Insomnia Club - Day 1 (Jake's Story)

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This series is based on the real-life experiences of my most recent graduation trip. Each episode (day's account) is told through three different lenses, with varying personalities and social
groups of the narrator. On Day 1 of Jake's Story, the narrator (Jake) describes the emotional rollercoaster experienced by members of his social group - clubbing, drinking, and friendships.

Submitted: July 01, 2018

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Submitted: July 01, 2018



[Scene 1]


(We see a gang of 12th Graders at the airport going on their graduation trip to Bangkok. There are a total of 95 students in the grade, out of which 80 students have decided to go on this graduation trip together, for 4 days and 3 nights. The students have all checked in and are on the flight. We see Jake sitting next to Marcus and Tori on the flight from Singapore to Bangkok)

JAKE - (Narration) Oh hey there. I'm Jake. Sorry I'm doing these weird narrations. It feels like a Beckett play, I know. Just to get you going, we just graduated from high school, we're a huge bunch, and we think, out of all the destinations out there, Bangkok stood out. Why not? Nothing could possibly go wrong. Nah! I'm kidding, even I'm excited about this. After a good 18 years, I'm finally going to party with like-minded folks, try alcohol, club like I've never done before.

This is strange because I've already hit this fourth wall for some reason. Apologies if the writing gets sloppy in between. The writer of this wanted someone 'sober' to narrate this. Or at least, someone who drinks a lot but can remain somewhat sober. I told this writer that I'm going to try alcohol for the first time and he's just like 'meh', doesn't give a shit I think. Anyways, enjoy the story, blah blah blah. I'll probably butt in between when I remember I have this gig to take care of. Oh one more thing! The writer told me to mention that this whole thing is entirely based on true events in his recent life; recent as in a couple of weeks back.

MARCUS - Out of all the 50 rows on this flight, we just happened to have gotten seats on the 2nd row.

JAKE - I know right.

TORI - Do you guys mind? (On the phone)

MARCUS - Sure?

(Tori continues to talk on the phone. After a good two hours journey to Bangkok the gang land and get on a coach bus to the resort. They've now reached the resort after an hour drive from the airport)

DANIEL - Could you check-in and get the keys?

JAKE - Yes sure.

VINCENT - Dude do you know where Alec is?

JAKE - Haven't seen him. Check in the bathroom.

VINCENT - Right.


JAKE - Yes, along with Daniel Davidson.

RECEPTIONIST - Here are your room keys. You may proceed to have lunch at the restaurant.

JAKE - Thank you.

[Scene 2]

(Jake and Daniel are walking through the beach resort and towards the Restaurant for lunch)

DENISE - Jake wait up!

JAKE - Come quick!

SARAH - Stop running, alright.

VINCENT - But you is so slow.

ALEC - Wow Vinnie.

(They reach the restaurant and eat their buffet lunch. They now head off to their rooms)

ALEC - You wanna meet at my room after we freshen up?

JAKE - That works, sure.

ALEC - Maybe around 5pm ish.

JAKE - Okay cool.

(Jake and Daniel head off to their room)

JAKE - Dude check it out, we have our own hammock outside the room.

DANIEL - It's sick.

(They open the door and enter in)

JAKE - This is gonna be lit bro.

DANIEL - I'm putting my suitcase here.

JAKE - Cool.

(After sometime....Jake sees Tori outside their room)

TORI - Can I come in?

JAKE - Sure, I guess.

(Tori checks out the connecting door in the room, which is meant to connect to their room next door)

TORI - No, I don't think it unlocks.

RALPH - Well that sucks.

TORI - Ah don't worry, we'll figure something out.

(Tori leaves the room)

JAKE - What's going on?

RALPH - Hey um...could I ask you a big favor?

JAKE - Sure.

RALPH - You wanna move into our room?

JAKE - Why?

RALPH - Here's the thing, when we booked the rooms. We booked as if me and Kevin are together, and Isabel and Tori together. When in actuality I wanna be with Isabel, and she wants to be with Kevin.

JAKE - I got that, but why switch rooms?

RALPH - See my room is like back there. We're gonna fuck, if that's okay with you.

JAKE - Oh I-I see.

RALPH - So like, we wanna be in rooms next to each other, so that over night we could easily swap and do stuff.

JAKE - Got it, no problem.

RALPH - Thanks a lot bro.

JAKE - Hey, no worries.

(Daniel emerges out from the bathroom)

DANIEL - What's going on here?

JAKE - Hey! Good timing, we're moving to their room.

DANIEL - What?

