KIA - Episode 7 (The Divide)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

The mayor's kidnapping incident has left Gary and his cabinet divided on the issue. KIA is later held accountable by Mitch for his assault towards the Mayor. Edgar seeks consoling from his wife,
Judy, who herself is facing a busy work schedule at the research institute. A new plot has been formed by Mitch, KIA, and Gary's enemy. Towards the end, Kaiser presents a thought of consideration.

Submitted: May 21, 2018

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Submitted: May 21, 2018



[Scene 1: Previously on 'KIA']

(We are at Edgar's Laboratory; he's analysed the samples he collected at the asylum. He realises a shocking discovery with the DNA samples)

EDGAR - (In shock) My god.

(KIA returns)

EDGAR - You're back!

KIA - Yes.

EDGAR - Was it rough? Anyone caught you?

KIA - Not yet.

EDGAR - Not yet? What's that supposed to mean?

KIA - They'll come for me anytime soon.

EDGAR - Well that just blows your cover.

KIA - Don't worry, I know what I'm doing. What with those DNA results on the screen?

EDGAR - Oh that's nothing. I was just sampling my DNA.

KIA - For what?

EDGAR - I'm slowly beginning my research on phages.

KIA - I see.

(As KIA walks to his room)

EDGAR - Tim?

KIA - Yes?

EDGAR - Be careful.

KIA - Anything wrong?

EDGAR - No just...y-you're cover is about to be blown. Be extra cautious.

KIA - Sure.

[Scene 2]

(The next morning; Gary hosts a conference with members of his cabinet house to discuss his fears. First there is silence in the room)

PA 1 - Mister Mayor, I strongly recommend staying within the compounds of this estate.

(Gary looks at him)

PA 1 - It's too dangerous nowadays. They're not just going for the people, they're turning against us.

GARY - (Hand rubbing his forehead) It's not one of them.

(Everyone is confused and starts looking at one another)

PA 1 - Who was it then?

GARY - (Hesitant) I-I don't was the same person who went invisible that day.

PA 1 - Wait what?

(Everyone starts mumbling about in confusion)

PA 1 - Everybody calm down! Shush! (Yells).

GARY - I-I had a phone call; I wanted to report some sounds about my office....and then it happened.

(we see the flashback of how KIA broke in and kidnapped the mayor)

MINISTER 1 - Gary, you realize you're awake right?

GARY - (Gives him a very angry look) Another word of bullshit and you're out.


GARY - Someone's out there....someone's out there to hunt me (looks at everyone in the room). There's somebody outside.....our somebody right here......who's out to get me (stares at everyone).

(Everyone is shocked to notice how Gary begins pointing fingers at them)

GARY - (Folds his arms) Let's start at home base, shall we? No one, and I mean no one, has the guts to make Chiltern its bitch....except us. That means, there can only be a house divided.

MINISTER 2 - Are you insisting we're conspiring to take your spot??

GARY - Ever read 'Julius Caesar', my friend? That's where I'm going to start off.

PA 1 - Listen, when that guard of yours was killed, we all stood by you; how can that be one of us?

GARY - (Looks at him) You're under my administration for a reason. I can't explain how that happened that day, but what I can point out is the possibility of a rat in this very room.


GARY - Somebody here is conspiring to kill me with the help of a highly trained spy, with the stealth of a cheetah. (Stands up) Gentlemen! I'm leaving you with three hours to figure out this mess. No one's leaving here till then. I've got cameras all over, so be at your best behavior.

(Gary leaves the room)

[Scene 3]

(Door bell rings on KIA's door; Edgar goes to answer it and finds a policeman)

EDGAR - Can I help you, officer?

OFFICER 1 - I'm looking for Tim.

EDGAR - Tim? For what reason?

OFFICER 1 - He's summoned for investigation.

(Edgar remembers KIA mentioning how he will be called by the police one day. KIA walks into the living room at that moment)

OFFICER 1 - Are you Tim?

KIA - Call me by my alias, KIA.

OFFICER 1 - You're summoned for investigation.

(KIA is taken to Chiltern Central Police Station for interrogation with Mitch Hutchinson)

MITCH - Are you going to talk, or what?

KIA - Or what.

MITCH - Don't act smart. You know exactly what I'm looking for.

(KIA uses his abilities to analyze Mitch's pulse)

KIA - Calm down, I'm not going to hurt you yet.

MITCH - (Gets up) Is that a threat?

KIA - Don't play a blind man's game, Mitch.

