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Everyone must be configured, everyone must submit, no creativity, no imagination and certainly no freedom.

Submitted: November 16, 2014

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Submitted: November 16, 2014



Everyone tries to ignore the most horrific aspect of their selves, pretending that they are perfect and innocent, whilst the people around them are careful not to insult or offend them, so that they may live a life where they are not alienated from the rest of the cruel world.

What makes this way of people cruel is that anything different is always made to feel stupid, ugly and unjustified, if you question the fabric of people, you will question everyone’s integrity and belief. That is what I found out when I was taken to the config camps. That was my punishment for doing what I believed and being whom I believed in.

There is no room for art anymore, with the mere mention of creativity you are laughed at until you no longer care to take part on this earth, but if you rebel against them, you’re taken to the config camps. This dark, vulgar place is much like that of a wasps nest, there are small honey comb shaped chambers where they lay you down, and you cannot move. They pour a sticky substance on you so that you cannot escape, and that is when the brain washing begins. I saw this all in action when I was taken, they had just laid me down in the chamber I had been assigned, and they made me inhale this pollen like substance that sent me to the realm of sleep so that they could poor the sticky substance on me with the hassle of fighting back. I tried to fight this coma, but I didn’t gain any consciousness until the alarm had gone off. My head spun and thumped as I attempted to open my eyes. As I did so, someone came close to my face and said fight it, I could not tell who it was, whether it was male or female, but I knew I would be safe, I had heard of rebels that would attack the camps and save people before they were covered in the ooze.

By Leila d'Este

© Copyright 2018 Leila Bird. All rights reserved.

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