[Scene 3]

(After Jake and Daniel move into their new room)

DANIEL - What's that all about?

JAKE - They're gonna do it, mate.

DANIEL - Oh okay, wow.

JAKE - We're closer to Alec's room I think.

DANIEL - I think so. I'm gonna freshen up and catch you guys later.

JAKE - Cool, I'm going to Alec's room.

(Jake walks towards Alec's room but can't find it)

JAKE - (Calls Alec) Dude, where's your room?

ALEC - It's upstairs.

JAKE - Yes, but where?

ALEC - It's a weird passage way, come forward and walk upstairs.

JAKE - Right.

(Jake meets Alec outside his room)

JAKE - What're you doing outside?

ALEC - We're going to Dawn's room. It's right next door.

JAKE - Ah okay.

(They ring their bell and a guy answers the door)


JAKE - Eh What?

FRASER - I'm Anna's friend, Fraser (shakes hand).

JAKE - Okay then? (gives awkward handshake)

FRASER - Come in!

(Alec and Jake go inside and find Anna, Dawn, Fraser, and two other friends sitting on the bed)

ALEC - The hell is this?

ANNA - Hahaha! Hey guys! This is Fraser, Sam, and Thomas.


JAKE - Wow, what a chorus. I'm Jake.

ALEC - I'm Alec.

THOMAS - We live in Anna's building.

JAKE - Back in Singapore?

THOMAS - Of course, hahaha.

ALEC - Who would've guessed that.

JAKE - (Whispers to Alec) This just got weird.

ALEC - Oh relax, it'll be fine.

[Scene 4]

(The gang soon after take a walk on the resort's private beach and are having a discussion at around 9pm in the night)

DENISE - Who's going to the club today? And who's not?

(The group splits into two)

DENISE - Alright so that means me, Jake, Alec, Vinnie, Daniel, Sam, Anna, and Dawn. We don't wanna go clubbing tonight.

FRASER - Hey c'mon guys, it's our last day in Bangkok.

ANNA - Sure, Fraser (chuckles).

SIMON - Anne c'mon.

ANNA - Dude I'm tired today, we've been traveling. You've got the others.

SIMON - Alright so that means us three, along with Gloria, Sarah, and Bella.

GLORIA - Yeah cool, we'll go. Catch you guys later.

(Later on, Gloria and her group hang out in Dawn's room, while the rest hang out at Alec's room)

GLORIA - You got booze?

FRASER - Thought you guys would ask.

SAM - Yes!! Finally. Lay it on me.

BELLA - Listen, pace yourself, eat something. I don't want you piss drunk before heading to the club.

SAM - The club is right across from this resort, don't worry.

BELLA - Listen, you're not good at handling alcohol.

SAM - I'll manage, don't worry.

(an hour later; everyone is drunk except for Bella, Simon, and Thomas)

BELLA - Wow, Sam.

SAM - Listen, I-I'm not (pukes on the floor).

FRASER - Fuck no!! Hahahaha.

GLORIA - Sam c'mon stay with me. I don't want you bailing on this club idea.

SAM - Gloria I don't feel very good.

GLORIA - Are you fucking kidding me?

BELLA - Dude I just told you to pace yourself with the drinks.

SAM - (Starts whining) Stop screaming, Bella.

BELLA - Unbelievable.

(The gang then leave to get ready for the club and vacate the room; after which Alec and his group enter their room)

VINCENT - The hell happened here?

DENISE - My god, who's shirt is that?

JAKE - What the fuck? hahahaha!

ALEC - Dude there's an Old Monk bottle next to the bed.

ANNA - Wow.

VINCENT - What kind of friends do you have?

DAWN - Exactly (chuckles).

ANNA - They just live in my building, and are decent friends of mine.

ALEC - They left their shirt and rum in your room.

ANNA - Fuck it.

DENISE - Can we eat, I'm hungry.

ALEC - Sure.

[Scene 5]

(Alec and his group are eating dinner at the same restaurant)

JAKE - What do you want guys?

DENISE - I don't mind. Nothing spicy though.

VINCENT - You're in Thailand.


VINCENT - Forget it.

ALEC - Your logic has deteriorated over this period of time.

VINCENT - Do I laugh?

DAWN - Lol Alec.

ANNA - Your sense of humor.

JAKE - (To the waiter) One fried rice, one hakka noodles, and black bean curry.

WAITER - Okay, any drinks?

JAKE - Any drinks guys?

ALL - Nope.

JAKE - Just regular water.

WAITER - Okay.

