The Bellamy House

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The universe seems like such a fickle mistress. It can be a nurturing mother one moment, and a sadistic whim-driven torturer the next. In this story, written in a diary-cum-email format, a young girl learns to her dismay that tragedy, alas, has decided to pay her a visit one final time. For good.

Submitted: May 13, 2013

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Submitted: May 13, 2013



[The following are excerpts from the personal diary of Patient X2135A, under the care of Dr. Henry Rodrick. They were retrieved from the patient’s laptop shortly after her disappearance one night in 2008. Included also are several email correspondences between third parties, although it is unknown how she managed to exactly obtain them. All content has been organized in chronological order to the best of Dr. Rodrick’s ability, although there was some difficulty as some of the data had been corrupted, especially in the later files. All times and dates are electronically logged by the computer. ]


Monday, 4th May

1:53 PM

This is stupid.

This isn’t going to help. And it will just waste my time. This will be the first and last entry.

See ya, suckers.

Tuesday, 5th May

8: 01 AM

Okay. The only reason why I’m typing this is because I have nothing else to do. No one’s at home right now and the TV is down. And school’s in an hour.


Writing all my feelings down and describing what happened is SUPPOSED to help me get over it. At least that’s what the shrink says. I hate him. He always talks down to me and acts as though I need serious help, as if I deserve to be in the loony bin, which I OBVIOUSLY DON’T.

So. What am I feeling now?

Bored. Annoyed. A little angry at being stuck in this house, even though we just moved and it is a new house after all.

Thankfully I have Case with me. She’s the only one I can trust, and she’s been with me since I was a kid.

But that’s enough for now.

Wednesday, 6th May

1:20 AM

Can’t sleep, I’m having insomnia again like last time. The medicine doesn’t work anymore. It must have spoilt or something.

So here I am typing on this laptop again. This is getting kinda ridiculous, I never thought I would actually do what the doctor said. But I guess writing this stuff down is kinda therapeutic in a sense.

What happened at school today: Did the usual stuff, the teacher trying to teach math but failing because all the students were too loud. Idiots, all of them. Then at lunch Annabel wanted to hang out but I said no. She looked like she was going to cry but I just ignored her. She’s an annoying little bugger that doesn’t know when she’s getting tiresome.

I really don’t like my room in the new house. The wallpaper is too weird for my liking. And the wardrobe is just so big and ominous. I feel like something’s going to pop out of there at any moment.

Urgh, Case is meowing so loudly. Something’s bothering her, I think. Must be the new environment that’s bugging her, although I thought she would like it since she hated our old house.

I hated it too.


From: Sherry Landers (


Re: Grace

Dear Mrs 57!!8&=&4+8_

I’m Grace’s teacher at Riker’s. Lately it has come to my attention that Grace has been highly withdrawn, refusing to speak to the other students and eating her lunch by herself in the canteen during breaktime. Every effort has been made to integrate her into the new school environment, and I understand she has just shifted from another town but Annabel Woolsey, a fellow classmate, came complaining to me that Grace had threatened to hurt her unless she stopped “bothering her”. I approached Grace after class but she refused to speak to me.

Please call the number listed below so that we can speak about Grace.

Thank you.


Thursday, 7th May

8:25 PM

Just came back from a session with Dr. Rodrick. Today we talked again about what happened to Meredith. He said it was time to let go, and that I should start afresh. Moving town and switching to a new school will help me accomplish that.

Easy for him to say. I know he’s a psychiatrist, and they’re supposed to help you see things from another perspective but he just doesn’t understand. None of them do.

I think I’ll go to bed now. At least Case stopped her meowing and yowling. Now she’s just staring at the wardrobe with these blank eyes.

Thursday, 7th May

11:35 PM

I can’t sleep again. After today’s session those memories just came flooding back. I think…I had a dream. Not sure if I was actually fully asleep when it happened, but it seemed so real.

I was walking down the hallway of our old house. The hallways seemed to stretch out endlessly, and I just kept walking. Then I reached a door. The door to my old room.

And I opened it, and I saw Meredith sitting at my bed. But she wasn’t looking at me. She was looking down, her hair covering her face. She was completely silent. I approached her, but she still kept motionless.

Then there was a loud crash outside and I turned and saw this huge fire outside the doorway, and Meredith started to scream and scream and scream…

I don’t think I’ll sleep for the rest of the night.

Saturday, 9th May

4:20 PM

Yesterday was a good day. I went out to the library and they actually had a great selection of books. They even have the local town records and everything, not that I’m interested in such dry and dusty stuff though.

Something’s happened to Case though. She’s barely responsive to anything I’ve said. When she’s not eating and drinking she’s staring at the wardrobe, and that’s it. I brought her to the vet but he said there was nothing he could diagnose from her. The vet did tell me that he thought she looked like she was in a constant state of fear. I don’t know if this has to do with the new house or anything, but ever since we’ve moved in she’s been so down. There’s like a black aura about her or something.

