Joseph- Forgive Jealousy

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Explaining the story of Joseph.

Submitted: December 27, 2011

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Submitted: December 27, 2011




Legolas Greenleaf

Forgive Jealousy


Sad stories can turn into amazing stories with joyful endings. Just like the Broncos sad game turning into an amazing game with a joyful ending. This story is the familiar Joseph story, but I want you to try and picture it through new eyes this time you read it. So before you read it, please pray and ask God to show this to you through new eyes.


His father singled out him from the rest of his brothers. Jacob had given Joseph a coat of many colors one day for his birthday.

Joseph started to have some dreams that made him sound like he was telling his family that he was like God.

One day, his brothers had been in the fields working and talking about how hot headed their brother Joseph was. Joseph went down to the fields with lunch for his brothers. His brothers saw him coming and started to plot against him. As soon as he greeted them, they threw him into a hole.

Just at that moment they saw a caravan coming toward them. They paid the caravan owners some money, and sent Joseph off to Egypt.

He was made a slave of Potiphar, and then was thrown into prison falsely.

After Pharaoh had a dream, and none of his advisers could tell what it meant, one of the servant’s told Pharaoh that Joseph could tell what dreams meant. Joseph was able to tell what the dream meant. It meant that after seven years of plentiful harvest, there would be seven years of terrible famine. Pharaoh told Joseph that he wanted Joseph to be in charge of Egypt as the head superior. He would have more power than Pharaoh himself.

Joseph helped them save up enough grain to survive the seven years. His brothers came down to Egypt to get some grain. They were all sent back with full sacks of grain, and with their money.

They came back a few years later, with their youngest brother, Benjamin.  


Joseph walked into the room where his brothers waited. He asked them, “How is your father, the old man you talked about? Is he still alive?”

“Yes,” they replied. “He is alive and well.”

Joseph glanced over at Benjamin, the youngest of the brothers. He asked, “Is this your youngest brother, the one that you told me of?” The brothers nodded. “May God be gracious to you my son.”

Joseph quickly exited the room. He was overcome with emotion for his brother. He wanted to cry in peace.

After he had wept, he washed his face and came back out.

“Bring on the food!” He ordered.


When his brothers were about to leave, Joseph told his housekeeper, “Fill each of these sacks with grain, put the money back in the sacks, but also stick my silver cup in the Benjamin’s sack.

The brothers left at dawn. When they were but a short distance down the road, Joseph sent a guard after them. The guard searched the bags and found the cup. Benjamin was to be taken as a slave.

All the brothers came back with Benjamin, pleading with Joseph.

After they had been pleading for a long time, Joseph couldn’t stand it anymore. He sent his attendants out of the room. He told his brothers that he was their brother, Joseph.

“But don’t be angry with yourselves that you did this to me, for God did it to save many lives,” he said.

He had them go back and bring their father back to Egypt with them.

They all lived happily ever after to the end of their days.



There are basically two words that summarize this story. These words are forgiveness and jealousy.

Forgiveness is a beautiful thing when it is used appropriately, but when the word is used just as a sort of a cover up, it can be very deadly, and could cause the end of many relationships. If someone just says that they forgive you, but they don’t, what is the use? You end up just burying the sin deeper into the ground, which doesn’t work. It will always come up to the surface again.

In this story, God uses Joseph to save tons of people, even people from his homeland, which was in the Land of Goshen. There was a major famine, and if it had not been for Joseph most of the people would have died.

Romans 8:28 “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

God was with Joseph through this whole journey to Egypt and while he was in Egypt. If he had made it to where he is in this story without God, he sure wouldn’t have been able to forgive like he did with God.


The reason I think jealousy is important is because without it there would be no story of Joseph. God can work anything, even jealousy, into good.

When Jacob gave Joseph the coat of many colors, what would have happened if his brothers had loved that their father had given the coat to him? They wouldn’t have even taken his coat away, or mocked him or anything! He would not have had the dreams, because he wouldn’t have been shipped off to Egypt.

In a way, the affair with Potiphar’s wife had a little to do with jealousy.

Thankfully, the forgiveness in this story sticks out much more than the jealousy.


The one big thing to remember from this paper is to forgive one another, even for them being jealous of you, as well as don’t be jealous of your brothers and sisters.

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