(Meanwhile Gloria, Sam, Bella, and the three new guys are having a 'discussion' about clubbing)

SIMON - Are you guys sure you're okay?

BELLA - I'm alright, don't worry.

GLORIA - Sam! You fucking idiot! Sober up! (Gets emotional)

SAM - (Feeling a bit dizzy) Listen, I'm trying. Stop being all fussy.

GLORIA - But we need to go clubbing!

SAM - If I can't then go without me.

THOMAS - It's couple's entry only.

BELLA - Shit.

GLORIA - See?! (Gets stressed and emotional after getting drunk herself)

BELLA - Gloria, just relax for a bit. Fraser sit her down! (Looks at Sam) You better get your shit together.

SIMON - However it's gonna be, us three are still gonna club tonight. Join us if you can, we'll have to head to our rooms now.

(Simon, Fraser, and Thomas head back)

GLORIA - I'll be there, Fraser! Don't worry!

BELLA - What do you see in him?

(Gloria acts confused)

[Scene 6]

(At the Restaurant; the other group receives their food orders from the waiter)

DENISE - Thank you!

WAITER - You're welcome, ma'am.

SARAH - I don't want the spicy stuff guys.

ANNA - Take the fried rice.

DAWN - Pass the curry, guys.

VINCENT - I'm so tired dude, we've done too much.

ALEC - How much is the spa?

JAKE - You wanna do it?

ALEC - Just checking if I have enough (chuckles).


(Gloria, Bella, and Sam enter the restaurant. Gloria is making an emotional scene while Bella tries to calm her down)

SAM - Guys, scoot over.

SARAH - What's happening?

SAM - Shush.

GLORIA - (Emotional Drunk) Dude I can't believe this. One thing, just one thing, that's all we ever asked for, and you couldn't even fucking obey!

BELLA - Dude we're in a restaurant, chill!

VINCENT - (Whispers to Alec) Thank god we're the only ones here right now.

BELLA - Guys, we'll just join you for dinner.

DENISE - Alright then.

GLORIA - Dude this is so unfair! We're gonna miss the night with them!

DENISE - Gloria c'mon (takes her outside the restaurant for the talk).

JAKE - What happened?

BELLA - (Sighs) I can't even...Sam?

SAM - Um- (gets cut off).

BELLA - Forget it. We were just hanging out with those guys. You know, we drank and just chilled out for a while. Our group decided to go clubbing, remember?

ALEC - Yeah true.

BELLA - Apparently Sam forgot to eat something before drinking. Like the guys got us some snacks before drinking, and you know, she puked.

SAM - Dude c'mon! It's not entirely my fault. I can still make it.

BELLA - Dude I don't want you passing out there.

ALEC - Sam, be careful.

SAM - That headache and shit was like hours ago. Now I'm just keeping quiet to let her chill.

BELLA - That's basically it. She wants to club with them, and apparently it's couple's entry.


(They look out the restaurant window to see Gloria crying while explaining things to Denise)

BELLA - This isn't good.

(They continue to eat together; Gloria and Denise come inside)

GLORIA - Guys, I really wanna go clubbing tonight. If not Sam, I need somebody to give me company. Why can't the rest of you make it?!

(everyone's content)

GLORIA - Forget that couple's entry BS. I fucking need company. Not just Bella and those guys.

BELLA - Is anyone ready? I'm serious right now. Jake?

JAKE - I-I don't mind.

BELLA - Tell me after you're done eating. Vinnie? Alec? Denise?

DENISE - I can't go clubbing this late. It's already 11.

BELLA - People start clubbing at 11, dude.

DENISE - Then I can't make it.

BELLA - Fine, anyone else?

ANNA - I'll come.

BELLA - Great. Boys, you decide together.

[Scene 7]

(After dinner; the guys meet outside the restaurant with Bella to discuss their stance)

ALEC - To be honest, I'm not really in the mood to club tonight.


JAKE - I don't know, I might actually go.

ALEC - Sure?

JAKE - Dude she's upset. We could just go inside for an hour and come back. She wouldn't know.

VINCENT - That's true, it'll be crowded by the time.

JAKE - Exactly.

ALEC - Fine. We'll go, show our faces, and sneak out in an hour; max. 00:45 we're there.


BELLA - Alright, fine. Do whatever you want.

(In Jake's room; he's getting ready to go clubbing. Daniel is watching TV)

JAKE - Hey mate, I'm going clubbing tonight. (While putting on his socks) like just for an hour. Gloria is a bit messed up.

