KIA - Episode 4 (The Kaiser Tattoo)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Upon raiding the homes of the rape suspects, KIA unravels an interesting pattern. He discovers a common tattoo held by all the rape suspects, 'Kaiser'. This leads KIA into investigating into the
origins of a new figure. Meanwhile, Gary receives and a mysterious call, instructing him to release psychopathic criminals onto the streets of Chiltern.

Submitted: May 16, 2018

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Submitted: May 16, 2018



[Scene 1: Previously on 'KIA']

(Chiltern Center; Gary Norman is being sworn in as the Mayor)

GARY - To Chiltern! Here's to our glorious victory, in this heart-wrenching race for Mayor. It's come to my attention to acknowledge Evans' inability to keep up with this race. My heartfelt condolences extend towards him and his family, for they've experienced a series of traumatizing events. Tonight, it's about celebrating your victory, for voting and placing faith on me. It's about voting for a better Chiltern. Ladies and Gentlemen, and members of the dais, thank you.

(We're now in Gary estate; while in bed, Gary is still rewinding the incident where in his men died through KIA's camouflaged action. He's unable to sleep properly because of this thought).

[Scene 2]

(In a dodgy silent area; KIA springs into action to raid the homes of one of the rapists. He breaks into the first rapist's home)

RAPIST 1 - Hey!! Hey! What're you doing?!

KIA - Shush.

(Rapist begins to make a phone call. KIA uses his Tiger claws to scratch his body. He now proceeds to raid the house to collect any relevant documents on where they started)

KIA - (Plops a pile of documents he found in front of the rapist) Explain....

(Rapist is reluctant to speak)

KIA - (Detects his pulse) Your not stable.

(Rapist is confused)

KIA - (Soft voice) It's beating very rapidly. Your won't take me too long to snap it.

(Rapist is in shock)

KIA - (Opens a file leading to the rapist's previous career; dermatologist) Dr. Watson, (pause) I'm giving you 10 seconds.

(In pain, the rapist mixes up the files. KIA claws his pulse, till he bleeds to death. Afterwards, he discovers a tattoo on his arm; saying 'Kaiser')

[Scene 3]

(In the morning, Gary takes control of Chiltern as Mayor. He is now in his Mayor's office - still paranoid over the mysterious murder that occurred yesterday. Suddenly his phone rings)

GARY - (Answers the phone) Hello?

(the receiver's end is muted; later to be revealed in future episodes)

GARY - (After a long phone conversation) Alright.

(Later, in a mental asylum; guards release the psychopathic criminals into Chiltern)

CRIMINAL 1 - This world....oh! This world (over-dramatic) Let it be my canvas.

OFFICER 1 - Keep your eyes open.

CRIMINAL 1 - (Over-confidently) No, I think that's meant for you.

[Scene 4]

(Back at KIA's home; Edgar is eating lunch, right when KIA enters back with information on the raids he conducted)

EDGAR - How did it go?

KIA - Really strange.

EDGAR - Sit down (offers him to join for lunch).

(KIA is seated, and slowly picks up his fork and knife. He continuously flips over the sides of the knife to reflect on the patterns he observed throughout his raids)

EDGAR - What happened?

KIA - For starters, they're all doctors. A cardiologist, pathologist, neurosurgeon, pediatrician, and dermatologist.

EDGAR - It doesn't add up. With that kind of thinking, no one in the world would do something like that.

KIA - The documents make no sense. There's no connection whatsoever to any of this stuff. Not sure if they're even Gary's men.

EDGAR - Any uh...similarities?

KIA - Not that I can think of (remembers the 'Kaiser' Tattoo on their arms) they had this tattoo. Like one going near their shoulders.

EDGAR - I see.

KIA - (Thinking) It read, Kaiser.

EDGAR - Kaiser?

KIA - Yeah....I-I didn't get it either.

EDGAR - See, if that's the one similarity you could find, you got to understand what Kaiser is all about.

KIA - If it's what I think it is.....

EDGAR - As in?

KIA - Like organized crime.

EDGAR - Possibly. No clues left behind?

KIA - I had some alcohol in handy; so did the job.

