KIA - Episode 8 (The Assassination Plot)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

KIA, after teaming up with Gary's enemy, pull soff an assassination attempt in order to scare Gary out of office. We are then introduced to a new character, Troy Nowitzki, who'll soon play a
crucial role later on in this series. Amidst all the chaos, Gary has decided to take this time to identify who his real enemy is: KIA. He hopes to pull off a devious plot to expose KIA to the

Submitted: June 03, 2018

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Submitted: June 03, 2018



[Scene 1: Previously on 'KIA']

(We cut to the view at the top of the highest building in Chiltern; narration voices flash in the background about the attempts to harm Gary Norman. We then see the entry of Kaiser; he appears with his back turned towards us. He's wearing a huge black jacket. He's rotating a pen using his fingers, as he walks on the terrace of the building)

KAISER - (Mind Voice; in response to Gary's situation) You can't stop change; remember the person you used to be, and choose the person you will become.

[Scene 2]

(4:50 am in the morning; Simon Pearson, Raul, and KIA are all setting up to plot the assassination attempt of Gary Norman. The men are positioned on the 7th floor of a building opposite to the Mayor's estate. Mitch Hutchinson has taken position at the front gate of the estate)

PA 1 - (Walks towards Mitch) Morning, sir.

MITCH - Morning.

PA 1 - What're you doing up at 5?

MITCH - We've received reports about an assassination plot.

PA 1 - Wait what? (in shock)

MITCH - Yes, we just received the reports last night. We've set up police protection around this compound. I'm here for any further correspondence back to the commissioner.

PA 1 - (Hesitant) I-I see.

MITCH - Let the mayor know, and tell him he's advised to remain indoors at all times.

PA 1 - Alright (rushes back to inform Gary).

(Mitch turns around and speaks into his Bluetooth head-set)

MITCH - Instructions are given to his personal assistant, KIA do you copy?

(From the 7th floor of the opposite building)

KIA - Copy that (using his Bluetooth head-set). Raul? Simon?

(They give KIA the thumbs up and load their snipers. Meanwhile, the Mayor has just finished brushing his teeth)

PA 1 - Sir, we have a problem.

GARY - (Using his towel to dry his face) What happened?

PA 1 - Assassination plot against you.

GARY - (in shock, removes the towel from his face) The fuck??

PA 1 - Stay indoors throughout the day. Do not go outside.

(His assistant hurries into the other room while Gary follows him to comprehend the situation)

GARY - Hey! Hey! Hold on, what is all this?

PA 1 - The police have just received the information last night. They've secured this entire compound for your protection. They're most likely positioned in this very vicinity, so stay indoors. Don't stay close to the windows.

GARY - (Hesitant) A-Alright.

(Meanwhile on the 7th floor of the opposite building)

SIMON - (Getting his sniper set to target a piece of furniture) Raul?

RAUL - Yes?

SIMON - Time?

RAUL - 4:57 am.

SIMON - We fire at 5:27 am on the dot.

[Scene 3]

(Chiltern East High School; Principal gives an announcement on the PA system to students)

PRINCIPAL - Dear Students, we've received information from the Mayor's estate about a terrorist attack which will occur sooner or later today. For that reason, we've been informed to make today a half-day. You are urged to leave the school immediately when the time is 12:30 pm. Thank you, and stay safe.

(School students chatter about with regards to the context of the announcement; teachers are also confused. In a Grade 11 classroom, we see a Physics class being taught)

TEACHER 1 - I know, scary stuff. Let's get back on track so that we don't waste anymore time on this news. We only have a day till 12:30 pm.

STUDENT 1 - (Whispers to Troy) So trippy, dude. Who would've known.

TROY - (Whispers back) I know.

TEACHER 1 - Troy!

TROY - Yes?

TEACHER 1 - What did I just talk about?

TROY - Kepler's 2nd Law, which states how the area swept by a planet over a period of time is the same, regardless of their planetary position in orbit.

TEACHER 1 - Okay then, just Troy things.

(Class chuckles)

STUDENT 1 - Nailed it.

[Scene 4]

(Novena Research Institute; Out of curiosity she asks Edgar to send samples of Kaiser's DNA. She now conducts the test to analyze his genotype and phenotype)


JUDY - Oh hey! What's up?

SCIENTIST 1 - Are you done with your report?

