Absence of Light

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The inexplicable doubt which settles into one's soul as the artificial hopes structured by societal expectations begin to melt away with the rain of the dawn of understanding.

Submitted: April 16, 2012

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Submitted: April 16, 2012




"And then God said Let there be light..."



The aftermess of a blackout:

The toppled heaps of things, material possessions;

The too-forgotten moral values;

The misunderstood and seemingly useless personas.

When the lights go out, you'll know who you are

because others will show you who they are. 

Through this forced, often violent honesty 

A new truth is born

The same truth that was already truth 

But this truth is known

And through knowledge comes power 

But in a desperate reversal of what we believe to be a world where Karma plays it's part

Knowledge becomes weakness. 

How terrible is wisdom,

When it brings no profit to the wise?

Through the knowledge that we are the same and can never be different

comes the useless feelings of nothing.

Am I worth something?


At all? 

I am but a mortal being.

Be I beautiful or ugly, sick or healthy, kind or malicious, poor or wealthy, 

There can only be one end to me - the same end as to everyone - 

Death. The eclipse of light.

And then God said let there be darkness. And the darkness enveloped, engulfed me 

And there was nothing more. 

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