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“Oh my gosh , Blair, you made it! I cannot believe this! Well, I can but oh my gosh, I’m so excited for you!” An extremely excited CecilyNorris babbled over each and every word that she said. Her best friend Blair , looked on with a look of slight amusement and the tiniest bit of sarcasm on her perfect face. ”Yeah, Cece, I had no idea I would make it to the top 2 best soloists in all of New Jerseys high schools. Yeeaah, I had no idea.” “Aww , come on Blair, you know I didn’t mean it like that! Gosh, I’m just so excited and I cant believe it and its so awesome and..” “OK , ok Cece, I get the point. You’re excited for me and I get that. But don’t go spreading it around, ‘kay?” “OK, Blairy, will do!”  “And Ce, I thought I’ve told a million times, don’t call me Blairy. Only my mom and Blakely call me that.” “Sorry Blair.”


As the most popular girl in all of VinelandHigh School and her ever-present best friend were joined by their two cronies, Iona Wang and LorenLofferty, who did every tiny request that Blair had, sashayed away, they could not help but notice the stares coming from fellow students who either adored or hated Blair Lively with a passion. And the majority of these students fell in the latter category yet not one of them dared to have a face-off with Blair. Captain of the debate team, President of the Calculus Lovers Club, top soloist for the Vineland Choraliers and the winner of Miss Vineland, 3 years in a row; Blair was not one to be toyed with. If you tried to bring Blair down from her throne high above the average student, you received such sabotage, physical and emotional; that many students would rather skip school for a few weeks than go and face Blair’s, Cecily’s and the 2 cronies, Iona and Loren’s wrath. Yes, Vineland High was in a horrible rut and it seems as if nothing could help. Until that one day in the very present future.


“Hello everybody! I Hope you all had a great weekend, I know I did, teehee.” Ms.Carter was one of the best teachers of Vineland High but that wasn’t why there was a huge line for her class. Everyone wanted to be in Honors Chemistry because Mrs.Lovett was a very interesting teacher. Today, her white Abercrombie & Fitch top and matching pants and blue American Eagle sweater were as flawless as her as she moved around checking the students projects. That was another of MissCarters qualities. She was young and she knew how to dress wonderfully for her age. Everyone loved MissCarter. “Yes, as I was saying, we have two new students here today. They has come all the way from Florida so I hope you make them feel welcome. Oh, here she is now! Class this is Jordan and LaurenLowery. Please make them feel welcome.”

AS the new girls stepped into AP Chemistry, you could’ve heard a pin drop. Jordan was about 5” 8, her body seemed to perfectly proportional and as she smiled, her grin seemed to shock everyone in the room. But the most noticeable thing about her was the flaming red hair .The color of a really red sunset, it seemed to be a beacon screaming “I am stunning, look at me!” Lauren was maybe 2 inches shorter than Jordan but just as proportional  and fine looking as her twin sister. The only difference was her hair. A sophisticated, yet slightly grungy black bob adorned Laurens round face.

As Blair and Cecily glared at the newcomers, they could sense that this was trouble. These girls were not like the others. and oh, how right they were.


“Hey, Lennon, where’d you put the tuner?” “I dmmo’, sumwere ‘ver ther’.” “Ok cool beans, lets get this party started!” As Blakely Lively fished around for her base tuner she wished she could make Lennon stop smoking pot. He was never in a sober state but yet he played better than hell when he was wasted. So it was a win/lose situation. If she wanted their band, Dying on Sunday, to make it to the local Indie Bands festival in May, she had to get the boys in a slightly more excited state about it. “Hey man, sorry I’m late.” AlbertKaminski toppled over the sill into Lennon’s garage and about crashed into the drum set ”My $450 babies!!” wailed Blakely! “ Don’t smash ‘em, you freak!!” “Aww, pishoot, its okay. Hey, so guess who decides to go and transfer to Elkoot, because her damm family decides to fuckin’ move to Delaware? Yup, that’s right, Suzy.” “What?!?!? Suzy’s moving to Delaware? What the fuck.” SuzyBennett was their lead  and only vocalist. Without someone to croon their songs, Dying on Sunday was going down the drain. “This is great. Now all we need is a power outage to mess up our amps and we’re good to go. Oh well, might as well practice since we’re here. Lennon, lets go!” “Huuh? Wha’ we do?” “Get your guitar, ya’ moron!” As Dying on Sunday settled behind their instruments and started jamming to some old Elvis, a gloom settled over the 3 instrumentalists and despair clouded everyone’s faces. Well, everyone’s except Lennon’s, cause he was too wasted to know what was going on, as usual.



“..So I’m gonna need to run to the Apple store and get a replacement hard drive for my Mac Book, that okay?” Blair stared as the new girl, Lauren sat down at an empty table in the crowded lunchroom and didn’t seem to care that every eye was on her. She calmly proceeded having a conversation with her iPhone "..And I’m gonna need for Justin to come and take Jordan home or wherever she needs to go. Yeah, okay, just make Troy come get me then. Ok ,thanks Mrs.Kim.” “Who was that?” asked Jordan as she plunked her and her sisters lunches down on the table “Oh, just Mrs.Kim. She said that she has the lower levels of the house cleaned and ready to go. All she need to finish cleaning arethe upper levels and our suites.” ”Sweet!! I finally get to live in my own room, instead of the stupid Hilton!’ “Aww relax, you’ll be fine, Jordy.” AS the 2 sisters shared a laugh, a slew of people kept passing by their table just in order to listen to their conversation. Blair noticed this and began to get a little worried. This was the part where she was supposed to be surrounded by adoring freshmen and a horde of boys but today, they all seemed drawn to that stupidly perfect redhead and her geeky, Apple products obsessed sister. “Hey, Cecily, what have you figured out about those 2 new wannabes?”  “Well, Iona told me that she heard Sissy Wheeler tell MarkWashburn that they are her new neighbors that moved into the mansion next to hers. And Loren said she overheard someone talking to Mr.White about a new soloist joining the choraliers. But that’s all I know so far.” “Well, at least they don’t live in a trailer.” muttered Blair. She and Cecily stood up and started waltzing down the lunchroom towards the exit. As she walked, she noticed that heads still turned. “Good. People still know whose boss.” “Oh, I love us, Blair!”



Down in the choir room, Mr.White was addressing the boisterous group of vocalists and tried to make the altos stop aiming spitballs at the sopranos. All of a sudden the doors opened and Blair and Cecily walked in. Instantly, the room was quiet. “Ah, thank goodness. Now we can get started. Girls, I have an announcement. We will have a duet when we go against Seaside and we will have auditions tomorrow. We already have one soloist, the lovely Miss Lively, but we need another girl with a very strong, kind of rock and blues voice to smoothly accompany her. And the auditions are tomorrow Now, lets go into practice!!”


Later that day, as students poured out into the parking lot of the school, Blair, Cecily, Iona and Loren climbed into Blair’s BMW. Blair started up the engine and as it began to purr smoothly, the others expected her to start backing up. But no, she stayed put. “Blair, why aren’t we going?” “Wait.” As they waited, two smoothly running, black, Lexus SUVs, pulled to the front of the school and Jordan and Lauren climbed into them, and the same way they got introduced to the school, they left; in an attention grabbing way.

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