KIA - Season 1 Finale (Final Verdict)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is the season one finale for the 'KIA' series. Amidst all the chaotic decisions taken by Gary, he now faces the consequences from a higher order. As with the conventions of the good and bad;
when one falls, a new one rises. Find out who KIA's next target is.

Submitted: June 22, 2018

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Submitted: June 22, 2018



[Scene 1: Previously on 'KIA']

(Chiltern Central Police Department; Mitch Hutchinson is discussing an important proposal with the Commissioner)

COMMISSIONER - This proposal of yours, which you wanted to discuss about; Explain.

MITCH - Gary's Records.

COMMISSIONER - Non-existent. Next.

MITCH - New records of Gary. They've recently come to surface.

COMMISSIONER - What're you blabbering about?

(Mitch drops the record files on his desk)

MITCH - Emotional blackmailing, unauthorized decision to release psychopathic criminals, and the abuse of law enforcement to inflict harm on civilians.

COMMISSIONER - The release of psychopathic criminals were indeed authorized.

MITCH - Yes, but at the cost of blackmailing the judge in-charge of ruling the decision.

COMMISSIONER - Seriously? (Reads the internals of that case document and notices the reliability of the evidence provided) Abuse of Law Enforcement? We had a rational reason for doing that.

MITCH - It was abuse of power to identify a non-existent enemy of the mayor.

COMMISSIONER - Non-existent? Seriously?

MITCH - No such enemy figure showed any form of reaction to the happenings of the past day.

COMMISSIONER - But we don't know who he's talking about, so how do you identify with this person's responsiveness?

MITCH - Under the assumption that no counter-action took place over the past 24 hours in response.

COMMISSIONER - But the killings of our own police officers.

MITCH - We checked, and it turns out it was a gang of psychopathic criminals, who again, were released under the mayor's commands.

COMMISSIONER - Emotional Blackmailing Case?

MITCH - The accusations against Evans' Campaign; it's all instructed as per Gary's orders.

COMMISSIONER - Okay, but why now? Why discuss this matter now when he's already Mayor?

MITCH - You realize his public image is deteriorating due to his current controversial order of brutal arrests. I feel it's the right time to take a call of action against him.

COMMISSIONER - How strong do you feel about what you're saying?

MITCH - Deep down, Commissioner, your gut does tell you that he's not the one to be in office.

(The commissioner is silent)

MITCH - All the evidence is here on the table. My proposal is given to you. It would be much appreciated if you could give a response on this matter soon.

(The commissioner nods and Mitch turns to leave his office. The commissioner is left critically reviewing the case files of Gary's controversial decisions and activities)

[Scene 2]

(Gary's Estate; A cabinet meeting is held to discuss the controversial action taken by Gary)

MINISTER 1 - Hundreds of civilians have been locked up because of this. Over this past 24 hours, our party's support has drastically deteriorated.

MINISTER 2 - We only authorized that decision under your pressures. No one wanted you to abuse your mayor's power to cause all of this.

GARY - (Thinking hard) It doesn't matter.

MINISTER 4 - It doesn't matter? Are you serious?

PA 1 - Listen, you intended and signed up for these casualties to occur.

MINISTER 5 - To create one of the biggest conflicts of the 21st Century? 

GARY - (Yells) Enough! I've had enough of pussies like you folks. Man up for once! It's not justified if only a soldier's ready to take the hard-fall for all of us. We have a common enemy, that's trying to terrorize this state. We must all be ready to give the same for the good of Chiltern.

MINISTER 6 - Listen, the votes of soldiers aren't as crucial to election times as such.

GARY - Fuck election time! We're already in power! What do you want?

MINISTER 6 - It doesn't matter, you're still going to cause an uproar amongst the masses.

MINISTER 1 - Protests, riots, more terrorist attacks. This is worse than before.

GARY - It was worth it, alright. I located and identified my enemy; KIA.

PA 1 - KIA?

MINISTER 2 - Who's that?