EDGAR - How's the camouflage mechanism working out?

KIA - Just fine, actually. Not much side-effects.

EDGAR - Be careful though. It was just something I gave to you out of nowhere.

KIA - Okay.

[Scene 5]

(Psychopathic criminals have gone wild on the streets; they've been actively wrecking vehicles and store windows. The public are panicking and seeking safe havens)

NEWS REPORTER 2 - (Live on the scene) A riot has broken out over the past few hours in Chiltern Central. It appears to be a flash mob of psychopathic criminals, who were just released under the order of the Mayor.

CRIMINAL 3 - (Singing) The ol' gasoline, replace my morphine.....

(Vehicles and benches are set on fire - Gary is watching this happen through the news telecast)

PA 1 - Going good, aye?

GARY - You bet.

PA 1 - The press want a statement from you.

GARY - Fuck that. I ain't coming out.

PA 1 - Sometime today?

GARY - Forget it. Tell them I'm experiencing some illness.

PA 1 - Typhoid?

GARY - Sure, why not.

[Scene 6]

(KIA is standing on the terrace of his building; watching the chaos as it is. He suddenly springs into action through usage of his eagle and chameleon senses to identify the criminals. We now see an action block where in KIA successfully manages to fight off the psychopathic criminals using his Tiger claws and pounding and cheetah stamina)

[Scene 7]

(In a press conference; on the porch of the Mayor's estate)

PA 1 - (To the press) At the moment, the Mayor is experiencing an illness. We've called the doctors to identify what his health problem is. We suspect it is a case of Typhoid.

NEWS REPORTER 3 - Would you be able to disclose any information on what the chaos in Chiltern Central is all about?

PA 1 - We're looking into the matter. It's not in my power to take any distinct form of action as the Mayor himself is facing a health issue.

NEWS REPORTER 4 - It appears to be that the chaos is caused by the criminals you had just released from the mental asylum. Could you give any justification for why that action had been taken in the first place?

PA 1 - As I said before, it's not in my power to disclose these matters now. In the coming days, once the Mayor is back on his feet, we'll be able to release any form of information required. We just want to rest assure that Chiltern will recover from this madness sooner or later.

NEWS REPORTER 1 - (From the newsroom) You just saw the press conference of the Mayor's personal assistant, speaking on behalf of the Mayor himself due to his health problem. We wish the Mayor a speedy recovery, as well as a recovery for Chiltern from this chaos.

[Scene 8]

(At KIA's home; Edgar is researching on the meaning of 'Kaiser' to understand its connection with the rapists)

KIA - Find anything?

EDGAR - There's just a small Wikipedia page on the name.

KIA - What does it reveal?

EDGAR - Kaiser, whose real name is unknown.

KIA - Alright.

EDGAR - A psychopath who was once sent to a mental asylum for allegedly setting a baby on fire.

KIA - Wait what?

EDGAR - It says here. The man set the baby on fire and dangled it from the top of a building.

KIA - Was this incident even reported?

EDGAR - I don't think it got that much publicity. It's not as big a news as Gary's election.

KIA - I thought so, but how do we know that he's the connection to these folks?

EDGAR - Let me find images of this guy (goes onto Google Images and searches for pictorial reference of the guy). Look here.

(KIA and Edgar look at the images of Kaiser's court appearance and front mug shot. Kaiser's facial appearance reveals usage of dark eyeliners and having a double-iris)

KIA - You notice his iris?

EDGAR - (Identifies) I do...(looks closely) t-that's a double-iris.

KIA - (Confused) Strange.

[Scene 9]

(Meanwhile, Gary observes the chaos from his window and on TV. He smiles for a brief moment and later drinks his cup of coffee)

GARY - (Mind Voice) Just watch as I make Chiltern my bitch (smirks).

(We are now in KIAs room; Edgar and KIA have printed out a picture of Kaiser to later stick on the wall)

KIA - (Sticks the picture of Kaiser's mug shot on his room's wall) How long was on probation for?

EDGAR - He committed the act when was 28. He was released at the age of 40.

KIA - I see (closely stares into the facial appearance of Kaiser).




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