The Diary of the mother of two Boys

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It is pretty hard being a perfect mom these days.I think our parents had it easier than us.


Well, I am the mother of two boys my elder one is Alexander( Ash)  who is 11 and the younger one is Phineas( Fin) who is 4.I am having a tough time being their mom since the two of them are poles apart in mostly everything and (I regret to say)  have inherited their Dad’s all habits that I love to hate.(I am sure their Dad would be saying the same.)

Ash is in a transition stage from being a tween to a teen .The poor guy is having all sorts of questions that he wants answers for .Some he does ask me (,me being his best friend and all) and I try to give him the right answers.

The main doubts are regarding the “s” word.(Yeah he doesn’t say “Sex”) .

Lately we had the following conversation .He had written down all the so called bad words he learned from his friends.

The kids these days are so enterprising ,they have a whole dictionary those words and we parents aren’t even aware of the meaning of any of them.

Me:” So what’s the meaning ?”

Ash : “It is the code for the ‘S” word.

Me: What is the “s” word?

Ash ; Mooo..M ,Oh......... sex…

Me : Do you know what is Sex?

Ash :yeah I know.Before you ask me how I know,I will tell,my friends told me.Boys and girls take off their dress and do all gross  things to each other .

Now this is the tricky part .I have to tell him sex is good and I also don’t want him to get it into his head that he can have it as much as he wants.I know he is just 11 ,but what I say now is going to have an everlasting effect on him .

So I told,” Sex is not bad or gross, it is a natural urge for mature men and women which is meant mainly for procreation . That is to make children”

Ash didn’t say anything for a moment .Then he dropped the bomb.

Ash:” That means you and Dad also had sex?”.( Should I blush or laugh aloud ? I had a hard time keeping a straight face and I spoke)

Me:”Of course we had,then how do you think we had two precious, sweet boys?”

I am so glad that he didn’t ask me when and how….

Finally I told him that it is ok for grown up people to have sex and it is not meant for children of young age .I also had to tell him that it is natural  to stare at a girl once but if you keep on staring at her curves all the time then it is going to create trouble.

He assured me that still now he don’t  feel like looking at girls and added ,”Mom ,if I like a girl ,I would tell you first .”

I hope the trust he has on me remains that way and I have already started thinking what to tell when he asks me more uncomfortable questions.



Submitted: December 30, 2011

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Peeling potatoes, looking out the back window, 5PM on a school day, my 15 year old son comes blowing in, and taking off his jacket, asks if it's true that girls are 'safe' right after a period. -- No one prepared me for four sons and ALL such questions, usually coming at me out of the blue.
You sound the perfect Mom for the male contingent of humankind! Fast on your feet and kind.
With best regards, Wilbur

Sun, January 1st, 2012 6:04pm


hey thanks....I can always do with some little friendly advice .Now At least I know where to go in case i need help..

Mon, January 2nd, 2012 4:54am

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