GARY - Not the usual enemy, folks. He's no Simon Pearson or Douglas. He's not even entirely human.

MINISTER 4 - I'm sorry, what?

GARY - Part animal.

MINISTER 5 - Humans are already animal.

GARY - (Draws his gun and shoots the minister) Fuck you.

(The cabinet is in shock)

PA 1 - T-That's on tape, sir. Be careful.

GARY - I control the tapes around here. Delete it after we're done. That man, is part animal. He can kill like a predator, he can sense my pulse, he can camouflage.

MINISTER 5 - That's insane.

(Gary loads his gun. The minister is now keeping quiet)

GARY - What did the doctors say about the clawed part of my back?

PA 1 - They couldn't trace the DNA. They say it was a proper slash of a Tiger.

(The cabinet is confused, and Gary is pissed)

GARY - Well that's not reassuring. Point is! Get the word out. I want KIA on a death sentence, guilty of treason.

[Scene 3]

(Chiltern East High School; Troy is in Math class)

TEACHER 2 - So remember, when you're finding the area under the graph using integration. The area calculated is only applied to the graph above x = 0. To avoid making mishaps, be sure to account for any graphs below this threshold.

PRINCIPAL - (Walks into the class) Is Troy here?

(Troy gets up slowly)

TEACHER 2 - Troy.

(Troy heads over to the principal's office; and they're speaking face to face)

PRINCIPAL - Mr. Nowitzki. I'm sure you're aware of the reason why you're here.

TROY - I am.

PRINCIPAL - Explain yesterday's scene.

TROY - As a class we did follow the terrorist attack protocol.

PRINCIPAL - Yes, and that's a rule everyone must follow.

TROY - But there's one flaw to it.

PRINCIPAL - What's that?

TROY - The protocol states we hide against the wall closest to the front door so any terrorist can't identify us and shoot.

PRINCIPAL - That is correct.

TROY - Problem is the school has a transparent window running against that same wall; leaving the translucent wall below it with enough space for our few hairs to stick out. This poses the problem for terrorists to break through the window and eventually kill us.

PRINCIPAL - You realize the threats posed yesterday were from a rampage of polic officers.

TROY - Who were unauthorized in their decision to unleash a rampage of brutal arrests on Chiltern, I know.

PRINCIPAL - Mr. Nowitzki, no good comes from trying to out-smart me in this discussion.

TROY - I'm making this discussion about better reactions to the situation. I was luckily in a class next to lab equipment and materials. Using my knowledge of chemistry, I was able to propagate reactive metals such as Sodium and Potassium onto the threats as if they were bombs.

PRINCIPAL - You realize who you're talking to, don't you?

TROY - Yes, and I think it's perfectly alright for you to know of my self-awareness at that time. I deem it successful because the officers, I heard, evacuated the school in a bit of fear over the next five minutes or so.

PRINCIPAL - Listen, Troy. I'm not saying what you did is bad. It is indeed a courageous attempt.

TROY - Thank you very much.

PRINCIPAL - However, the condition did violate our school code of not following the protocols. You abused lab equipment and materials for your good to carry out this act of bravery. Which is why I have no choice but- (gets cut off)

VICE PRINCIPAL - (Walks in with a trophy) Morning, sir.

PRINCIPAL - Good morning! What's with the trophy?

VICE PRINCIPAL - Oh thank goodness you're here Troy. Sir, I would like you to know that Troy here won the STEM competition. For that, the judges were kind enough to present our school with a trophy in recognition of his achievement and representation of our school.


VICE PRINCIPAL - W-What's happening here?

PRINCIPAL - Oh nothing, just....(shakes hands with Troy) discussing about his suggestions to improve the science department.

VICE PRINCIPAL - Ah of course. Always interested in point out our under-funded science faculty.

TROY - It's getting better though.

VICE PRINCIPAL - Sure is. We've ordered more Vernier Lab Equipment, which will come in next semester.

TROY - Nice.

(Vice Principal places his trophy in the trophy cabinet and walks off)

PRINCIPAL - Close call, Mr. Nowitzki.