DANIEL - Emotional drunk?

JAKE - Yup.

DANIEL - (Chuckles) Of course.

JAKE - I'll be back by 1.

DANIEL - Coolio.

JAKE - Cheers, see ya.

(The guys meet at the resort front entrance; Gloria, Bella, Sam, Anna, Jake, Vincent, and Alec)

ALEC - You're coming?

SAM - Dude I just said it was a headache hours ago. I'm fine now.

BELLA - Well now we're imbalanced. Us three are going with Fraser and the others.

ANNA - If they make it at the same time that is.

BELLA - We agreed on 11:30, don't worry.

SAM - But see that means Anna is left with one of these three.

VINCENT - Marcus and his guys are coming. I'm sure they'll need some of us to enter.

SAM - Alright cool.

[Scene 8]

(At the club entrance; Sam is right about Marcus and his gang coming)

SAM - You need extra guys for entry?

MARCUS - Nope, we're okay. Jake! What's up!

(Marcus and Jake high five)

MARCUS - Drinking?

JAKE - Yep.

MARCUS - Yes!! It's gonna be sick.

BELLA - Well that just means two of you can go back.

(Vincent and Alec back down)

ALEC - Jake, give an update, alright?

JAKE - Got it! No worries.

(They pay the entry fees and go inside; Gloria, Bella, Sam, and Anna are dancing in circles with Fraser and his mates. Jake is hanging out with Marcus' gang)

NED - Ay! Jake!

(Ned and Jake hug)

JAKE - How's it going, bro?

NED - Going good, mate. Wow I think we made it a bit early.

JAKE - (Looks around) there's only three circles right now (chuckles).

MARCUS - Ay! Drinks?

NED - Yup.

JAKE - You new to this too?

NED - Yeah.

JAKE - Sweet!

MARCUS - Ate something?

JAKE - Yes.

MARCUS - Alright cool. Remember, pace yourself. This isn't like drinking water. When I say 'stop' you better stop drinking. Normally it'll be after 2 drinks.

NED - Cool. One Shot!

MARCUS - Oh! Right off the bat!

NED - Hahaha (chuckles).

JAKE - I'll have what you're having.

MARCUS - 2 Whiskeys mixed with sprite, and 1 shot. Guys that's 1200 Baht per drink.

(The guys pay up and have a drink)

MARCUS - Ay!!! How is it?

JAKE - It's sick!

MARCUS - Hahaha (chuckles and high fives Jake). There you go Neddie boi!

NED - Hahaha that was good stuff.

(The guys and the crowd have come in; the dance floor is now packed and the folks are having a good time)

[Scene 9]

(Abigail, Peyton, and Shirley are now drunk dancing in their circle)

NED - Dude they're wasted.

JAKE - Haha I know bro.

MARCUS - Matt! Matt!

AMANDA - Dude, he's calling you.

MATTHEW - What's up!!

MARCUS - Get a hold of Shirley!

MATTHEW - Got it!

(They guys continue to dance and enjoy; Marcus and Matthew now begin their 'police' duty)

MARCUS - This is where things get really out of hand.

JAKE - Ah I see.

MARCUS - Abby! Peyton! You girls are done!

PEYTON - The fuck did you just say?!

ABIGAIL - Hey! Hey! Talk to the face, not to my teeth.

MARCUS - The teeth? That's the drunkest thing I've ever heard.

NED - Hahahaha! (Laughs).

JAKE - (Laughs) Dead!

SOPHIA - Ned get a drink, will you?

NED - Sure babe.

(Ned buys Sophia a Corona Beer; Jake closely observes the drunk nature of Abigail, Peyton, and Shirley)

MARCUS - Matt! Time!

MATTHEW - 12:40!

(Marcus gives him the thumbs up; Jake is reminded to leave the club, but he's having a great time)

UMAIR - What happened, mate?

JAKE - Nah nothing.

UMAIR - Hahaha (continues dancing).

(Abigail, Peyton, and Shirley are dancing in the center of the circle)

UMAIR - Dude they're wasted, do something.

MARCUS - Shirley's your girl, do something.

UMAIR - I thought Matt's handling it.

MARCUS - Well now he's out taking a puff. Take the wheel!

UMAIR - Shirley, no more!

SHIRLEY - Heh? I can't hear you!

MARCUS - You dumb fuck, you can't be diplomatic to tipsy people.

UMAIR - She's my girl!

MARCUS - Fuck it! She's wasted tonight. She ain't gonna remember shit in the morning.

UMAIR - No more drinks! You slut!

