Greater Good

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Are you happy with life? Do you have the perfect life? This story follows the short ranting's of a man bent on killing the perfection in the world even if that means himself, of course all in the name of the greater good.

Submitted: July 24, 2013

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Submitted: July 24, 2013



I killed a man today, for the greater good. He was not a handsome man, but not yet ugly. Only ordinary, an ordinary man. One who had two children a boy and a girl, who will miss him very much. Then in their old years will tell exaggerated stories of his short-lived life, and his tragic end. His wife a lovely girl who will never amount to much, will fall into depression. She will ignore her family and friends while being crushed by her losses. I feel somewhat guilty for there sadness, and regret not taking them too. But alas someone must bare the legacy of the lost. A young boy without a role model, and a sweet little girl who will have an incomplete wedding. Slowly their family will come together in their pain. Shinning a small amount of hope and happiness in the deed I have done. Thus proving it was all for the greater good.

You must understand the man needed to die, needed to feel the pain of my blade. For his life was to perfect, and his world to complete. For he was close to the end of his journey. So close to finding true peace in this world. We must never find our peace in life for only death will bring it. If one succeeds and defies faith then soon all will follow. What would the world be then, full of mindless happiness and joy. It would be perfect, perfection at its finest. Only, perfection is never meant to be attained for a reason. For without sadness and grief we have no future. We have nothing to gain, nothing to learn from our mistakes. So he died unknowingly, for the greater good.

People like me know this; we have given everything up for this. For this way of life that protects those who are naïve. Those who punish our good deeds, the ones who cannot bare the burden, are destroying this world. We bring sadness into the world to further its advancements. Those who are the most successful go down in history like Adolf Hitler, and Queen Mary. Could you imagine a world without the disastrous mistakes to correct you? You would only wait for the inevitable future much worse then civilization could take. Me, I am only a nobody, simply a martyr for the cause. I have given up everything, even my dear daughter Rosella, and the love of my life Victoria. Everything I have held close, for the greater good.

The man I killed today his hair dark brown with sprouts of grey. His deep blue eyes that sparkled with fear as I told him his unavoidable demise. Oh how he screamed, his voice echoing off the rusted metal walls as I restrained him to an old operating table. Its metal screeched under his shifting weight giving off an eerie chorus of screams. I watched him for a minute or so as he squirmed helplessly at the leather restraints. His weak mussels flexing as he strenuously worked to be free of my cold gaze. Sweat dripping off his face as he continued his endeavor. I was in complete control of this man I knew nothing of; his life was in my hands. Chuckling as I watched his fruitless attempts at escape, I compared him to a cockroach trapped on its back. Helpless to all predators that wish to strike in his moment of weakness. I do have to admire the short stubby man for his valiant attempt to escape. Whether he fought for his life or the ones he’ll leave behind will be a mystery. At some point I felt sympathy for the man, and contemplated releasing him. Sadly sacrifices need to be made, for the greater good.

His attempts ceased if only for a moment as I drew my long thin knife into the light. I named her after my beautiful wife for she sparkled just as it does in the dim lighting. For even in death she is my partner. I love her; she is long, and thin, simple, just as she once was. Pain takes a hold of my heart with bittersweet memories of the life that I once had. I also, was close to perfection, and was awakened by harsh reality. All good things come at a price, and those who don’t pay suffer for it by losing all they once had. Just as this man who struggles for his life will suffer. Just as all those before him, and those to come will suffer. They suffer, and I suffer for the greater good.

The man began to curse as I expected him to, calling me insane, ordering me to let him go, as if he had some sort of power over me. I stripped him of his shirt exposing his pale white skin. Thus reducing him to begging for his life, saying he had children, a family. That he could help me if I let him go. I shushed him as I traced a thin line with the blade of my knife across his abdomen leaving a small trail of blood. The man watched me with hesitant eyes; fear was evident in them as he scanned the incision I made. I raised my knife once more, and then quickly with grace I stabbed him over and over again. I hate the way it feels as the knife sinks into his skin, as warm blood gushes out of his thrashing body. But I must go on, for the greater good.

His screams rage on as I aggressively sink my knife into his stomach. Tears rush down his face, as he knows true fear; feels it with every agonizing wound I inflict upon him. Anger races through me as I remember my losses how my loved ones screamed just as he does. How the pain I felt will never amount to the pain he feels at this moment. For his is fleeting and quick while mine was long and mournful. How dare he scream at his merciful pain, for I know true pain, and he has no right. No right to claim anguish in his short-lived misery. So I stab him even as his outcries die out, even as his heart stops beating in a futile attempt to increases anguish. I drop my dear Victoria to the ground, and sink to my knees. Letting my head rest against the side of the table releasing my held back tears. The coldness of the smooth metal soothes me as I weep in my sorrow. The room falls oddly silent free from the mans howls. The only sound that permeates the dimly lit room is my quiet sobbing, and the slow dripping of the mans blood. Pulling myself together I fetch my dear Victoria silently apologizing for discarding her, and make my way towards the old iron door. My steps were slow and measured, tapping against the old metal floor. Why I wonder as I pull open the heavy door letting it swing closed behind me as I step through. Why is life so complicated I ponder as I make my way up a metal ladder grasping Victoria between my teeth. Why is life so cruel and unjust I plea to any god that may exist as I open a small wooden latch leading into the cool night air. Why can I not live in peace with those I love I question to heavens. I gaze into the white glow of the moon looking for an answer that I know will not come. Turning away I make my way home. For I know why I cannot live in perfection, why know one can. The world must change and grow, and for that to happen there must be pain. For that I murder, I torment, I would kill myself if needed. I would do it all, for the greater good.

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