The Cosmetic Vortex

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A shopaholic muses on the price of beauty, the lure of cosmetic ads.

Submitted: July 16, 2008

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Submitted: July 16, 2008



The Cosmetic Vortex
She tells herself to just read the news.And for a few days she manages.Somehow. It’s difficult.She has to find the news in the newspaper.There are so many, many ads… Before too many days go by her eyes wander.She’s drawn to the incredibly low prices of big-screen TVs at Best Buy.She compares prices of Olga and Jockey underwear at Macy’s.But these items she resists.She only shops in her head.She buys milk and bread and maybe a chocolate bar that she picks up near the cash register.But then one morning, probably Thursday, she starts reading one of those sucker ads.Those cosmetic sucker ads.And she’s the sucker.She will get two lipsticks, one blusher, and a half ounce of a cream that will prevent wrinkles FREE with minimum $23 dollar purchase.She can’t resist.
Now she stares at the shopping bag atop her bed.The bag stares back at her.She’s afraid to look at the credit card receipt buried inside.She signed her name with eyes averted.She has a bag of cosmetic products she does not need.Can not afford.Does not have room for in her bathroom.
It has something to do with the women who work the cosmetic counter, she thinks.Those perfumed smocks put you in a hypnotic trance.
She had planned ahead.She would buy one tube of extra long lash mascara.Black.It was the single purchase that would allow her to get the Free Spring Bonus Pack.So why did I buy three mascaras, a complete palette of spring shadows, an introductory tube of anti-wrinkle cream and a set of sable brushes, she wonders.Why?
The smock of the brunette at the counter emanated a slimming scent evocative of the exotic Orient.The brunette’s red-line lips silently persuaded her to buy, buy, buy.She was sucked into the debt-making eddy of shadows and creams.It’s a cosmetic vortex, she decides.

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