlers and acid sprayer.

 “Down!” screamed a soldier as a wall of red energy flies over their heads.

“Two squads follow me; Let’s try to flank them. Becorite, can your warrior holds position and keep their attention?”  Enforcer asked the insectoid captain who was charging his energy repeater.

 “You just worry about yourrr self-obsidian brain head” smirked the bug with all four of his jaws.  Joy eminent in all six eyes. Taking the note enforcer slipped down the slope with the others behind him. 

“Whoa.”  Enforcer said putting up one hand reaching for his tomahawk with the other.  He thought he saw something in a crevice tow eyes probably just a lone brush rapture he guessed ad continued forward

Arsenal fired 4four rounds into the closest hill watching a spider like creature fall with a burning hole in his chest.

 “Sir Ka’rook to your left!” a soldier shouted a as he pulled off a round before getting smashed in the chest by a tomahawk.

 “Enforcer!!” Bellowed Arsenal has he charged the rock ranks firing his cannon dropping two warriors. He thrusted his sword forward connecting blades with a diamond encrusted tomahawk that fell his father.  He fired two rounds with no avail, and extended his drill at an approaching insectoid griever imploding his armor.  “Thud” a sharp pain flooded Arsenal starting from the small of his back. He fell to his knees shock in his eyes. He tried to scream in pain but couldn’t. He saw Enforcer charge someone in the shadows and he saw an arrow fly from a crevice towards him.  “no.’ he managed then collapsed body gone limp his essence rising.


Seeing the assassin, Enforcer charged him and dropped him before he could fire a third round.  Then the ground rumble and fisher opened with a thundering crack.  Out of the fisher crawled something that made Enforcers soul lurch.  Hordes of condemned and slavers, warrior of the shadow tribe, roared out like a raging river. Then out came there leader Necromancer.


The venom of Vengeance is potent. It can poison the soul. At first, it nags .But if you let it, it will consume you and destroy you and your loved ones.

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