(Troy smiles)

PRINCIPAL - Suspension canceled. No loopholes again, hear me?

TROY - Sure.

PRINCIPAL - Keep up the good work, my boy.

[Scene 4]

(Political protests begin to hit the streets of Chiltern)

PROTESTER 1 - No more Gary, Gary out!

ALL - No more Gary, Gary out!

PROTESTER 1 - No more Gary, Gary out!

ALL - No more Gary, Gary out!

PROTESTER 2 - Fuck you, cunt!! (yelling)

NEWS REPORTER 1 - Protests have hit the streets this morning in response to the mayor's controversial arrest action yesterday. Protesters from all corners of Chiltern have gathered and are heading towards Chiltern Central to get the attention of the man himself.

NEWS REPORTER 2 - Vulgar slurs are raised against Gary, and it seems to be they want Gary impeached from office.

PA 1 - Things are out of shape, we can't carry on like this.

(Both the assistant and Gary watch the protests from outside their window)

GARY - I thought this would happen.

PA 1 - Don't let your emotions influence power. You're here for the people's gain, not just for your own personal comfort.

GARY - Are the tapes deleted?

PA 1 - Yes.

GARY - That will be all. Strengthen the compounds and get more police protection. Anyone jumps over the wall, kill them.

[Scene 5]

(Press Interview with Evans)

EVANS - I tried talking to all of you about my situation. Gary is indeed the obvious elephant to this whole matter. He framed my son's death on his henchmen. He emotionally black-mailed me by having his men rape my wife. Now he's trying to get me arrested under the charges of treason.

(KIA and Edgar are watching this telecast from their home)

EDGAR - Looks like things are finally happening.

KIA - Looks like. I hope Evans carries on to put pressure on him. I'll be back.

(Meanwhile at Chiltern Central Police Station)


MITCH - Sir!

COMMISSIONER - I uh...went over the files.

MITCH - Well?

(Commissioner gives him the nod to carry on with his proposal)

MITCH - Thank you, sir.

(Meanwhile on the streets of Chiltern)

PROTESTER 3 - Fuck you Gary, Fuck you!

ALL - Fuck you Gary, Fuck you!

PROTESTER 3 - Fuck you faggot, Fuck you!

ALL - Fuck you faggot, Fuck you!

[Scene 6]

(After-school; Troy is back home and is diligently working on one of his personal scientific endeavors)

TROY - (He's assembling a weapon prototype with help of his assistant bot) aBot, tighten the back screws.

(Assistant Bot tightens the back screws of the weapon prototype)

TROY - Thanks (continues inspecting the design aesthetic of the weapon) Hmm....

(Troy plops a cover on top of his prototype as soon as he hears knocking on his room door)

MOM - Troy? Busy?

TROY - Yes, what's up?

MOM - Summer's in two weeks time. Your father was wondering if we could take the trip to Mauritius.

TROY - Sure! That works.

(Mom smiles back at him and leaves the room. Troy returns to inspecting his weapon prototype)

TROY - aBot, open the design specification of prototype number 7.

(Troy receives a news alert from his mobile phone. Troy checks the news alert about impeachment pressures facing Gary Norman. Troy thinks about a conversation he had with a mysterious man sometime before)

TROY - (Holds the weapon prototype in his hand) Bring the house down.

[Scene 7]

(At KIA's home; door bell rings)

EDGAR - (Opens the door) Judy!

JUDY - Hey! Sorry, they had to close the institute because of these riots.

EDGAR - They're running inside the compounds?

JUDY - No, it's just that the phage research specimen are really important. We have to safeguard them until the climate seems clear. There's just havoc everywhere.

(KIA enters the living room)

KIA - Mum.

JUDY - Hey baby (hugs him). How're you doing?

KIA - (Looks out the window) Well um....

JUDY - I know, your father told me everything.

(KIA is silent)

JUDY - Don't let that get in the way of your abilities.

KIA - Thanks mum.

