Why I love being in love

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Submitted: December 27, 2011

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Submitted: December 27, 2011




I happened to read a note by one of my friends about why he hates love. I couldn’t help but agree with a couple of his thoughts .It made me think how I feel about love. This is
what I feel .I love being in love ,being surrounded by love .

I love to see the one I love beside me the first thing in the morning.
I love to hear my baby calling Mom with his arms extended asking me to lift him up.
I love to feel loving arms around me ,my husband ,my kids ,my mom,sisters,friends…..
I love waking my husband up with a sweet peck or by tickling his feet.
I love standing beside him in the front of the mirror and admiring the picturesque pair we portray.
I love my husband and kids fighting for occupying space on my either side .
I love it when they come back to bestow upon me the forgotten goodbye kiss.
I love hearing his voice over the phone even if it is just for “Hello..What are you doing there ?” sort of enquiries.
I love to see his face lighting up at the sight of his favoured food on the table.
I love when he says that I completes him and he would be lost without me.
I love the knowledge that I am loved even when I look plain .
I love the heartwarming feeling that we would have the comfort of each others arms when troubles come our way.
I love when he listens to my silly talk and gossip.
I love waiting to hear the door bell ring and seeing him standing outside the door through the peep hole.
I love when he asks me to edit his creative musings even though he knows that they don’t need editing.
I love it when they rave over my cooking at every single chance they get.
I love to see many pairs of eyes gazing up at me with love .

Few times we have caused immense pain to each other .But I believe true love is capable of forgiving and each occasion has only made our love more lustrous and flawless.
Pain is the substantiation of love. Love doesn’t certify as love till you perceive the wring and the agony that walks along with it.Love doesn’t become sublime till you feel its stings and the way it wrenches your heart.
Love is life itself.You haven’t lived till you have loved and have seasoned by the contentment and the throes of love.
Love brings hope and anguish .Without love everything is hollow.


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