The night through the eyes of singles

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While the night can be beautiful, sometimes lonely nights can turn against us and turn us into sobbing messes. A.B.

Submitted: February 06, 2013

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Submitted: February 06, 2013




Who said the night is for sleeping?

No, no my dear ladies and gentlemen,

The night is for destroying your life by over-thinking.

For thinking about moments that passed again and again

The chances missed, the people kissed, the instances that will never be back.


The night my dear ladies and gentlemen

Will strangle you with your sheets while

You toss and you turn

As she feeds you thoughts more bitter than bile.

No dreams tonight, just memories that bite, over and over again


The night is for analysing things analysed a million times before,

For inventing conversations you won’t have the courage to start,

For creating grand plans, which you’ll forget for sure.

For thinking about the one you loved, who broke your heart.

The night ladies and gentlemen, will taunt you with illusions,


Of the warmth of another body next to yours,

She’ll take the one point of sadness

And blow it up until you’re down, on all fours,

Trying to crawl away from this madness

She’ll give you a glimpse of what could be and then slam the door.


The night ladies and gentlemen, to a single lass like me,

Is nothing but a whore

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