JUDY - P-Pretty much, just need to do the bibliography portion.

SCIENTIST 1 - Alright then. I'm going to get a croissant, want one?

JUDY - Not right now, it's too early.

SCIENTIST 1 - Okay then.

(Walks off. Judy is now in a similar state of mind as Edgar was. She sends Edgar a text regarding her findings on Kaiser's genotype and phenotype)

[Scene 5]

(The time is 5:26 am, Raul and Simon are on stand-by with their snipers. KIA uses his senses to identify Gary's aorta)

KIA - (Focuses his eyes on a window at Gary's estate) Stand-by, he's hustling.

(Simon and Raul are alerted by KIA to shoot through the window as Gary is in the room; they shoot)

GARY - Shit!! (Hides under his desk)

(The members of the estate quickly rush to Gary's Office after they hear the sound)

PA 1 - Are you alright?! (Yelling)

GARY - Get down! Get down!

(Simon and Raul shoot once more at a different window; this time shooting one of the members of the estate)

PA 1 - God damn it! (Yelling)

GARY - What happened?

PA 1 - Grayson's down!

GARY - (Silently) Fuck.

(Meanwhile outside)

MITCH - (Via bluetooth headset) KIA, I'm giving you a minute to get down and move through the back.

KIA - Copy that. (To Simon and Raul) Move! Move!

(KIA and the rest evacuate the building through the back gate and drive off to Simon's hideout)

MITCH - (To the other police officers) What're you waiting for?! Check every nearby building! Now! Go! Go! Go!

(The police officers hustle towards every nearby building and question members of each household or office unit. Mitch later breaks into Gary's office)

MITCH - We've round up every building nearby to catch those assassins. You're safe now.

(Gary and the personal assistant both stand up; Gary, in particular, eye-balls Mitch)

GARY - (Skeptic manner) I thought you said everything was taken care of.

MITCH - Did you pass by the windows?

(Gary is silent and showing his ego)

MITCH - Careful next time (turns around and leaves).

GARY - Get me the papers on Simon Pearson. This bullshit ends now.

[Scene 6]

(Chiltern East High School; Later on, the principal signals the leave to students and members of staff. Students scurry off back home. Troy is walking home with his friend)

STUDENT 1 - That shit is nuts, man.

TROY - I know.

STUDENT 1 - Who do you think did it?

TROY - Not quite sure.

STUDENT 1 - At least we missed English.

TROY - (Chuckles) Tell me about it; fuck Shakespeare, that's why his wife had an unsettling relationship with him.

STUDENT 1 - (Chuckles) So dark, bro.

TROY - Hey, it's the truth. I'm not believing a word of his bullshit in 'Romeo and Juliet', if he ain't a Romeo in real life.

STUDENT 1 - Cool, I'm bouncing. See you!

TROY - See you.

(Troy now heads home; his mother opens the door)

MUM - Hey Troy, how was half-day?

TROY - (While putting his bag down) It was okay, I guess.

MUM - They're announcing the STEM competition winners tomorrow at the awards ceremony.

TROY - Oh yes, I got the email.

MUM - Remember, 7:30 pm, at Hyatt.

TROY - Got it. I'll be down at 5. Need to work on something.

MUM - Okay.

(Troy heads towards his room and closes the door behind him)

[Scene 7]

(Police cars enter Simon's hideout, according to Gary's orders. KIA is prepared to protect Simon at all cost)

OFFICER 1 - Search the covers! Cover the compound! Go! Go!


SIMON - Get inside! Now!

(Raul and KIA are hiding in an underground safe room; keeping really quiet)

OFFICER 2 - (Using flashlights to find Simon and the others) Nothing in Area 4.

OFFICER 3 - Copy that.

(KIA uses his abilities to sense the presence of officers within their radius)

KIA - (Whispers) There are three of them, ten meters behind us. Then there are two on either sides on the front; at a distance seven meters apart.

RAUL - (Whispers) How do you know all this?

KIA - (Makes a look at him and turns away to whisper) I just do.

SIMON - (Whispers) Don't let them take any documents and other specimens.

KIA - (Whispers) How does that solve the problem?

SIMON - (Whispers) We have a deal, KIA. Don't we?

(KIA responds to his loyalty and immediately camouflages and attacks the police officers. He does this without killing anyone, but merely scaring and injuring them)

SIMON - (Whispers) What the actual fuck.

