I wish I had coach vision

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I was just upset by a situation involving a girl and I thought I would write this because having Coach vision would help a lot in that case.

Submitted: October 24, 2007

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Submitted: October 24, 2007



I've played lots of sports in my days, and I've noticed something. Whenever your on the sidelines, whether a spectator or a coach, you tend to noticed things about the game being played that most of the players aren't able to see. This is what i like to call coach vision. Coaches especially see things that players and even spectators don't because they know the game.

Coach vision however does not only apply in sports. It can apply in many aspects of life. Sometimes a friend may come to you and tell you "Hey, you look like you need some sleep.", or "You shouldn't drink so much.", or even "Dude(or dudette), she(or he) was totally into you." That is because they see your life in spectator vision. Maybe that person has had sleeping problems, alcohol problems, or knows this girl(or guy) well enough to be able to tell when she(or he) is into someone. This is when they gain coach vision.

While you're on the sidelines it's so easy to see whats happening, but when you're playing it's, most of the time, it's nearly impossible to tell. This is why I hate playing, I love winning, I don't even mind losing, I just hate playing. Unless we are talking about sports, I however refer to playing the game of life(not the board game people).

It has also occurred to me that anyone playing who for some freak reason is seeing him/herself through coach vision(or even spectator vision) would have a very high success percentage in whatever he/she set out to do. That my friends is why I wish that I had coach vision.

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