KIA - Episode 6 (Mayor is Kidnapped)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

KIA sets out a plan to get Gary out of the Mayor's office. It's his belief that fear will drive him out, rather than outright killing him. After uncovering the possible connections to Kaiser, he is
under the assumption that this case will lead him into uncovering a far more deeper and darker turn. Edgar however, feels more restless day by day as more details about Kaiser get revealed.

[Scene 1: Previously on 'KIA']

(At KIA's house; Edgar is drinking a glass of whiskey and content)

KIA - Dad, are you okay?

EDGAR - W-What? Yes, I-I'm okay.

KIA - (Sits across from the table) What happened?

EDGAR - Nothing, just a weird headache.

KIA - You need to stay off from alcohol to get rid of that headache.

EDGAR - Just this one last glass.

KIA - Alright.

(After a long pause)

EDGAR - (Curious) What did you learn about him?

KIA - He uh...suffered a personality disorder.

EDGAR - Personality disorder?

KIA - Yes, (tries recalling) they said sadistic personality disorder.

EDGAR - Oh....(becomes tense).

KIA - (Senses his pulse rate getting faster) You're stressing out too much. What happened?

EDGAR - Nothing, I-I think it's the alcohol (gets up).

KIA - Sure?

EDGAR - Yes, it's just a nagging headache (goes to his room).

(KIA goes to his room, picks up a marker and closely stares into Kaiser's mug shot photo. After a while, he writes the word 'reciprocate' next to his picture in black bold letters. KIA then closely ponders on the meaning behind that word, and how it connects to his investigation)

KIA - (Mind Voice) Reciprocate...Reciprocate...Re-ci-pro-cate.

[Scene 2]

(Chiltern Central Police Station; Mitch Hutchinson is doing in-depth analysis of the criminals)

CONNOR - (Enters Mitch's Office) Hey, got anything?

MITCH - Not quite. They just mentioned how it was a closed plan, between them and...


MITCH - Gary....

CONNOR - That's it, right?

MITCH - I know that, but why get involved in all this in the first place? They're doctors.

(Recalls that Kaiser Tattoo)

MITCH - They all had a tattoo.

CONNOR - A what?

MITCH - A tattoo, (thinking) like one running near their shoulder. It read 'Kaiser'.

CONNOR - What on earth is a Kaiser?

MITCH - (Thinking) Get me the record on anyone named Kaiser.

[Scene 3]

(KIA and Edgar are making a plan together to overthrow Gary. They're in KIA's room, wandering about and referring to Kaiser's mugshot and quote)

EDGAR - It seems pretty clear that, Kaiser and Gary have a sort of symbiotic relationship with one another.

KIA - It's almost as if one of them is an apprentice of the other.

EDGAR - Well think about it, whose name was on their arms?

KIA - (Thinking) Kaiser....

EDGAR - If that shows on those group of folks, then that shows a sense of loyalty, doesn't it?

KIA - (Thinking) Wait so...(looks at Kaiser's mugshot, and points at it with a marker) He's not the apprentice.

EDGAR - It's Gary then...

KIA - That just makes matters easier.

EDGAR - How?

KIA - Gary's no longer the game-maker, he's a pawn. That means, bringing him down will become much easier than we thought of.

EDGAR - How're you going to bring him down?

KIA - I'm going to kidnap him.

EDGAR - Are you kidding me? You're kidnap the Mayor? He's not a sack of potatoes, Tim.

KIA - I can do it.

EDGAR - The cops will run after you. Don't blow this.

KIA - I need to get some traction going around. That mysterious kidnap is enough.

[Scene 4]

(At the Mental Asylum; Edgar's curiosity about Kaiser's origins drive him to visit the place where he was on probation)

THERAPIST 1 - Welcome, Dr. Campbell.

EDGAR - Thank you very much.

THERAPIST 1 - I heard you were interested in Kaiser's probation. I believe it was your son who just visited before this.

EDGAR - Yes, true. I just wanted to see if I could gather some specific samples from his cell.

THERAPIST - I see, follow me.

(Edgar is taken to the creative-looking cell of Kaiser)

EDGAR - Interesting design.

THERAPIST 1 - It's one of the ways we use to keep them sane.

EDGAR - Good, good. Any hair samples of some sort?

THERAPIST 1 - Not really, it's not our job.

EDGAR - Okay.

THERAPIST 1 - Feel free to get some of his thumb impressions, if that's what you're looking for.

EDGAR - Sure.

THERAPIST 1 - His marker....

(Edgar takes the thumb impression samples for his lab testing. Afterwards, as he wandered around observing his thoughts on the walls, he finds a clod of hair on the corner of the cell)

EDGAR - (Picks the sample up) I'm taking this with me.

[Scene 5]

(From Gary's Estate; Gary is working at his desk when he hears a series of strange sounds echoing all throughout his office. The sounds come from KIA, as he begins to kidnap Gary)

GARY - (Suspicious and makes a phone call) Get me the maintenance. I'm hearing strange sounds echo in my office.

(Right when Gary drops the call, KIA jumps in front of him as a surprise shock)

GARY - (In shock) What the fuck?!

