The Beast will have its revenge

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One officer and shrieff finds themselves at a crime scene one night when they notice the murder is very bizzare almost unhuman

Submitted: May 25, 2015

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Submitted: May 25, 2015



On december 23 1989 a note was found at a crime scene in san diego california it read: The beast lurks at night never at day for all their bad sins he will find them and they will pay he'll make all the evil go away here and there the beast is everywhere it wants flesh it will not stop until their souls is at rest if you see the beast count too seven and you'll be in heaven if your running do not stop run fast not slow if you do heaven is where you will go it will avenge their victims make them feel their pain some has survived some has has gone insane the beast is real it is not pretend the beast the beast is comin we will have our revenge...

Officer: what do you think it means sir?

Shrieff: just another crazy ass serial killer it is that time of the year you know..

Officer: yeah but im not so sure sir i mean look at this this is so grusume this is horrible do you really think a man could of done this it looks like the works of a animal.. this man never had a chance what sick bastard would do this this is the fifth one this week

Shrieff: i dont know man but theres a pattern here every victim this man or thing slaughtered was killers,rapists,gangs etc all criminals

Officer: good god we have too stop this thing

Shrieff i dont know if we can bill....

*demonic growl* gaarrghhhh *bang!!!*

Officer: huh what the hell was that *draws gun*

Shrieff: i dont know look there it is shoot it


Officer: shit empty do you think we got it sir?

Shrieff: i hope so

Demonic evil growl *Grrrraagggaahh*

Officer: dammit how is it still alive i know for sure we hit that thing


Shrieff: wh- what are you what do you want??

The beast sniffs the officers and says: Grrrraagggaahh yessss good

it then ran away at incredible speed stated the officer... in a report

The victim was a child molester name john tessa his heart was missing he was hung by his own guts his arms ripped off blood still gushing from the wounds and his arms was made into some cross below it reads in blood: r.i.p little timmy with a smiley face -the beast- Too this day the beast is lurking at night no one knows what it is some say a demon, others say an angel some say its all the victims seeking revenge on their killers...

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