(Mitch raises his gun; which is not loaded. KIA pounces on him like a tiger and smacks the gun out of his hand. KIA now has him pinned to the ground with both arms stretched)

MITCH - (Panting) W-What are you?

KIA - (Whispers) KIA.

(They both get up and are seated)

KIA - Listen, I know you're here because I almost tried to kill the Mayor.

(Police observing from outside the room are in shock to hear this confession)

KIA - Understand that it was a threat, and not a murder.

MITCH - Causing harm to the mayor causes a very high degree of punishment, I'm sure you're aware of.

KIA - Yes, but the opposite of not doing so would cause obstruction of justice in the long run.

(Mitch is silenced)

KIA - I know you're smart enough to comprehend Chiltern's situation, and I'm well aware of you knowing whose behind all this. It's time you grow a pair and get to work.

MITCH - I don't give a fuck about a single thing you just said. Give me one reason why I should trust your say.

KIA - Because you know it's one way to get that bastard out of office anytime soon.

(Mitch is confused)

KIA - (Gets up and starts walking around) Listen, it's the not kill that hurts the prey, it's the paranoia of being killed that hurts the most. The law enforcement doesn't permit, but a flavor of vigilantism does. Notice here, I've not caused any harm to his body.

MITCH - You contoured on his forehead.

KIA - (Gets his claws out and observes) Oh that, my bad.

(Mitch is astonished to witness KIA's abilities)

KIA - That's not the point. Deep down, folks like you know Chiltern is going to hell with that guy. The world is a self-sustaining organism, it'll correct itself eventually. My minor crime isn't a murder, but it does give that guy a hard time to do his job.

MITCH - Why are you telling me all this?

KIA - (Looks at him) Me and my abilities are nothing if they're undervalued. I'm sure you're aware of the ruckus I just caused over the past couple of minutes. Unlike you guys, I can do something that you can't; any day I can take the law in my hands.

MITCH - (Gets up and leaves for a coffee break) I'm going to get a cup of coffee.

[Scene 4]

(Meanwhile in the Conference Room in Gary's Estate; Cabinet Members are rolling eyes at each other. The room is divided by those who suspect one another, and those who think the fault is towards outsiders)

MINISTER 3 - (Slams his hands on the table and gets up) That's it! I'm sick and tired of you motherfuckers. Who the fuck did all this?! (Yells)

PA 1 - It's not any of us, dumb ass! He's just freaking out.

MINISTER 4 - That makes me want to question more about your role in this cabinet.

PA 1 - What are you talking about?

MINISTER 4 - You've obviously stood by Gary's side ever since he took office.

PA 1 - (Releases a heavy breath) Don't divide, Mr. Larson.

MINISTER 4 - Then give me answers.

PA 1 - (Pause in astonishment, then checks the clock) Tell me about this invisible maniac. Who the fuck has contacts to this guy? Huh? You're all missing the big picture. For god's sake, figure this out. No shits are given to whatever happened the past hour. Now we need to think who that bastard is, and why he's getting involved in this.

MINISTER 5 - Who on earth has those powers?

MINISTER 6 - Genetics I think, or A.I.

PA 1 - Finally! We're getting somewhere. We first track down this bitch, and by then we would know when one of us has cracked.

MINISTER 2 - Point.

[Scene 5]

(Chiltern Central Police Station; Mitch Hutchinson has briefly gone over the case files regarding the rapists' statement, and their connections to Gary. He now re-enters the interrogation room to speak with KIA)

MITCH - What's the discussion?

KIA - You're ready?

MITCH - You're in my court, I decide if it works.

KIA - I've already planted the fear. There are only two things which can happen right now. Either the house divides, and they get Gary out by the cabinet's vote.

MITCH - What's the other possibility?

KIA - His paranoia grows further.

MITCH - Grows further? (Thinking hard) It was you that day!

(KIA camouflages with the background wall to show him)

MITCH - My god.

(Police officers on the other side are in amusement)

MITCH - H-How?

KIA - That's not the point. If the second possibility happens, we need to amplify it.

MITCH - How do you plan on doing that? You'll face charges on assault and murder attempt.

KIA - Any enemies of Gary? Mafia enemies?

MITCH - I'll check through the records.

KIA - But off the top your head. What name strikes you?

MITCH - Simon, Simon Pearson.

KIA - Get him on board, then we'll start talking.

[Scene 6]

(Novena Research Institute; Edgar has come to visit Judy Campbell, his wife)

EDGAR - Judy?

JUDY - Hey! (Excited) Haven't seen you in a while, how's it going?

