Anthem to Man

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Submitted: March 11, 2008

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Submitted: March 11, 2008



Anthem to Man

Born to the unforgiving world,
Man lived to make the earth submit.
Men, all the same, yet all unique
Strived to keep mankind's life alit.

To live, be free, be happy, or just be
No man can perish from this earth
If they choose to use those gifts-
Body and Life, Mind and Soul.

Be born impoverished, or raised abused,
Be born shackled, or misunderstood,
All men are their own masters in this world,
And it is up to them to change their fates.

No man is tied to another,
But men may choose to work together,
For man is free to do what is necessary
To be safe, secure, and happy.

Men have the right to break free
From any shackle not meant to be.
For no man has the right to control
Another man's choice to rise or fall.

All Men have reason,
All Men have purpose,
To live and let live,
Be free, and always be free.

And thus man is the master
Of the world and themselves,
And each man has potential
To become something greater

For Everyman can reach the stars.

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