(Abigail and Peyton get triggered and start attacking Umair)

ABIGAIL - The fuck did you just call her?

UMAIR - None of your business.

PEYTON - You take that back, Ahab!

UMAIR - Why bring Ahab into this shit?

NED - (Chuckles) What an ass.

JAKE - Tell me about it.

MARCUS - This is why we need single folks like Matt.

[Scene 10]

(Jake gets a phone call from Alec; Jake immediately leaves the dance floor. He's now in the outdoor bar where people are doing Hookah and drinking in their own mini tables)

JAKE - Hello? (Answers the call).

ALEC - Are they alright?

JAKE - Yes, they're alright. No incident yet.

ALEC - Cool. I know it's a bit early, but start getting them out by 1:30 at the latest.

JAKE - Alright cool (disconnects the call and goes back in).

(Jake finds that Gloria, Sam, and Bella are wasted along with Anna's friends. Anna however is sober)

JAKE - The hell is happening here?

(The DJ plays a Spanish song; Fraser and Gloria break into a choreographed Salsa dance. Anna and Jake are lost for words)

JAKE - This is just weird.

ANNA - Were you on the phone with Alec?

JAKE - Yeah. We gotta go before 1:30.

ANNA - Sure, we still got time.

JAKE - Yup.

MARCUS - Make way! Make way! Jake, help me get Shirley back to her room.

JAKE - Alright cool. Listen, Matt! Keep an eye on these guys.

MATTHEW - Alright, cool.

(Jake and Marcus leave the club to drop Shirley in her room)

MARCUS - What's up with those girls?

JAKE - Dude they're wasted.

MARCUS - All four of them?

JAKE - They're hanging out with Anna's friends.

MARCUS - I was wondering who they were.

JAKE - No problems with two of them. The third one though, such a pain in the ass. You saw that salsa dance?

MARCUS - Yeah! (chuckles) the fuck was that?

JAKE - He's been hitting on her, dude. I'm not even joking.

MARCUS - Hitting on Gloria? For real?

SHIRLEY - (Drunk) But she ain't a golf ball.

MARCUS - Oh god, Shirley.

(they manage to drop her in her room; Denise has agreed to give her company. Jake and Marcus now walk back to the club and continue dancing)

[Scene 11]

(The folks continue dancing on the dance floor; Marcus and Matthew are now trying to get Peyton and Abigail out of the club as they're wasted)

NED - I got an idea! (Looks at the bartender) One shot!

JAKE - What're you doing?

NED - Just watch and see, (looks at Abigail and Peyton). Guys! This is the last shot in this club! They've run out! Who wants it?

MARCUS - Oh you're luring them out.

NED - Who wants it?

(Abigail swipes the drink off his hand and finishes it)

PEYTON - Ay! You bitch! Sharing is caring!

ABIGAIL - Who you calling a bitch, bitch?!

MARCUS - (Face-palms) Dumb fucks, dumb fucks everywhere.

NED - I just wasted bahts for no reason.

JAKE - You need a firm grip for this kinda stuff.

NED - Dude she's strong! She just yanked it- (gets cut off).

MARCUS - We know what happened.

MATTHEW - You know what, fuck it. Pick 'em up; we're leaving.

MARCUS - Right. Jake, when I come back, we're getting those girls out.

JAKE - Cool.

(Marcus and Matthew are handling Abigail and Peyton; they're getting them out by force)

ABIGAIL - I wanna stay! Get off me!

PEYTON - Get off!

NED - Wow. 16 drinks and Matt's still alright.

JAKE - 16 drinks?!

NED - Dude his tolerance is amazing.

[Scene 12]

(Jake moves in to dance in Anna's circle; along with Gloria, Sam, Bella, and the guys. Jake has a great time with the three guys)

ANNA - Wonderful night, aye?

JAKE - It's amazing!

(Bella smiles)

JAKE - Listen I'll be back in 2.

ANNA - Cool.

(Jake goes to the washroom to take a piss; he meets Gordon in the bathroom)

GORDON - (While taking a piss in the urinal) Ay!! Jake!

JAKE - (While taking a piss in the urinal) Ay! What up?

GORDON - Knocked anyone up yet?

JAKE - What?! No.

GORDON - Oh, you're that kinda guy.

JAKE - Hey, I just downed two drinks.

GORDON - That's it?

JAKE - Well yes, I-I'm gonna carry on.

GORDON - Ah (tries to check out his junk).

JAKE - The fuck you doing, mate?

GORDON - Damn, it's limp.