JUDY - (Smiles) What're your plans for this?

KIA - (Turns towards the window) I uh...I'm kind of conflicted (turns to look at his mum).

JUDY - What do you mean by that?

KIA - Don't know when I should jump in, because everything seems to be happening on its own. It's like, this city just needed a trigger, a catalyst like me to cause this positive uproar.

EDGAR - But hey, entropy will still increase, causing more disorder in the universe.

KIA - (Chuckles) Sure, dad. I'm worried I'm going to lose myself pretty soon.

JUDY - (Holds KIA's arms) Tim. History is cyclical, never forget that. Just as long as human behavior tends to reciprocate whatever was thrown onto them, happiness or anger, things will always be in disorder; they'll need you (leaves the room). I'm going to use the bathroom real quick.

EDGAR - Sure.

(KIA is left thinking hard)

EDGAR - (Notices this) Tim?

(KIA is still thinking hard on something)

EDGAR - Tim.

(KIA is rewinding to the moment where his mum said the word 'reciprocate', and tries to place it in context of what she spoke of. He then looks at his dad and rushes to his room to focus in on the word he wrote on his wall)

EDGAR - What're you doing?

KIA - (Stares at the word 'reciprocate') Reciprocate, the context which mum said.

EDGAR - Yes, so (realizes what KIA is talking about and feels a bit tensed out).

KIA - You're getting it right?

EDGAR - (Thinking hard) I uh....I'm kind of feeling- (gets cut off).

JUDY - (Returns from the bathroom) Flush, it needs some repair work, dear. Call the plumber sometime soon.

EDGAR - Sure.

JUDY - (Walks towards KIA and Edgar) What's going on?

EDGAR - No, no, nothing. Don't worry about it.

JUDY - Now see, the moment you say that, I already know you're lying.

EDGAR - He just um....made a connection. About what you said and what it means about Kaiser.

JUDY - Kaiser? Who's Kaiser?

KIA - This mental asylum case. You know that crazy thing he did with the child, right?

JUDY - I-I can't recall yet. Doesn't ring a bell to me.

KIA - Well, that's my next case.

(KIA walks out of the room)

EDGAR - You're joking, right?

JUDY - (Looks at him) How long are we married for?

EDGAR - Oh (smiles in embarrassment).

[Scene 8]

(Gary's Estate; the entire administration is under a lot of public pressure to impeach the mayor of his cruel ways)

MINISTER 2 - Gary! This is unacceptable. We simply cannot move forward like this.

GARY - (Turns to look at him) Are you saying we drop out?

MINISTER 2 - Give in. It's not worth it anymore. The public, the press, the parliament; nothing is going our way.

GARY - Push forth you jackal! You think I'm going to sign some fucked up impeachment protocol because of all this? Shit hasn't gone down yet so soon. Don't make a conversation of indirect and voluntary surrenders; talk to me when there's really no other way.

MINISTER 2 - There really is no other way.

(Gary is startled at his answer)

MINISTER 2 - It's the fact. The words have been doing the rounds. You may be summoned for a court hearing any time, and that'll be the end of it.

GARY - Who told?

MINISTER 2 - Um....

GARY - (Moves towards him with the whiskey glass in his hand) Who told?

MINISTER 2 - It was the parliament correspondence.

GARY - (Breaks the glass with force on the ground) I don't care about the fucking correspondence! Are they here yet?

MINISTER 2 - N-No, sir.

GARY - Then shut up.

(door knocking)

MINISTER 2 - Come in!

PA 1 - Sir, I-I'm afraid you've got a summons.

(Gary turns around in shock)

GARY - A what?

I. OFFICER 1 - Gregory Holt, Chiltern Intelligence (shows his ID). You've been summoned for a court hearing (hands him the summons paper).

GARY - (Reads the paper) A court hearing serving the purpose of a thorough evaluation of the Mayor's conduct and decisions during his time in office, and whether any drastic actions must be taken in hand. (Looks at the officer) Are you going to fucking impeach me?

