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Heather is left alone at the weekend, and goes for a walk to the sunflower field near her home. however the person that she would least expect to be there might make an appearance...

Submitted: December 08, 2013

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Submitted: December 08, 2013




The sky was a bright watery blue that day, laced with small clouds; I woke to the feel of bright sunlight on my skin. The house was unusually quiet, and I sat up slowly and looked around the room. My bedroom is simple, white washed walls and a small wooden bed with a blue quilt thrown over it, across the room a dressing table and a cracked mirror on it, a chair with a hemmed cushion by the small window and on the right wall by the door a chest of drawers. I pulled myself from bed and ran my hand through my hair, and pulled on a pair of jeans and a band T-shirt from yesterday. “Mom?” I called out as I headed downstairs. I wandered into the kitchen and found a piece of paper on the coffee table. ‘I’ve had to go into work on unexpected business, but I should be back by three. Do your homework and I’ll see you later, mom xxx’

I grabbed a bowl and filled it with cereal and yogurt, and sat down at the kitchen table to eat. It was already about eleven am. Wandering around the house for a bit I flicked though my maths textbook and French exercises and tried to learn a few verbs fairly unsuccessfully. “This is hopeless” I said aloud by twelve and dropped onto the sofa in the next room, the living room. Mom and I had been living together since I was little, when dad hadn’t stuck around to see what I would be like. The weekends were normally just us two; I didn’t live anywhere near the school and no friends about. They all thought I was a bit weird anyway; I had strange taste in music and awkward hair.

I checked my phone for messages: nothing new. Absentmindedly I began flicking through the phones memory, looking at the photos I had taken the other day. There were a bunch of myself with my best friends Henry and Lola, and Adam. Then, I noticed something in the corner of one photo, a person who’d accidently been caught on camera. It was a boy, about my own age maybe I hadn’t noticed around before. He had really short fuzzy green hair and two ear piercings in his left ear, his eyebrows were knitted together into a scowl. He was sitting alone; the photo had been taken in the school cafeteria. He looked so serious that nobody was coming near, and I hadn’t even noticed. I stared at him for a while, wondering who he was, he looked dangerous the way he was glaring at the camera. I suddenly caught myself stifling a giggle, he really looked so serious, and it made me come to like him.

Feeling better, I got up of the sofa and pulled my shoes on and headed outside, making sure to lock the door behind me. It was a warm day; the front garden of my cottage was fresh and green. Our home was on the top of a small hill in the country side, my school in the next town. Down a dirt road and over a stile into the woods for a while before you would reach the field was where I wanted to go. I carefully shut the gate and slide and stumbled down the dirt road marked with tire tracks from where my mom left for work every day, till it began to level out. I tied my tea coloured brown hair back into a lose plait that reached the nape of my neck, and then reached the stile which I hopped over easily.

The forests that now surrounded me were dark and graceful, my feet cracked twigs and dry leaves in the undergrowth, and my nose was filled with rich earthy smells and damp woodland. There was no path here; this was the way of the animals. I had learned the forest, come to understood it, and knew my way almost perfectly. I knew there was nothing dangerous in these woods particularly, not at this time of day. It was a thankfully small, and in ten minutes of so, I began to see the ends of the trees and the fence, though most importantly the bright yellow flowers that were calling to me.

I reached the fence and climbed over it, and at once I was in my favourite place in the world. Giant yellow flowers surrounded me; I wandered deeper into the great field of sunflowers. The warm sunlight touched at each gentle petal, the wind whispering through the tall stems that grew at tall as I. A rich golden scent engulfed me and I let my hands wander over the flowers stalks, study and smooth, the sunflowers called to me. The sunflower field had been here since I was born, and as it was private land, I wasn’t technically supposed to be here. Nobody could see me though, when surrounded by these flowers. In summer they were always here again and I looked forward to it each year. The field looked so barren and lost without them.

Then, suddenly, I saw somebody and froze. Through the tall plants I could see another person in a small clearing, lying on the ground. My heart thudded in my ears, this had never happened before. If I was caught I would be punished for sure. I gulped, and decided to head backwards slowly, and maybe they wouldn’t notice, but then suddenly, I caught a glimpse of green hair. No, it couldn’t possibly be. Nobody that went to my school lived round here other than me, but it was. It was that boy. He laid on the ground his strong arms behind his head, and for once it seemed his face was relaxed, no longer serious but peaceful as he gazed up at the sky. I realised my heart had stopped beating frantically but instead fluttered in my chest gently. I was not afraid, though of this boy, I would have thought I might have been.

Suddenly he sat up, and was staring right at me, looking at me, shocked and a little angry. I began to back away again when he got up, and said “wait, hey you, wait!” I bit my lip, not knowing what to do. There wasn’t much point running away as he’d probably just catch me. I was a fast runner but I couldn’t run and damage the sunflowers.

“Yeah?” I said nervously. He beckoned me with his finger, and nervously I stepped forward into the clearing. Seeing him properly he was the boy from the photograph, but much taller than I imagined. He was wearing a lose black tank top and baggy cameo trousers, and weirdly enough no shoes. I couldn’t help but notice just how fit he was, but tried to put the thought of his toned body and warm, hazel eyes out of mind. “I didn’t um…I didn’t mean to spy, I just…I was walking…” I sounded pathetically lame, and felt myself blush crimson.

“Who are you?” his voice took me by surprise, it was gruff but more comforting than I’d imagined. “Haven’t I seen you somewhere?”

“We go to the same school” I said quickly “I’m Heather. What you name?”

“Roy” he said, scratching the back of his head “Look, um, Heather…” It might have been just my imagination but his cheeks flushed a tiny bit pink, he was embarrassed

“I won’t tell anybody” I smiled, realising his concern “cloud watching not very rock and roll huh?”

“It’s just…a…” he said defensively, stumbling on his words “it not like I do it a lot, or anything”

“Why not? The clouds are lovely right?” I grinned, putting my hands in my pockets. “If it makes you feel any better, I come here to talk to a sunflower, that’s my secret. Now you know mine, and I know yours”

“Right…” he said, maybe relaxing at little “well…thanks” he smiled at me, and my heart began to beat louder against my chest, I tried to ignore it. Roy sat back down and I sat down next to him, he made no objection. I thought how strange it seemed that the tough rebel boy from the photo was this sweet, really. Maybe that was OK, and I wondered why he wouldn’t be a little more like himself round others. He’d have more friends, but maybe that’s what he didn’t want. I guess he was bit of an introvert, admittedly a very sexy one. “Heather” he said after a while, making me jump “I don’t even really know you. Why are you being kind?”

“Because…you’re a good person Roy” I said after a while, looking over at him, and realised that he had already been looking at me. “So…” I slipped my hand into his own, it was strong and rough, but at the same time gentle “let me be kind…”

He chuckled slightly, and didn’t pull his hand away “I’m…glad I met you” he smiled warmly, and I saw a boy behind the piercings and the scowl and punkish hair, somebody gentle.

“Yeah, me too” I leant on his shoulder a little as the clouds above us drifted by, us surrounded by sunflowers.

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