Year 2100, what is the Universe and how do we communicate with the 4th dimension?

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The year is 2100, set in Washington DC, a group of high officials discuss inexplicable questions about the universe. The idea that the universe is a software program running on a physical computer located in the 4th dimension is widely accepted in the scientific community. The scientists try to rationalize this using discrete math and logical induction and deduction.

They attempt to find a way to communicate with intelligent beings in the 4th dimension by utilizing a patented technology called the Practical Time Machine, which is a computer that tracks and manipulates all atoms, electrons and E.M. radiation on Planet Earth.

Not only did they succeed in creating a make-shift sonar device to map out the 4th dimension, but they were also successful in devising a method to communicate with these intelligent beings.

While the human race attempted to advance the technology, the intelligent beings discovered their secret plan. This eventually lead to the universe experiencing a phenomenal called "winked out". The aliens in the 4th dimension viewed humans as a potential threat to their culture and society and implemented plans to resolve this issue. This means parts of the universe was shut down to isolate and destroy what they view as computer viruses (humans and planet Earth).

The End.

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A.I. tracking and controlling every atom in the Universe

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