RAUL - (Whispers) What is he?

(Officers are forced to evacuate as they fear the unknown threat, that is KIA. Simon and Raul come out of their covers)

SIMON - What was that?

KIA - Not now, your cover is blown. I'm sure they've taken this location under record.

SIMON - I told you earlier on. Only Gary knows this place, and he's directed them here. Where do you expect me to relocate with all this stuff?

(KIA ponders on Simon's doubt)

KIA - (Turns towards them) Let's get you guys off the record.

RAUL - What?

KIA - Pack them all up and head down south. Any contacts there?

RAUL - We've got Patrick there.

KIA - Yes, get contact with him right now. Tell him to get this stuff over to his shack for now.

SIMON - Hey! Hey! What the hell are you doing?

KIA - I'm saving your asses, that's what.

SIMON - You don't just come here, give us a job, and then get us out of this place! I know the cover is blown, but I make the plans now.

KIA - Got a better idea?

SIMON - I want nothing to do with Gary. I don't want him in my face, my area, or even know I'm there.

KIA - You want to fake it?

SIMON - That's what I'm saying.

KIA - (Checks his watch) It's 15:45 right now. Clear out your stuff in the next two hours, and do whatever the hell you want.

SIMON - Listen.

KIA - Yes?

SIMON - If what we did doesn't pay off....don't expect me to be nice the next time 'round.

(KIA nods his head and leaves)

SIMON - Get me the knife!

(Raul tosses him a knife. Simon cross-cuts his arm to let drops of his blood fall on the floor)

KIA - What're you doing?!

SIMON - Relax! It's a part of the plan.

[Scene 8]

(Gary's Estate; Gary is sitting quietly in his office, sipping his glass of whiskey)

PA 1 - Anything you need?

GARY - Did the press show up?

PA 1 - I told them it isn't the right time.

GARY - (Nods resentfully) Right.

PA 1 - It's getting worse day by day. (Sits down, and in front of Gary) I mean, we tried our luck to get Simon, and it didn't work. The same invisible figure taunted them as well. That's the problem, do you know who's your enemy?

(Gary is content)

PA 1 - How do you know you've picked on the right targets?

(Gary is content)

PA 1 - That day when you were kidnapped. You couldn't see him properly for yourself. Unless we realize who this is, things aren't getting any better for you.

(Gary twirls is glass of whiskey in a bitter manner; he has his last sip of whiskey)

GARY - If it's chaos he wants, then so be.

PA 1 - What're you saying?

GARY - I'm giving this mysterious guy a chance to show me who he is. I know just that way to do so too.

PA 1 - H-How?

GARY - Wait and see. Chiltern hasn't seen me on such an occasion. Let it be a warning for everyone (slams the whiskey glass on his desk).

PA 1 - You have to relax now. How many glasses did you have?

GARY - I know exactly what I'm talking about. Clock strikes at 5:27 tomorrow, I reveal my brilliance.

(Gary goes to his room to sleep. The assistant picks up his bottle of whiskey and notices have the bottle is empty).

[Scene 9]

(News Telecast is being screened)

NEWS REPORTER 1 - The city speaks of this day as a black day for modern day criminal and terrorist plots. At around 5:27 in the morning, two sniper shots fell into the Mayor's estate through the windows. Fortunately, the Mayor was perfectly safe, while one of his cabinet ministers, Mr. Grayson got killed in action. Mr. Grayson was a financial adviser to the Mayor, and his demise has been cried out by families close to him this noon.

In latest news, a fire had been set off at an old warehouse in the outskirts of Chiltern. It's noted that this was the same location identified as Simon Pearson's hideout. Simon Pearson, who is recognized as a mafia enemy of the current Mayor, Gary Norman. The news from the Mayor's estate claims that it was Simon's plot to assassinate him for attaining the highest power in the city. Coincidentally, officers believe Simon had committed an act of suicide along with his henchmen. The evidence came out once the fire was put off, and blood specimen were obtained from the fire incident. As of now, the claim states the demise of Simon Pearson too.

(Kaiser is position sitting on his sofa chair, one leg above the other with his foot shaking, his hands are held together as his fingers touch each other; as he's thinking. We see him from the back of sofa chair, watching the news telecast and responding)

KAISER - Well played.




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