I really hope she gets better.


From: Joe Wright (


Re: Housing Purchase

Dear Mr. &*%#&---23?!++

I received your email last week inquiring about the house. Well, I am pleased to inform you that it seems perfect for you and your family. The house is medium-sized, has two floors and overall is in a good condition. It was built in the 1940s, and for three generations the same family lived there until about 1998, when a personal tragedy caused them to relocate. The house subsequently fell under our possession, and as of 2006 we have seen about three families move in and out.

You will find that some of the furniture dating back from when the original owners lived in the house is still in there. Most of the families who subsequently bought the house have told us that they are in mint condition, and are an excellent complement to the atmosphere. They include a mahogany dining table, several silver-edged mirrors (the edges are a bit worn, but they are perfect otherwise), two oak reading shelves and an old teak wardrobe. Of course, should you not wish have these items in your house, we would be happy to provide the number of a movers’ company we are well affiliated with.

Please fill out the forms attached in this email, and feel free to call the number below if you have any other inquiries.

Once again, Wright Real Estate thanks you for your purchase!


Sunday, 10th May

9:45 AM

Got up today and couldn’t find Case. I looked everywhere and she wasn’t there. It’s not the first time she’s suddenly disappeared like that, but I’m afraid for her in her frail condition. I hope she comes back soon from exploring the neighbourhood.

And something’s wrong with the wardrobe. The hinges must be spoilt or something, because I swear it creaked open at least five times last night. I got so annoyed but then it finally stayed closed. Although I barely got any sleep last night because of it, I’m kinda glad. I don’t want to have that nightmare again, the one with Meredith.

I really want this whole therapy thing with Dr. Rodrick to work out.

I just want to forget.

Sunday, 10th May

7:52 PM

I saw her in the bathroom today.

I was just done bathing and was about to leave when I looked in the mirror and saw her.

She was just standing there, right behind me. Head down again, so I couldn’t see her expression. I started to turn around but then she was just gone.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had these hallucinations. It’s either the new environment or the new medicine Dr. Rodrick has me on, but I’m relapsing again. Will schedule an appointment with the doctor on Tuesday.

And Case is still not home. This is the longest time she’s ever been out and not come back. I have a really bad feeling about this.


From: Sherry Landers (

To: Daniel Mackay (

Re: About Grace


I don’t think it’s that simple. She’s been out of school for about a week now, and it’s worrying. I know she just moved and everything, but I feel it’s too much for her to take in. A few weeks ago I spoke to the mother about her daughter’s behavior but I didn’t get much out of it.

Then she stopped attending school a week ago and I called the father to ask what was going on. This is the disturbing part: the girl found her pet cat hanged in the wardrobe in her room. They still don’t know who did it. Grace has apparently been completely withdrawn since then, and I can’t blame her.

I hope you can pay a visit to her soon. The poor girl has been through so much.


Saturday, 16th May

2:35 PM

I don’t even know why I am typing this again.

I just need to let it out I guess.

I don’t know who did that to Case. I don’t want to know.

All I know is that my only friend is gone now.

And I still see her.

Behind. Around. Above.


Saturday, 16th May

9:08 PM

The school counselor came to visit me yesterday afternoon. I just ignored him. I knew he meant well, but I was just not in the prospect of wanting to talk.

It got awkward pretty fast, and then he tried to start a conversation by talking about the stuff in my room. I continued to ignore him, but then he suddenly touched the wardrobe.

Something came over me. I just snapped. It was like all the pent up frustration I had accumulated over the past week was just released.

I don’t really remember what happened, but my father said he heard shouts coming from upstairs and he ran up to find me hitting the counselor repeatedly with a glass ornament. He said I was screaming madly like I had gone berserk and it took all of his strength just to restrain me. The counselor fled the house after that. My father just told me that he called the counselor, and he said he wasn’t going to report the incident to anyone considering the fact that I was seeing a psychiatrist.

He wasn’t going to do anything because I was mad.

But I know I’m not.

I know I’m not.


Sunday, 17th May

3:78 AM


KiLlED  HiM.



Tuesday, 19th May

5:45 PM

Dr. Rodrick decided to have me do the talking today, instead of him. He made me recount each and every single event leading up to what happened two years ago.

He says it will help me to forget, but how is that possible if I keep thinking about it? I told him that and he said that I needed to accept the facts and come to terms with what happened if I even wanted a chance at forgetting.

It was…hard.

I know many people have told me time and again that it wasn’t my fault, but that’s not true. They don’t know what really happened. They think what happened that night was an accident.



From: Sherry Landers (


Re: How Are You Doing?

