My first date

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My first date with the man I am married to

Submitted: December 27, 2011

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Submitted: December 27, 2011



What would a boy ask a girl on their very first date? Could be any sort of questions but not “ Why do your hair flies backwards when you sit near the window of a bus while it would fly forward when you sit near the aisle?” 
Well, guess what, this is what my boyfriend asked me on our first 
date !!!!!!!! 
I had no plans whatsoever of writing it all down. I was explaining solvent and solute to my son while his Papa interfered with a better example which impressed him mightily. That is when I told him of our first date and the sort of questions he asked. 
Twelve years have passed ,most of the details have vanished but the warmth and the excitement still remains. I was with my best friend Sindhu and we were supposed to meet at the bus station near my place.He travelled all the way from Thirunelveli where he was posted that time . 
My mother and sisters knew about my rendevous but not my dad.( I believe he still doesn’t know ) .It was some time around 8 in the morning when we reached the 
Bus station. After one and half years of Pen-friendship he proposed through one of his letters and I accepted .Couple of photographs were exchanged and all I knew about how he looked was that he was tall with the faint trace of something like a moustache since he had taken exceptional care in sending me one where he is far away in the background. 
I liked everything about this guy and nothing about his looks would have stopped me anyway. I just wanted to recognise him by the very first look in that crowded busstation.We were climbing down the stairs near the entrance from where we could see the stone benches and the people occupying them .As we were scanning the occupants ,we saw this guy who was seated with a newspaper in his hand but was looking towards the stairs . From that distance our features were quite indiscernible but something might have told him too and I could see a blossoming smile as we approached him. 
I was the first one to say “Good Morning “ the first words we spoke each other eye to eye.After introducing my friend we boarded on a bus to Kottayam .We spend nearly six hours there sightseeing and talking . 
It was then he asked all those questions.What is www ? was another one which I can recollect now. Many more topics were discussed and I ended up admiring him more. 
We had two more dates before marriage .It was after marrying me that he told that was his way of impressing me... 

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