Pokemon the great adventures of Joram

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Submitted: March 02, 2017

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Submitted: March 02, 2017



Pokemon the Great

Adventures of Joram




One day Joram, a pokemon trainer, was looking for Pokemon to catch. He was walking until he heard a rustle in the bushes, he looked in the bushes and… there in front of his eyes was a cute little Chespin eating a oran berry.


“Pika pika!!”said Pikachu.

“What you doing out here” said Joram. “Don't you think the Chespin is cute?”

“Pika pikaa”said Pikachu.

“Should we catch it?” said Joram.

“Pika pika pika pika”said Pikachu.

“Ok then go get my bag with pokeballs” said Joram. “Now I'll go catch it.” After 1 minute he caught the Chespin. “Now let's go back to Pewter city.” When they finally made it a message came over the loudspeaker, Joram please report to the main bridge.

“Joram thank goodness you're here there is a problem” said the captain. “Team magma has stolen all the pokemon but Rhyhorn,Snorlax and Charizard”.

”Huh, no wonder this place is so damaged” said Joram. “Ok Pikachu let's go”.

“Pika pika” said Pikachu.

“When do we leave?” said Joram.

“You leave any time you need’ said the captain.

“Ok I'm leaving right now but I'm going to need a bunch of Pokemon to come with me. I'm going to bring Pikachu, Chespin, Charizard, Rhyhorn, and Snorlax” said Joram. “Okay then off we go. Which way did they go!” said Joram.

“They didn't go very far yet” said the captain.  


“Then I guess we take the Jets, or just one jet, or maybe a bunch of jets! I don't think Snorlax will fit he's kind of fat you know!!” 11 minutes later… “I found them captain” said Joram.

“Great get them!” said the captain.

“Hold it right there Team Magma” said Joram.

“What is he doing here!? Get them!” said Team Magma.

“Charizard use flamethrower”  said Joram. “Oh boy, they've got  Mewtwo, now what? Rhyhorn use horn attack. Pikachu use electro ball. Snorlax use body slam. Chespin use Vine whip.” 12 minutes and 23 seconds later… “W... w... we won”said Joram. “Captain we defeated Team Magma we’re coming back with all the Pokemon.”

“Great job kid” said the captain.11 minutes later…

“I got the Pokemon back and they're all back in their habitats playing with the others” said Joram. “Ahhhhh now I can finally relax. Pikachu get your tail out of my mouth!!”said Joram.


The end

By Joram Van Hoof illustrated by Joram Van Hoof




© Copyright 2019 Leo Ryan. All rights reserved.

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