I assume

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etheral nonsense

Submitted: February 02, 2008

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Submitted: February 02, 2008




But then what to be said?
for all intent's and purpose's
could we all have been misread?
And then I look upon a smouldering heap
would you take pleasure in accompanying me?
it realy is quite cheap.
Then i burned so fierce
at touching the dawn
enveloped in fog I seemed to pierce.
you must come alone,or bring a friend
is it too much I'm asking?
are we to set a trend?.
For all thing's to come about
for all intents and purpose's
shall i not wait a while any longer?.
Give me your hand
does my heart not beat much stronger.
your in the right place
at least I assume
Would you care to give me your hand
whilst i race to touch the moon
no more the night, or was it the night
I'm not beholden to any confirmation
but,alas it's oddly contrite
foeboding of truth that's not benownt
look to it then the last appocylpts
a black that is renownt
grieve not for me
but for thy dieing soul.

L james


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