Im after you by L.C Ohare

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They were all in over their heads, the lot of them.

Submitted: January 08, 2014

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Submitted: January 08, 2014



This story begins way back in the 1700s when pirates fought over treasures to steal from the rich for themselves and fighting against the navy for trying to stop them.

It was a cold, frosty night and the waves were hitting the side of the boat rapidly and repeatedly. The crew were struggling to keep the boat from tipping completely but they finally managed to make it through the night without anyone getting hurt or falling over board.

 “John were are we going because the storm could have thrown us of course” shouted Kate as she slammed her hand down on the desk,

“Calm down Kate I know where we’re going, infact we’re heading towards TY…” the conversation was briefly interrupted by one of the crew members, Rody, who came bursting through the doors excitedly shouting “Captain, captain we’ve  spotted land…” john smiled “…it’s not  Tytoora” Kate turned round to John with that ‘I told you so’ look on her face. John got up

“Don’t look at me like that, Rody what is our position, Do you Know…” they were suddenly thrown of by the ship hitting something abruptly and throwing everyone on board to the floor. Kate looked up rubbing her head

“What happened Captain have we hit land or something” the Captain got up and took long strides out his cabin and left Rody and Kate to follow behind.  One of the crew members, Torri, ran up to him and with a few stutters managed to say “Captain, we didn’t see the land ahead it looked further away it’s this fog and are we to bury the treasure here?” John looked blankly at his crew members and looked out on to the island that lay ahead of him, the island that he longed to explore then finally turned to his first mate, Kate,

“Yes, we have to burry the treasure here and then once that’s done we shall find our way back to Tytoora for drinks and rum” he put his fist into the air and started to shout and the whole crew shouted after him. All except for one man, Steve, who stood on the port end of the deck looking over bored as though he was deep in thought.

As John, Kate and Torri made there way off  the boat Rody, David and Paul were all getting the treasure of off the boat carefully because John said that if any of them drop it then he would shoot them point blank with everyone watching and that would set an example. Eventually they got the treasure of off the boat and they all took a walk into the deep jungle but they weren’t the only ones in the jungle for deep within it lots of things were just beginning to awake and they were looking for something to eat. They finally found an open part to the jungle and John decided they would burry the treasure here on this island. It took them up to an hour to dig a whole deep enough to John’s satisfaction they had already wasted a half an hour looking for this place in the first place. When they were finished and the time they made it back to there ship they discovered that the ship was further out than they had left it. John started to shout and then Steve appeared. John took one look at him and said to Kate “You know I never really liked that guy” John started  to shout at Steve but Steve couldn’t hear him and all he done was wave and smile and this really made John annoyed. John took out his gun and started to fire it at the boat but Kate grabbed his wrist and pulled it away

“There’s no use he’s two far away and you’re wasting bullets” John looked at her and then looked at the rest of the crew that didn’t go against him. There was Kate, Torri, Rody, David and Paul. Torri suggested that they went into the jungle and try to find something to help get them off of this island, John had gave the order and once again they set off back into the jungle. They were walking through a clear open grass path when all of a sudden Torri started shouting “Captain I saw something” John spun round and asked were she saw this thing and then commanded everyone to take out there guns and to be ready. All around them they could hear whispering and the whispering grow louder and louder and it repeated it’s self over and over again and all it said was three words ‘I’m after you, I’m after you, I’m after you…’ John started to shout back at the whispering

“Go away we’re pirates were not scared of you” As he was shouting, the rest of his crew had started to run because they thought they were surrounded and they all left John. So John started to run and managed to catch up to them and he ran right past David they made it to the tree line and then as David finally made it to the tree line he started to scream. Everyone stopped running and they all turned round to find that David was no longer there. They all ran back out into the open but David was no longer there.

He was gone.

The whispering had stopped and David had vanished. Kate looked around keeping her gun drawn

“Where’s David I can’t find him anywhere and the whisperings stopped, what was that?”