JAKE - Alright, that's enough drinks for you too.

GORDON - Eheheh c'mon mate.

JAKE - I'll catch you later (high fives him and leaves).

(Jake returns to the dance floor to notice how the girls and Anna's friends are missing. He tries looking for them on the dance floor)

JAKE - Ned! You seen them?

NED - Seen who?

JAKE - Gloria and the others.

NED - Nah mate.

JAKE - Fuck.

(Leaves the dance-floor and runs into Matthew and Marcus)

MATTHEW - Hey! Where are they?

JAKE - Dude I lost them, I don't know where they are.

MARCUS - What the fuck? Mate you had one job.

JAKE - I went to take a piss!

MARCUS - Jesus Christ....fucking look for them. That Fraser better not be fooling around with them.

MATTHEW - Fuck! That's true! Quick!

[Scene 13]

(They look around for them and finally find them at a cornered mini-table in the outdoor bar; Gloria, Bella, and Sam are enjoying the hookah. Anna is observing this madness. Fraser is ecstatically dancing in front of the table, while the other two guys are sitting down quietly)

MARCUS - The fuck is he doing?

MATTHEW - (Laughs) Dude I can't!

JAKE - This is a problem, this isn't club dancing or bar dancing.

MARCUS - Hahaha! (chuckles).

ANNA - Jake!

JAKE - What's happening?

ANNA - I tried getting them out myself; it's already 1:30.

MATTHEW - I see.

ANNA - With this Fraser around, we can't leave.

MARCUS - What's his deal?

(Matthew notices Fraser's boner as he ecstatically dances)

SAM - Matt! Matt!


SAM - Why so serious? Hahahaha (chuckles in a drunk fashion).

MARCUS - Great, she's ruined the Dark Knight for me.

MATTHEW - (Whispers) Tell Gloria.

SAM - W-What?

MATTHEW - (Whispers) Fraser has a boner.

SAM - Eh?

(Matthew is mouthing the word 'boner' to Sam)

SAM - Oh! Boner!

MATTHEW - Dude!!

MARCUS - What the fuck?!

(Jake, Marcus, Fraser, Simon, and Thomas are checking down to see if it's them)

FRASER - (Notices his boner and tries covering them up; still drunk) Oh! I-It's Simon.

SIMON - Sure, buddy.

JAKE - What a cum-dumpster.

MATTHEW - Hahaha (laughs).

BELLA - Jake try this.

JAKE - A-Alright then (tries using the Hookah).

BELLA - Hey! c'mon your puff is pathetic.

JAKE - Sure, Bella.

BELLA - Roll your lips like this.

JAKE - Fine (does it) Fuck, it doesn't work for me.

BELLA - Hahahaha (laughs).

ANNA - How's it like?

JAKE - Tastes like sugar vapor.

MARCUS - That's it fun's over, Matt! Pick 'em up.

(Matthew handles Gloria and Bella, Marcus handles Sam. As they try to leave, Fraser blocks them by doing his ecstatic weird dance)

FRASER - (Singing while blocking their path) Pour on a symphony! I'm feeling drunk and high!

MARCUS - We know, now fuck off.

FRASER - Don't go anywhere!

MATTHEW - Jake! Fucking handle him!

JAKE - W-What do I do?

MATTHEW - Hold him back! Genius!

JAKE - Right, (holds Fraser back as firm as possible; the folks manage to leave the club).

(Now the guys are crossing the road to reach the resort)

MARCUS - That Fraser guy is so sleazy dude.

JAKE - I know.

MARCUS - That boner though.

SAM - (Drunk response) I know right?

MARCUS - Shut up, Sam.

MATTHEW - Dude Jake, help me handle Bella; I'm handling two.

(As soon as Jake takes over, Bella and Gloria begin to run towards the Resort Gates)

MARCUS - Dude! What the fuck!

JAKE - (Runs after them) Ay! Stop! What the hell are you doing?

MATTHEW - Man, how do they run like this when they're tipsy.

MARCUS - Mr. Johnson would be so proud (chuckles).

MATTHEW - Every PE Class ever (chuckles).

JAKE - (Narration) Well...long story short, we got them to their rooms. I used one of the resort's buggy's to get to my room, because let's face it; I was a bit tipsy then too. Tipsy? That's a funny word to describe physically drunk. Guys I just learnt there's a difference in levels of drunk. If you drink and you're able to help and respond properly, you're also considered sober. When you're a bit physically drunk, you're tipsy. When you're completely wasted; you're wasted, a.k.a drunk.








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