(KIA grabs hold of Gary and tosses him out of the back window, and into his car. He then drives off into the outskirts of Chiltern)

PA 1 - (Enters the office) Mister Mayor? Mister Mayor? (On the walkie talkie) Get me the security; safe-guard this property.

(The personal assistant notices how the telephone is out of place; this happened once Gary's shock caused the phone to fall out of place. The assistant picks up the phone in tension, and notices there's nothing coming from it)

GARY - (While locked in the car) What are you doing?

(KIA remains silent)

GARY - You're just going to keep silent? You're just going to kidnap me and not say a word? You cunt!

(KIA slams his mouth from behind while driving)

[Scene 6]

(Chiltern Central Police Station; Mitch's Office)

MITCH - Got anything on Kaiser?

CONNOR - He was that mental case many years ago.

MITCH - Really? Show it (Connor shows him Kaiser's criminal report). Oh this one....that was nuts.

CONNOR - Sure was.

(Mitch receives a phone call)

MITCH - Hello? (The call is about the kidnapping of the Mayor) The fuck? Alright, I'm on it (hangs up) Get the squads ready.

(Police cars raced towards the Mayor's estate and begin searching the place for clues about the incident)

PA 1 - Got any details so far?

MITCH - Not much. Tell me about your perimeter security.

PA 1 - 5 guards at the back, and 15 in the front and sides.

MITCH - He must've been taken from the back. The 5 from the back are killed.

PA 1 - What? Really?

MITCH - Keep your eyes open, sir. Things are not looking quite good at the moment. (Looks at the phone) Who was he on the phone with before?

PA 1 - Not sure.

MITCH - We need to trace that call and check the security cameras.

[Scene 7]

(In an isolated outskirt compound; Gary is tied to a chair in the center of an abandoned warehouse)

GARY - (Wakes up and finds no one within his view) You're no genius for kidnapping me. I'm the god damn Mayor.


GARY - Tell me why, what, where, and who.

(KIA kicks his chair from behind such that he falls on the ground, towards on side of his face)

GARY - Ah!! (in pain) Who are you?! (yelling) Get in my face you motherfucker!

(KIA's foot appears in front his face)

KIA - You don't deserve to get in front of my face.

GARY - (Tries looking up but the light from the ceiling blocks his face) Kidnapping me just makes you weaker, not stronger.

KIA - (Circling around Gary) Chiltern still remembers you Gary, your 1980s stunts are still in memory.

GARY - Don't you dare bring it up.

KIA - Why is that?

GARY - I'm a changed man.

KIA - A changed man doesn't perpetuate what he claims to be.

GARY - What's the point of kidnapping? Trying to talk sense into me?

KIA - That's not my job, Gary. I ain't a cop, I ain't your dad, I ain't God. What I can tell you is that, your heart rate is rapidly beating, your body temperature is 38ºC. Sometimes I can (camouflages) do this.

(Gary is astonished)

GARY - (Hesitant) I-It was you!

KIA - Who? I don't know what you're talking about.

GARY - You were the one! You killed one of my men!

KIA - I'm sorry for your loss.

GARY - You son of a bitch! I'm the fucking mayor!! (yelling) I can put you up for death sentence and not even take a day to think on it!

KIA - I can claw your pulse out and finish things right here itself.

(KIA gets his tiger claws out)

KIA - See that? As tough as titanium.

GARY - (Confused) W-What are you?

(We now get a view of the warehouse from outside; we hear Gary screaming as KIA claws his forehead vertically as if contouring)

GARY - Ah!! (in pain)

[Scene 8]

(Sooner or later the police appear at the abandoned warehouse; they're gathering evidence and samples of the injuries on Gary)

MITCH - Did you see him?

GARY - I-I couldn't see his face.

MITCH - And why is that?

GARY - H-His face was like a silhouette, imaged by the ceiling lights.

MITCH - I see. Forehead?

GARY - H-He clawed me.

MITCH - Wait hold on, clawed?

GARY - Officer, i-it's really painful, I-I need a doctor immediately.

MITCH - (looks to the back) Oi! Get the mayor a doctor! (to Gary) The doctor will get to your estate anytime soon. Let's get in you in your vehicle.

(Gary is taken to his vehicle and back to his estate for the doctor's visit. Meanwhile Mitch examines the blood and hair samples found on the ground. It appears to be that the hair samples are those of KIA's)

[Scene 9]

(We are at Edgar's Laboratory; he's analysed the samples he collected at the asylum. He realises a shocking discovery with the DNA samples)

EDGAR - (In shock) My god.

(KIA returns)

EDGAR - You're back!

KIA - Yes.

EDGAR - Was it rough? Anyone caught you?

KIA - Not yet.

EDGAR - Not yet? What's that supposed to mean?

KIA - They'll come for me anytime soon.

EDGAR - Well that just blows your cover.

KIA - Don't worry, I know what I'm doing. What with those DNA results on the screen?

EDGAR - Oh that's nothing. I was just sampling my DNA.

KIA - For what?

EDGAR - I'm slowly beginning my research on phages.

KIA - I see.

(As KIA walks to his room)

EDGAR - Tim?

KIA - Yes?

EDGAR - Be careful.

KIA - Anything wrong?

EDGAR - No just...y-your cover is about to be blown. Be extra cautious.

KIA - Sure.















Submitted: May 20, 2018

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