"This pain in my Stomach, This pain in my Chest"

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I wrote this 2/11/ 13

Submitted: February 17, 2013

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Submitted: February 17, 2013



I fear you,

You who seems so perfect,

You who seems to wan't nothing of me,

But tease,

Oh god you tease and play,

Play with my emotions day after day,

I only wish i knew what you were thinking when you looked at me,

How you feel,

Your emotions bounce around,

And as close as me are, 

Seemingly impossiable to understand,

I find myself on a roller coaster,

Not wanting to stay,

Not wishing to leave,

Tell me,

Do you use me,

Do you wish anything of me,

You hold back from me,

Your waiting for something,

Wishing for something,

And that something is not me,

You are hurting,

I wish to fill you up as you have me,

But you won't let me in,

You fight it,

Maybe deep down hate me,

I am not insecure,

Just in question,

As my life hangs on the line,

In question of your desire,

In question of you "love",

You hold back from me,

And I only wish i knew why

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