“I don’t know but we must keep on going and try not to stop this time other wise we are going to disappear  too, so come on” He walked away and into the jungle, as he walked under the big tree at the jungle line he didn’t notice that David was lying in the tree. They kept on walking through the jungle keeping an eye all around them making sure they aren’t being followed by whatever had took David, they were walking and they were quite far into the jungle now and  they were quite far away from safety.

They came to a big rope bridge that looked over a hundred years old and this made Rody, who was the most biggest most scaredy cat of all pirates that anyone has known, but he will risk his life for people he cares about, very scared. John told Torri to go first and make sure that it was sturdy. She slowly approached the bridge and started to cross it, it looked like a long way down but in-fact it wasn’t it was only 10-15 feet but the bottom was so black that you would think that it was deeper. She had already been on this bridge for about 5 minuets now but she finally made it to the other side and this proved that it was sturdy enough. John was second two go and then it was Kate, Paul and Rody’s turn. Just as they were round about the middle of the bridge when they started to hear whispers, the same whispers they had heard while they were back on the other side they turned round to see something moving towards Torri on the other side, John turned round and started to run towards her

“Run, get out of the way. Come to us…” and he shouted everything that could warn her for what’s coming to get her. In-fact nothing could stop that thing that was about to get her and no one could ever know when  or how it gets you, it just does. Torri turned round to see something running towards her and then disappear and then as if by surprise she was attacked and dragged away into the bushes. When John, Kate, Paul and Rody all got to the other side once again they were far too late they walked a little into the part were Torri went missing and as they were doing this they heard a loud noise. They all headed back to the bridge to find that the rope had been cut and now the bridge was only attached to the other side of the barge that broke a path right through the centre of the island. Kate turned to John

“This was a bad idea, I don’t think we’re gonna live through this” that’s round about when Paul started to scream and wave his hands in the air and start to scream

“Get back leave me alone get back I tell you” and he also started to fire the gun he had in his hands. The gun was firing everywhere and several times over he almost shot John, Kate and Rody. As Paul was shouting and screaming at what looked like thin air he was also walking backwards, heading towards the ridge stepping back and back and then all off a sudden he wasn’t standing were he was supposed to be instead he was falling through the air down, down and down and then, bump, on the bottom.

Even though John, Kate and Rody didn’t see anything it was there. This thing that has been attacking everyone isn’t invisible it’s only visible by those it wishes to be able to see it, it’s like a shadow except it picks who it want to be seen by.

It picks its victims.

In this case it was hungry and this certain thing doest eat you it feeds off fear and anger, the fear comes from the fact that they’re scared of the thing that’s trying to kill them, the anger comes from the fact that there is nothing they can do to help themselves and the fact there stuck on the island because of someone else.

“This thing isn’t human is it?” said Kate to John

“I think your right it’s not human which means we have to get out of here faster come on” He started to run and the other two followed him. The night time was coming in really fast and soon they’ll need a place to sleep for the night. They had been walking for about an hour and they were about 1-2 miles from the bridge, finally they came to a cave and they decided that they would rest there until morning and then try to find a way off what they thought was a cursed island. Not far from where they were was the shadow which was still hungry and was looking for them. There isn’t only one there was another one deep within the cave they were hiding in and they didn’t know it was there for they were defenceless. These weren’t the only creatures on this god forbidden island there were far more and those other creatures did worse than just feed off fear and anger these other creatures also fed off your actual body and left nothing behind apart from a few belongings what so ever, they were also other creatures some that didn’t feed on you but they just held you captive and let you die naturally and then took them for a feeding. When they woke up it was another surprising event. They saw a big black thing sitting right in-front of them and then it disappeared because it woke up with a sudden movement from Kate who tried to shoot it but it didn’t work Kate and John got up and ran out of the cave and as fast as they can headed towards a small pebbled river that lay ahead of them. As they were running towards the river Kate looked around her and turned to John

