I'll call you back later, bye!

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Susan calls someone important to her, while The man in the black coat comes home from work.

Submitted: October 13, 2012

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Submitted: October 13, 2012




Susan left her bags on her counter, flung the newspaper on the living room table, a move she had perfected through her forty-five years of living, and picked up her phone. It was very hot in her apartment, and even though she probably should've put the milk she just bought in the fridge, she had to call him. He was special to her, she missed him, and as she picked up the phone and started dialing his number, she really thought he would answer.


On the other side of town, the man in the black coat left the bus after work. He always took the bus after what had happened. His apartment was only a five minute walk from here, but he decided to take a longer route, because he felt like walking. As he walked through the park, he saw a kiosk in the distance. He went in it's direction. He noticed he had forgotten his phone at work. He ignored it.


''-Better see what's going on in the news'' he thought to himself as the kiosk got closer and closer to him.


Susan finished dialing his number, and as she she put the phone to her ear, she heard the beeping of the phone. Seconds later, his voice appeared.


''-Hello, this is Roland, sorry I can't pick up the phone, but I'll call you back if I see this, bye!''


A tear fell from Susan's eye, that calm voice, a voice she would never hear again. In desperation, she dialed his number again. Same response. She put the phone back and threw herself on the couch. The table was right next to her. On the left side. Her face was pointing in the opposite direction, escaping from the newspaper.


The kiosk had the latest newspaper displayed on the front, and the man in the black coat bought one and sat down on the bench next to the kiosk.


Susan slowly turned her head, her neck cracking. She sat up and took the newspaper in her hands.

She looked at the cover.

The man in the black coat looked at the cover.


''-Roland, (16) killed in car accident last night'' It said.

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