The Red Lighthouse

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Well I had to write a "creative piece" in the span of ten minutes for a class, the theme was "storm" this is what happened. Remember: Ten minutes.

Submitted: September 01, 2014

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Submitted: September 01, 2014




Hello doctor, I apologise if my writing seems hastened, however I fear I may not have much time. As you know I was sent here to the “abandoned” Hamildon lighthouse to investigate some disturbing reports, of mysterious red lights, ominous chanting, and recent disappearances, of villagers that have wondered to close.

I regret to inform you that the cause of these occurrences could not be more sinister, and the consequences, worse than any I could imagine. Upon entering I was shocked to see that not only was the lighthouse, certainly not abandoned, but was perfectly clean, furnished, and… Homely…

Of course I looked around for a few minutes, soon I was greeted with the chanting we had heard about. It was coming from a door that lead downwards, red light peeked out from below the door. To my surprise, the door was unlocked, I could not resist venturing down, I now realise it would not have mattered.

Upon reaching the bottom floor, I could see a hooded figure, some sort of altar covered in candles, and a lot of blood. He was chanting something in what I assume was Latin. I cannot remember what I was going to say to him, but the second I uttered a single syllable, each and every candle went out, I screamed and fell, but the chanting remained, as he chanted I began to hear crashing waves, lighting, and rain so heavy it sounded as if it was being shot at the earth, It sounded as if the light house was going to be ripped apart by a storm.

Suddenly a single candle relit itself, the hooded figure turned to face me, and said with a smile: “Too late”. It went out again and he vanished, but the storm remained, I quickly ran back upstairs, and of course the main door was locked, the only thing I wanted to do was see what was causing such noise, I ran to the top floor, were they kept the fog light, and what I saw… Words cannot describe. A colossal storm, something biblical. The wind was tearing trees apart, houses were being blow away as if they were leaves, hail the size of cricket balls, but the scariest thing of all… The ocean.

It seemed to come alive, waves nearly the height of this massive lighthouse, they destroyed every ship on the dock, and in the bay, as if they were toys. As I watched in horror, I noticed the hooded figure standing on the railing next to me, “Beautiful, isn’t it?” is what he said, before I reached to grab him, but he fell, he fell head first over the edge, as if on purpose, I looked over, but only saw water, water that was becoming noticeably higher.

It suddenly struck me… Why isn’t the light house being destroyed, or even damaged? The town was being shredded by a nightmare, but this lighthouse is still fine. I walked back downstairs, the living area still looked as it did, warm, and comfortable, I could barely even think, I closed my eyes and reopened them, nothing changed, I could still hear it, and see it out of the few windows.

I am writing now with pen and paper I found in a desk, I now only have my thoughts and these pages. I can only imagine the horrors the townspeople experienced, assuming they were not killed quickly by the storm, and waves. I am trapped. No way out. The storm shows no signs of stoping, and at this point I believe I am entirely underwater, it is all I can see through the windows. I don’t know why I am condemned to wait in this abhorrent place, it feels wrong, and why isn’t it being affected? Protected by the same evil that started this storm is the obvious answer, but then why would the hooded figure, jump out? A better question is why he would do this in the first place.

It seems I am done for, this place does not have much in the way of supplies, but even worse… I hear running water.

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