A typical high scool story

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The intro into the typical every day high school story about the queen bitch, her doings and...well everything else that happens in high schools...

“Oh my gosh , Blair, you made it! I cannot believe this! Well, I can but oh my gosh, I’m so excited for you!” An extremely excited Cecily Norris babbled over each and every word that she said. Her best friend Blair , looked on with a look of slight amusement and the tiniest bit of sarcasm on her perfect face. ”Yeah, Cece, I had no idea I would make it to the top 2 best soloists in all of New Jerseys high schools. Yeeaah, I had no idea.” “Aww , come on Blair, you know I didn’t mean it like that! Gosh, I’m just so excited and I cant believe it and its so awesome and..” “OK ,ok Cece, I get the point. You’re excited for me and I get that. But don’t go spreading it around, ‘kay?” “OK, Blairy, will do!” “And Ce, I thought I’ve told a million times, dont call me Blairy. Only my mom and Blakely call me that.” “Sorry Blair.”
As the most popular girl in all of Vineland High School and her ever-present best friend were joined by the two cronies, Iona Wang and Loren Lofferty, who did every tiny request that Blair had, sashayed away, they could not help but notice the stares coming from fellow students who either adored or hated Blair Lively with a passion. And the majority of these students fell in the latter category yet not one of them dared to have a face-off with Blair. Captain of the debate team, President of the Calculus Lovers Club, top soloist for the Vineland Choraliers and the winner of Miss Vineland, 3 years in a row; Blair was not one to be toyed with. If you tried to bring Blair down from her throne high above the average student, you received such sabotage, physical and emotional; that many students would rather skip school for a few weeks than go and face Blair’s, Cecily’s and the 2 cronies, Iona and Loren’s wrath. Yes, Vineland High was in a horrible rut and it seems as if nothing could help. Until that one day in the very present future.

Submitted: February 21, 2008

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Corinne Smith

You've done a great job of capturing my attention: I want to know what happens next!!

Fri, March 21st, 2008 9:18am

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