Hello, Grace. It’s me, Ms. Landers, your English teacher. You haven’t been coming to school lately and I was wondering if you were all right. I heard from Mr. Mackay about what happened when he went over, and I want to assure you he isn’t going to report it to the school, so you have nothing to worry about.

Please rest well and come back to school soon. I really enjoy reading your essays and I believe you are really gifted in writing. Feel free to text or call me at my number anytime if you need someone to speak to.


Wednesday, 20th May

10:13 PM

It’s the wardrobe.

Something’s wrong with it.

I know why Case kept staring at it before she died.

It stares back.

I can see it looking at me. There’s something inside. Someone.


Wednesday, 20th May


I’ve been sitting here for the past seven hours now, staring at the same wardrobe.

She’s still waiting for me to come open it.

But I won’t.

She belongs to the past, and she has no power over me.

She belongs to the past, and she has no power over me,

She blngs to the past, an she has no pawer over m.

he blngs to th pas an shenopwer verme,


Friday, 22nd May

8:05 PM

I see her everywhere I go now. It’s like she wants me to know she’s there.

Of course she does. She hates me. I know I do.

I got out of the house today, and instead of going for my appointment, went straight to the library instead.

I checked the town records for the house.

I know what happened now.


From: Melissa Chase (

To: Joe Wright (

Mr. Wright,

I heard that you sold the house to another unwitting couple. Shame on you.

You know what’s in there. We all do. I spoke to the previous families and I finally got the full story. I cannot comprehend why you would do such a thing. Three families, including ours, have already moved out because of the things that happened and yet you continue to put that property on the market.

I told you about my daughter, remember. About her behavior and how it got stranger and stranger day by day. At first we thought it was nothing. Then one day I found her sitting in the wardrobe in her room. She was petting her puppy’s head which she had severed with a knife and was dabbing its blood on the inside of the wardrobe walls.

We moved out immediately. I called the previous families that had lived there and apparently similar things have happened. One of the sons of a family tried to strangle his brother to death, while another daughter pushed her grandmother into the path of a car.

What you are doing is despicable, and you can be sure that I will be contacting the family currently residing in that accursed place.


From: Sherry Landers (

To: Daniel Mackay (

Re: There was a sister


Oh god. I know what happened now. I met the mother this morning, and I persuaded her to tell me exactly what happened to make Grace be so withdrawn.

She had a sister. Two years ago, there was a fire in their old house. They all managed to get out except for the sister. Grace said that her sister had started the fire, and when it got out of control they tried to run away but the sister got trapped. Grace could only stand in horror as she burned to death before her eyes.

I received another email from Grace before I talked to the mother. It contained only one word.

The name of her sister. Meredith.


From: Greendale Library (


Re: Scanned Newspaper Article

Dear Grace,

Mrs Cho the librarian here. Here’s the newspaper article you asked me to scan and send to you via email.  Please pay the fee of twenty cents the next time you visit.

Thank you!


The Bellamy family: friendly, longtime residents of our fair town since their great-grandparents settled in the 1940s.Unfortunately, fate dealt them another devastating blow yesterday: the youngest daughter of the family, Marilyn Bellamy, 16, was found dead in her room. She had committed suicide and was found hanging in her wardrobe, which explained why the body was not discovered for at least a day.

This is the second time that death has touched the Bellamy family this month. Three weeks ago, the youngest son, Julian, 5, was found drowned in the family pool. The police investigated, but ultimately concluded that it was an accident. However, that did not stop the rumours from spreading like wildfire: that it was Marilyn who had drowned him herself as she was jealous of all the attention he was getting from their parents. According to sources close to the family, at Julian’s funeral, Marilyn was “sitting by herself at a corner with a hint of a knowing smile forming at the corner of her lips”. Friends of Marilyn also remarked that “she was always insanely jealous of that infant”.

Our condolences go to the Bellamy family, who could not be reached for comment and are said to be moving out by the end of this month.


Sunday, 24th May

1:08 AM

Can’t sleep.

Don’t want to sleep.

She’s coming tonight.

3:23 AM















She’s here.











4:13 AM

Im sorrie.





Didnt meenn for u to be trapped.


I sat th fyre not u.



I lyed.


Tryed to reskuue u but u gottrapped.




I lyed to Mummee n Daddde.





4:66 AM













[On the night of Sunday, 24th May 2008, Patient X2135A disappeared from her home. When they discovered the name “Meredith” scrawled in blood on the inside of her wardrobe while trying to find her, her parents immediately dialed the police and a search party was held which lasted for many days, to no avail. After a few weeks, they just gave up. Patient X2135A was never heard from again. Her parents quickly moved out of the house and into another town the following week.

But the Bellamy house, they say, is still open for sale.]

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