Echoes in the Canyon

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For whom the Canyon echoes

Submitted: July 19, 2017

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Submitted: July 19, 2017



No water, food, or sign of life. For the past four months I've been stranded. I've received a quest of my own to escape this canyon. With no energy in fuel of motion, I did not move. Fear, confusion, hope, and happiness passed right through me, all without thought. Nonetheless, my goal stayed the same: to get out the canyon. I yelled because I was scared. Yet, I yelled for happiness would soon find me. A mirage soon made my way. Everything that passed became a member of my tribe. A Tribe of four formed. Each with their own representation from fear to happiness. Without them I would have never saw the mirage coming.


I first came in to the canyon as a tourist with no purpose in mind, but to admire its aesthetic. The canyon took notice and lured me away from my tourist group. That's when the mirage began. As I walked, the rocks turned green with sprouting tree from the ground. I had came just in time to see the canyon's true nature. With the reveal of the true canyon, I explored further away from the group and deeper into the canyon. I soon came upon a hill and spot a mistress full of life. You have to get through a maze to only witness someone this spectacular. Ectasy took over my body. Warm feelings at high levels took over my chest. I hoped for more. In a moments notice the mirage ended and the feelings left. Throughout my time in the canyon, my warmth was echoed in meanings of mockery. The canyon was no amateur trickster. It didn't keep tourist from exploring its maze with mirages. Only with it's companion, the hyenas.


Those rural dogs would mock my smile each night with one of their own. That was the least of my concerns. In the center of the desert was a hill. When night came, Eva, full of life, would dress herself in black cloths. When fully dressed she sent the hyenas in pursuit of me. When their laughter began I knew it was time to run.


My speed was of superhuman when the chase began. It was the mirage that lead me to see it. It was the hyenas that lead me to believe it. I ran with fear in my heart. Fear that the hyenas would catch me. Fear that I would never smile again. Fear that the hyenas would echo my smile. The canyon always did echoe. I was bound to experience the mirage, Eva, and the hyenas for the next four months.


When noon came the Sun would shined the brightest. Eva would dress herself in white clothes. She always signaled for the hyenas to retreat from their chase. The rocks would turn green again and the trees would begin to sprout form the ground. Even I began to hear the sound of my echoes. I would always return to her hill.


For the past 4 months I've been without any of the essentials of life. I've been living purely off of the warmth I've withstand from Eva. I was burned by warmth. But also I was kept from cold. Her warmth could no longer make up the essentials of life. I needed to live fully in life. The mirage came to bring me my own companions for a newfound tribe. We plotted to journey out of the canyon. We will strike at noon. When the Sun peaked, Eva dressed herself in white cloths. Her purity lead me to the hill. The confused member of my tribe was puzzled and began to take me out of the trance. The happiest member of my tribe reached out for what it desired, but members of confusion and hope held him back. Eva's lure made me happy, but it did not nurture me. I ran up the hill and she suspected nothing. The canyon had echoed her vanity. With my presence on the top of the hill I pushed her off. Before she could reach the ground the mirage had faded.

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