“Where’s Rody” John looked around with a confused look on his face

“I thought he was here but I also think that thing got to him, so no more questions run faster that’s an order”

“I,I Captain” and they both started to run a little faster. When they finally made it to the river they didn’t slow down in-fact they just kept running and then both at the same time took a giant leap and landed safely on the other side. John turned round half expecting to see the thing but it wasn’t there so he lay back down on his back to take a break from all that running. Kate was really out of breath and started to drink some of the river water. John then stood up and told her to come on because that thing could be right behind her. They both started walking back into the jungle when out of know where they started to here chanting and drums. They started to follow the strange noises and as they looked down into what looked like a civilisation of people (Natives), Kate and John watched and watched but even though some of them saw the two pirates they didn’t do anything until they both stood up and started to run to try and get through the village but unfortunately they got caught and they were tied up and about to be roasted dinner. They were about to be carved pig when they all stopped, they stopped the drums they stopped the chanting and they also stopped the carving. All of a sudden as if out of know where the whispering started to whisper again except this time it was more louder than it ever was and it apparently scared the natives and that was something to be scared about. John turned to Kate and both of them started to try and wriggle free. John managed to get loose and tried to help Kate, he could see the shadow moving around them, he got Kate free and the moment he did so started to run but Kate got up a little later and started to run aswell. John was only about 5 feet in-front of her when he was pulled up very far into the tree but the shadow didn’t mean to drop him and he fell right on top of Kate. He was unconscious and Kate didn’t know what to do but the shadow was moving slowly down the tree and moving right at her. She picked up John, put him over her shoulder and took out her gun and started to fire it up the tree and that really made the shadow even more hungry because the anger that was coming off Kate was more than the shadow could ask for and that would last a little longer than any other source of food that the shadow had ever ate, the taste of all that anger that could come off Kate when the shadow fed would be very satisfying.

Kate kept on running and running but she couldn’t run very fast because John was on her back and he was weighing her down but she wouldn’t let him go. He was her Captain and she took a vow to protect him just like any pirate would for their Captain. It’s also called Parley if a pirate wants to meet not their Captain but another pirate’s Captain, they say this word every time before there about to be killed by a pirate. She started to feel out of breath and just couldn’t run any more but just as she ran up a small hill she looked over and beyond it and there on the edge of the beach round about the part that is next to a normal river, this is called the ‘River Bank’. Far down the hill Kate could see this small one man boat at the ‘River Bank’ Kate sat John down on the ground and tried to wake him up just as he started to wake up just as he was coming back to life, the whispering started up again and she had know time to wait while John finally came back to the reality that he started in. So Kate picked him up and put him back on her shoulders once again and as she was running he woke up completely and saw this big shadow coming towards them so he took out his gun and started to fire at it. The bullets went right through it but the shadow was still annoyed and it disappeared again just as he sat up and Kate stopped running he lifted his head up and he banged his head off a really large tree trunk and unfortunately knocked himself out again. Kate picked him up and out him on her shoulder to carry him to the boat once again. She finally managed to make it to the boat she carefully laid her Captain safely in the boat and pushed it out of the ‘River Bank’ and so that it would float out into what would be called SAFETY. She turned round just in time to see this big huge cloud of black shadow coming to get her. As John woke up he looked around and one of the things that caught his attention was Kate who was being dragged into the jungle kicking and screaming and firing her gun everywhere. John listened very carefully and as he listened he could hear faint screams of pain and then he couldn’t here the gun firing all he could here was the waves and the sound of splashing all around him. He sat in silence for a moment and the only thing that broke the silence was the fact that his boat almost tipped over from a sudden hit off something that hit the bottom of his boat. He looked over the side but couldn’t see anything and then something hit the bottom of the boat again. He started to worry and took out his gun he fired the gun into the water, one of the bullets slowly put powerfully penetrated enough water and it hit something. Then as if out of know where this big huge white thing rose out of the water and just as it was coming towards John it said “Welcome to the Triangle” and it roared and then it….

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