General Tao

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Story of a general that learns form his long life of war. While in his defeat comes to a great realization.

Submitted: January 03, 2013

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Submitted: January 03, 2013



General Tao

When his village was invaded and his tamily killed Tao a young teen with long black hair and a slender body became enraged. As he grew he trained day after day. Soon after he became general and took many territories. The day had come, he found the general who took his family and with revenge in his eyes and heart killed without hesitiation. He taught this philosophy to all his men especially his lieutenant.

"A true samurai's blade knows no fear or hesitiaiton, it cuts the true enemy down!"

Tao said he saw that the land nay the world had become ugly and wanted to take it. after he had taken many land he had came across a land by the name of Lunar. The general there was a brilliant strategist. He had heard of the tactics of brute force that Tao had used in the other wars and used that to his advantage, although his army was made up of farmers and young men he knew that it would work.

Tao told his lieutenant to stay behind with some of the men, the lieutenant noticed Tao was acting strange ever since the morning. The battle started off normal, the shear skill of Tao's army was to good for the famers. Tao's army kept pushing. The sound of sword and spears clashing was heard though the land. Soon Tao's army came to a area with huge rocks set out like a maze. Tao was blinded by ambition, he felt like his army could not lose to farmers. They stormed the maze. Tao got seperated from his men, he could here them screaming, it was an ambush and in the small corriders he came across garden. He stayed there and when the enemy general came to get Tao he put up no resistance.

A week later he was to be executed for his crimes. Tao's lieutenant went ot see him in secret in an attempt to free him. As tao sat in the cell looking at the stars a familiar face came from the shadows.

"My lord i have come to rescure you, first I must know why did you not fight back? A true blade has no fear or hesitation and it cuts the true enemy!"

"True enemy!" chuckled Tao.

Tao looked his lieutenant in the eye.

"Leo, when i was in the garden i came across a pond and thought of my past actions. I have become the very thing i hated. It was there I saw the true enemy, the enemy that puts anger, fear, hesitation, and doubt in are very soul."

"What did you see?" asked leo with a confused look on his face.

"My reflection." sid Tao while looking at the stars.

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