Emotional Leading

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Should the blind lead the blind? How can the heart be trusted to lead?

Submitted: August 24, 2014

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Submitted: August 24, 2014



Have you seen what's on the news, have you read what's in the paper?

Something is wrong in the humans, And it's not a good future shaper.


They let their emotions lead their actions, that's the worlds trouble,

Emotions can be random, so eventually they burst a bubble.


If the whole wide world would learn, how to let the intelligence lead,

The crime rate would reduce, so this thing is what we need.


But first they need to learn right from wrong, but by who's standard, yours?

Pride won't let us submit to a standard, and so we gnash our jaws.


But it's true about the emotions though, you really must admit,

Why hasn't anybody noticed this? It's been the truth from day one, it's legit.


No fear of negative consequence, that's another selfish trait,

Their emotions command them, they obey, they're willing slaves who cannot wait.


Ruler ship is in reverse, the wrong thing inside is in power,

Some of them are like walking time bombs, ticking by the hour.


How do you teach them how do you stop them? On and on it goes,

I'll tell you the truth, honestly honestly, only the Bible knows.


Do not follow your heart, it's the worst advice you can take,

The mind isn't in the heart, that's why they so easily brake.


Don't be a slave to your emotions, you'll only end in regret,

It's only hard to learn at first, it soon becomes no sweat.


Love is not what you feel, love is what you are willing to do,

You'd be surprised how many relationships would change, if they only knew.

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