The Love Affair of Water and Air

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I guess you could perceive it as a libra and a pisces falling in love.

Submitted: February 23, 2015

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Submitted: February 23, 2015



Once I was running, there was no way to stop me. I was gone. No one could catch me to see what was going on. What was really going on was, I was free. No ties to hold me to the ground anymore, no chains around my neck, no unfaithful words spoken behind my back, but to my face at the same time. And I was ready; ready to move on. There was no looking back from this desolate era. His face, his voice, I never wanted to see or hear from him again. Everything about him angered me to a degree of which I could not even be angry.
As I ran, and I ran and I ran... I felt the wind in my hair, coursing through my fingers, blowing straight through my skin and into my veins as if wind and I were one, intertwined with the single connection that keeps this earth spinning, love. Yes. Something real had found me. My heart beating as fast as a race horse runs. This love... it was never ending.
But then, abruptly, I stopped. Water. I was not sad. I was content with where I'd stood. With water, I was able to cleanse my soul and become new once again. Water and I had grown to be great friends. I stood by it's side each day. It grew fruits for me, I was able to eat. Never did water let me down. Never did he give in. He persevered at earning my heart, my trust, caressing me in his gentle waves.
Eventually, there came a day where I could no longer live a moment without water. He had felt the same way. He took me beneath his tide and we became one great water; an ocean. It was beautiful. The most beautiful thing I'd ever felt. Knowing I'd never be alone again, with him by my side was heartwarming. Soon we began to bear fish in our seas. Sharks and dolphins, whales and puffers, and I loved him more and more as our family of fish grew. I was pleased, as was he. But the day came, the sun was high. We were evaporated into thin air. Our children, fried to oblivion. I was not afraid to die. I was leaving this earth with the one I'd loved. We had held onto each other our entire lives and, even now at the hour of destruction, knew our legacy would live on.

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