Love In The Shadows

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

It all started when She walked into the unused laundry room of the home that she shared with him, horrified upon discovering his weapons stash in the small room. He decided to spare her life by making some calls. Now a days, she works as a handler for Agent 47, or as he is known by one of his many Aliases, Tobias. But throughout the work being a handler, She noticed he had been developing feelings for her, despite his genetic traits not allowing him to. After both admitted their true feelings, they decided to give it a try with dating, though the struggle was and would always be tough for the Hitman himself. How long can they make the relationship last between them?

Table of Contents

The Meeting

How things all started for Leilani. Story starts in Rio De Janerio where she currently resides.

(I will be providing the Translations i use for either character throughout the story Please refer to the english translations for the sentences spoken in Portuguese. )

Police! Open the door now! We will not ask again! Open the door now!

How can i help you police officers tonight? I was Making fresh cookies when you showed up.

We were alerted within the area that there had been an armed assailant running around Ma'am. We are going door to door searching for him. If you know anything Please tell us.

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New guest

Agent 47 is now a house guest in Leilani's Home. Months into him staying in her house , He has been helping her out with the general housework of her home, realizing he could help with that and the upkeep of business, she seemed to have relaxed with having him around.
(again, for either speaking in a language the reader cannot understand, i will provide English Translations should any need to be used in this chapter.) Read Chapter

The discovery

Leilani has let Agent 47 help her around her home and the nursery. When he is off cleaning up from the last job, she discovers his things for "Work " Inside her basement and Laundry room. What will her fate be after this? Read Chapter

New Job/The confession

Leilani has now had her life spared and was introduced into Agent 47's work. How long can she deal with the fact she knew he was a hitman? Leilani finally introduces 47 to her being a shapeshifter.

(side note: [Yes i know a shapeshifter is magical into the hitman verse, but i wrote this roleplay im making a book out of as a alternative universe story line. it makes it unique]) Read Chapter


Both leilani and 47 now make the long journey Sapienza Italy for Leilani herself to prove her chance to Agent 47's handler that she is capable of working for the ICA and give herself a chance to work as a temporary handler to agent 47 himself Read Chapter


They both arrive at the Location of the ICA for Leilani's Training. Will she be able to endure what is to come out of the training sessions she will have to Face? Will She have passed and be enlisted into the agency? Read Chapter

Vacation (pt 1 of 3)

Leilani had finally finished her training with the ICA And will now spend the time left over to Explore the sights of italy with agent 47.
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