EDGAR - Good, it's going great. W-When are you coming back?

JUDY - I'll be back in a week. I need to write the report on phage behavior.

EDGAR - I-I see (hesitant).

(Judy takes a break from writing her lab report)

JUDY - Are you okay?

EDGAR - I'm feeling a bit, awkward lately.

JUDY - Are you missing me?

EDGAR - A bit.

JUDY - As I said, I'll join you in another week. I saw what you and KIA were doing.

EDGAR - Yep.

JUDY - You didn't tell me that day?

EDGAR - Well, uh...I-I was just all occupied with monitoring his health (chuckles).

JUDY - (Chuckles) Of course. It's great that you at least found purpose through his creation.

EDGAR - True.

JUDY - How's it working out for him?

EDGAR - Oh he's having a ball with it (chuckles) loves this side of him.

JUDY - (Chuckles) I see.

EDGAR - You know, I thought he was just going to be a prototype of an ideal genetic design for future generations. Like, he would one day have children of his own, and I would see if nature worked in his favor, like Darwin intended.

JUDY - Of course it will, is that why you're worrying?

EDGAR - (Responds after a while) Yes, t-that's exactly why.

JUDY - Well then.

EDGAR - It's not...just that. I mean, that is a huge chunk, but not the entirety.

JUDY - Well, what's the 1%?

EDGAR - (Thinking hard and hesitant) It's something from the past, I think it's coming back.

JUDY - What're you talking about?

EDGAR - I think our Tim may be in danger because of him.

JUDY - Edgar what do you- (realizes what Edgar is referring to) are you serious?

EDGAR - (Hesitant) Unfortunately. I-I shouldn't have done that DNA testing.

JUDY - Did you give him the serum?

EDGAR - I did.

JUDY - That should help him for some time. I'll try and join you guys as soon as possible (kisses Edgar on the cheek).

(Edgar half-smiles and leaves the building)

[Scene 7]

(Mayor's Office; Gary is in conversation with his personal assistant)

GARY - If what you say is the absolute truth, then swear on this very desk, your life, that you and this cabinet have no intention of killing me.

PA 1 - (Slams his hand on his desk) Don't make me do this again.

GARY - If so, then brief me on what's the actual scene.

PA 1 - Your political enemy, your mafia enemy, either of those are after you.

GARY - Bullshit.

PA 1 - Give me the other names then.

GARY - It can't be Evans (thinking) unless.

PA 1 - He set you up?

GARY - I-I made him a promise, and it's probably backfiring (furious on Evans).

PA 1 - Hey! Hey! Think for a bit!

GARY - Don't fucking back talk me like this. That bastard's hired that cunt, Pearson, to take me out.

PA 1 - Simon Pearson?

GARY - Who else would pull off a stunt like that?

PA 1 - He can't turn invisible!

GARY - I don't give a shit! He's pulled off some sort of illusion in this game.


GARY - I'm putting the word out right now. Simon Pearson will face charges on treason first thing tomorrow.

[Scene 8]

(Simon's Hideout; Outskirts of Chiltern. KIA and Simon sit across each other a rusty and metallic table)

SIMON - No can do.

KIA - How much are you looking for?

SIMON - (Burns off the remains of his cigarette) This ain't about the green. One finger and I get killed by that guy. Him and I go back a long way in rivalry. I ain't killing myself over this.

KIA - Send in one of your guys to do the job. The point is, it has to seem real, not be real.

SIMON - They've got cameras and cops all over the place; they'll come knocking on this damn door anytime soon. He knows where this hideout is.

KIA - I'll stay on the lookout for you. I want you or your men to make it seem real, till the point he get's out of office.

SIMON - What's your guarantee?

(KIA gets his tiger claws out and camouflages)

SIMON - Yo! Where did he go?

(Simon's men are confused. In that time, KIA slashes one of his men on the chest, making the man injured. He then re-appears before Simon)

SIMON - (In astonishment) Well played. (Looks to his back) Oi! Raul! Load up them snipers. We out tomorrow at 5. (Looks at KIA) Next time you're looking at two million.

[Scene 9]

(We cut to the view at the top of the highest building in Chiltern; narration voices flash in the background about the attempts to harm Gary Norman. We then see the entry of Kaiser; he appears with his back turned towards us. He's wearing a huge black jacket. He's rotating a pen using his fingers, as he walks on the terrace of the building)

KAISER - (Mind Voice; in response to Gary's situation) You can't stop change; remember the person you used to be, and choose the person you will become.














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