She's alway's there.

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Submitted: February 02, 2008

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Submitted: February 02, 2008



Ever thought to ask yourself
what would it be like?
to have no one to turn to
or, cuddle up to at night.
When all aboutis bitter cold
your past skid-row,and no one cares
no life from life left to behold.

Your castle wall's are smashed,and rubble
no kiss and make up
to patch over the trouble.
Your road is long,and oh' so tough
with a thorny way-side
to complete the rough.

A thorn will stab through heart,and home
it stab's,cut's so deep,so deep to the bone.
Your road is steep,no down hill streatch's
yet more fear in your heart
bring's constant retch's.

No lord in his mercey to grant you rest
with a long lonley fight,and only stab
yes,only a stab at second best.

Tear's you cried,the last you said
stumbling on you are ragged,and torn
but your tear's only fall
were other's tread.

No torch,no lamp to guide your way
nor see the hand that reach's out
her tender hand that steady's your sway.

leo james

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