The Murder (13+)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

This story is recommended for people 13+. However older people I know have really enjoyed it. It is about a young scary girl who got killed by a girl and her brother. It is fun to read.


My mum and dad are on holiday this weekend. Most people would be glad that there parents are away. Not me.
"Bye Kelly, Bye Joe, Behave your self, and remember, no partys whilst were gone" My mum said whilst kissing my cheek. I wiped her bright red lipstick of my face.
So my brother Joe ran streight upstairs on his xbox, while i was on Facebook. Sombody called Sarah Jones sent me a request. 'Who is that?' I thought to myself. 
Dad told me not to accept people who i dont know. But, what is the worst that can happen? So i accepted her. Streight away she popped up on chat. She kept
 asking me a load of questions that were private to me. Then, she told me to look out of my window, so i moved my curtains slowly...the girl was stood their, staring into 
my eyes. I stood back and looked quickly at her profile picture. It was deffonatly her. "Ahhh" I yelled.
 She banged loudly on the door. Joe was peeping down the stairs waching everything that was 
happening. The girl kicked the door down. I stared into her eyes. Her green eyes getting a lighter colour every second. What was she some kind of zombie?
 She grabbed my neck and squeezed it. She was strangling me and i was going blue, i was fighting my way of but there was no chance. I knew i was dieing. Until, i looked 
behind her. My brother was stood there, holding my dads axe.He held it up high and he killed her. Her hands let go of my neck as she fell to the floor.
Blood splatterd all over the walls. "What have you done!" I cried shaking as i stared at her dead body. Me and Joe calmed down and had a chat about what to do. First 
we put her body in a bin bag and hid her in the loft. Next we cleaned up the blood. Just in time aswell. There was another bang on the door. It was mum and dad! 
"Oh my god, What are they doing here?" Joe whisperd. I slowly opend the door. "Errm.. mum, dad, i didn't expect to see you here..." I said calmly. "Sorry dear, I
forgot my special camera i put in the loft, i need to go and get it." Dad replied trying to get past me but i was blocking his way. Me and Joe asked him why it was in the
loft. "Well, it is in the loft because i was worried you would have broken it." He replied. Eventually dad got past me and ran up the stares wondering why we were
blocking him. I ran past him. "I will get it." I said trying to act normal. Joe snook past dad and pretended he slipped down the stares to distract him. Joe was faking a 
cry when i quickly ran into the loft, grabbed dads camera and ran back down whilst having another glance at the bin bag and cringing. "Here dad!" I said gladly passing it
to him. "Well, im better now." Joe said standing up and running to his room. "What on earth is going on here?" Mum said looking at us all like were aliens. Soon mum and 
dad finally went. I think they knew somthing was going on, but im pretty sure what they thought wasnt even as bad as what actually is going on.
  Late at night Joe searched the shed for dads big shuvel. I grabbed the bin bag and put it in the wheelie bin with the shuvel so people would
think there was only rubbish in there. So me and Joe quickly ran to a field and we tolk a short cut so nobody would suspect anything. When we got there it was
raining heavily. Joe dug a big hole. I threw the body into the hole and we both quickly coverd it. When we got home we dried off and made ourselfs a warm cup
of hot chocolate. Everything was perfect. The doorbell went. I slowly looked through the window and i saw 3 police men stood infront of our doorstep. I hid anything
suspicios and made sure there was no mess. I tolk a deep breath and opend the door. Stood there was a Tall police man, A small police man and a chubby police man.
 "Hello are you're parents in, dear?" The tall police man asked smiling at me. I tried to act safisticated but i think they would suspect somthing. 
"No sorry there out on holiday in london for the weekend. Bye." I quickly said worriedly and i shut the door. But somthing blocked it.
 His long foot was stopping me from shutting it. I opend it to see what he wanted. "We would like to ask you some questions young lady." Said the chubby
one standing up tall. "Oh no." I mumbled. Joe pushed me out of the way to talk to the men. Joe didn't realise they were police men. So, Joe raised his voice at them.
 "Listen, We don't want to buy anything you're selling we ju-" Joe looked up at the men and gulped. "Awkward." I said grinning at Joe as he went red. "Well," Started 
the police man. "If you are going to talk to me like that young man..." The police man looked at Joe gulping. "Look, im afraid this is wasting my time. Goodbye" The tall one
said leading the other two to the car. 'All that for nothing!' I thought angrily. About an hour later i looked out the window and the police men were sat in a car looking 
around. I had no idea what they were doing. That night we both went to bed at about 11:00pm. I woke up at 2:30am. I sat up hearing noises downstairs. I did not want
to frighten Joe so i tiptoes out my room to listen downstairs. Keys were rattling and i could here footsteps. I grabbed my tennis racket and held it high if i needed it.
"AHH" i screamed as she jumped into my face. My mum! "You frightend me to death mum!" I said still shaking of fear. "Wait... I thought you and Dad were on holiday?" I 
said with a confused look on my face peaking over mums shoulder at dad. "Yes we came back urly because we missed you so much." My mum said smiling. "Now off to bed 
young lady." My mum said patting my head. I jumped into bed and i turned to my side. There was the binbag with the girls body in. I rushed out of my room into Joe's and i 
jumped onto his bed and grabbed his glass of water next to him and pourd it all over him. "What are you doing!" Joe shouted. "shhh." i whisperd. I explained to Joe what 
happend. We both walked into my room very slowly. We had a chat about how and why is her body there. We couldn't tell Mum or Dad-they would go crazy! So we had to 
make a decision...

Submitted: April 05, 2012

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