Halloween Heartache

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A Halloween kiss ending where no one expected it would end

Submitted: November 15, 2013

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Submitted: November 15, 2013



It was a long night at the Halloween party. My coworker Sam that I have been crushing on for a while told me that she’d give me one chance to prove myself that I can take things seriously. Then minutes later her friend Nicole told me to stop liking Sam because she didn’t like me. That crushed me. If that’s how she really felt why the fuck did she tell me about the one chance?

I didn’t know what to do. I moped around the party for the last hour or two. Everyone that wasn’t spending the night left. I was in the room that had a racecar bed. Problem was I was sharing the room with a girl named Kim.

Now before I continue there is something about her that you should know. Sam and Nicole have been trying to get Kim and me together. After about five minutes of us discussing where we were gonna sleep she said “fuck it we’ll share the bed.” When I laid on the bed she rested her head on my chest. I wasn’t expecting that.

We stayed up talking for hours. There was no conversation between us. It was just random stupid things. I looked down at her and it seemed that her face was right next to mine. I wondered “what will she do if I take the leap and kiss her?”

I was thinking about it for too long. Kim put her head back on my chest. After a moment or two I asked “what would you have done if I kissed you a minute ago?” She replied right away “I would’ve kissed you back.” I lifted her head so her face was leveled with mine then I pressed my lips against hers.

In the middle of us making out I pulled her on top of me.  She stopped kissing, looked at me, and asked with a smile “what the did you do that for?” I chuckled and said “ I don’t know why. It just felt like the right thing to do.” She smiled and pinned my arms above my head.

She pressed her lips against mine. This time I felt her tongue push up against my lips so I opened my mouth. Her tongue felt great in my mouth. After ten to fifteen minutes we went to bed. All we really did the next day and night was watch movies.

Before I went home we exchanged numbers. We kept talking for a couple weeks via text message and Twitter. Then we went to the same house we went to for the party. We talked, laughed, and the once in a while kiss when no one was looking. When it was time to go to bed (which wasn’t that long after we got there) she faced the wall and I wrapped my arm around her.

Of course we were in the little racecar bed again so we had to cuddle again. I kissed the side of her neck and told her goodnight. I noticed that when I kissed her neck she reacted weird so I kissed her neck again and she reacted the same way. I thought to myself “did I just find her “special” spot?” I ran the tip of my tongue over the side of her neck. Her reaction told me all that I needed to know.

I kept licking her neck slowly. Whenever she would let out a small moan she would cover her mouth. This went on for about five minute then we started to make out. This time I got on top of her and pinned her arms above her head. I kissed and licked the side of her neck for a bit.

She asked me to stop so we can go to bed so I did. I fell asleep not long after that. When I woke up I felt my hand on bare skin so I thought that she was facing me and my hand was on her back. Boy was I wrong. When I looked at her I found out that she has removed her shirt and my hand was on her breast.

When she noticed I was awake she asked how long I was up. I replied “not long. Why do you have no shirt on and my hand is on your tit?” She said “because it was hot.” I said “that doesn’t explain why my hand is on your boob. She chuckled then said “cause it was the most comfy for me.”

I shrugged and went back to bed. When we woke up in the morning I kissed her on the forehead and said “I think I might be falling in love with you sweetie.” She said “you only met me twice. You can’t be falling in love with me.” We didn’t talk to each other much after that.

When I got home she messaged me that she likes me but not as much as I like her and that she just wants to be friends now. No matter how much I begged her she wouldn’t change her mind. She was dead set on it and I felt like my heart exploded into pieces. I thought that she was gonna be the one that opened my heart again. No, she was the one that sealed it forever.

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