I. OFFICER 1 - I'm afraid I cannot disclose that yet.

GARY - (Grins) So it's decided. Of course, with you liberals and your one-sided arguments.

I. OFFICER 1 - I'm an intelligence officer, and I'm telling you there's no way out of this.

GARY - (Nods his head) We'll have it your way.

(Outside Gary's estate; there's a flash of news reporters and protesters trying to get coverage of Gary's say. The mayor is seen escorted by Gregory Holt to the car which will take him to the supreme court. We see a flash of photographs taken and protesters continuing to shout vulgar slurs at him)

[Scene 9]

(Judge is slamming is striking his mallet onto the wooden desk to get everyone's attention)

CALLER - The court will now begin.

JUDGE - Members of the Parliament, Mayor's Cabinet, Jury; thank you for sparing time to be hear today. As we all know, it's a crucial hearing for this state as it will decide what's to come forth for the future. We have our distinguished Commissioner in charge with us too.

(The Commissioner salutes the judge)

JUDGE - I would first like to hear from the Mayor's Cabinet, and what their explanation is to all of this.

MINISTER 2 - I'm a member of the Cabinet, my role is to help law enforcement in the state.

JUDGE - Why don't we begin with that. I'm afraid one of the early actions taken by your estate was the release of psychopathic criminals from the mental asylum. I'm sure we all recall the disturbance this caused, not only to the elites but also the general public. (Wears his glasses) I have hear the statement from the mayor himself; it was a voluntary decision to transfer these individuals to a place of enhanced medical attention rather than being trapped in detention centers. Now see, a mental asylum does indeed offer those forms of medical attention. I don't see why they had to be taken from that sort of a setting to someplace else.

MINISTER 2 - (Makes eye contact with Gary, then speaks) Well your honor, in case you haven't visited these asylums, let me brief you on their working conditions. Some of these places had cells, meant to contain individuals with extreme psychological conditions. While a cell is ideal to trap such a person, it simply catalyzes the person's intentions to grow more sadistic. It was why we chose to place individuals like such in a setting where their mind can be at pace and more open to positive possibilities.

JUDGE - (Reading through the case files of that bill) Well see, when I read through the bill which was passed, it has no mention for how these particular group of individuals would be of greater benefit than those who were already gaining ample care in the same asylum; you get what I mean?

MINISTER 2 - Y-Yes your honor.

JUDGE - Considering the damage, the disturbance this has cost to the city; it kind of outweighs the benefits mentioned in the bill.

(Silence from the Minister)

JUDGE - I would like to call upon a member from the Parliament to give his or her assessment of the various bills and decisions taken by this administration. (Reads the names off a print-out) Melanie Vaughn from Parliament Correspondence, and Derek Matthews; a spokesperson at the parliament.

(Melanie walks to the front to talk)

MELANIE - Thank you, your honor. Members of the court, I thank you for you time once again. I speak on behalf of the Parliament Correspondence, and all the work we've done the create a medium of transparency in our governance in this state. If I could just give you all an overview of the various courts of decision taken by the administration. We've already covered the release of psychopathic criminals from the asylum. Next we have the controversial convictions, which were recognized as a fatal attack towards the public. The police were found rampaging across the streets, making fierce arrests of innocent lives. When questioning the administration, it came to our attention that it was a drill or a means of fighting terrorism; the attacks which were directed towards the mayor.

JUDGE - Thank you very much. (Reading the documents) It says here, the emphasis was directed at fighting terrorism, and this required arresting innocent civilians. Mr. Norman, I feel you should take responsibility for responding to this.

(Gary Norman walks to the front to explain his stance)

GARY - Listen, I envy the decision I took that day. That was simply because the state was under grave danger. We were gathering a series of assassination attempts directed towards me, as well as those in outside institutions. We had to drastic action because while I could blame the likes of my enemy in the past, Simon Pearson, I know I'm not that guy anymore. I don't know if you heard results from latest forensic tests, but let me tell you, Simon Pearson is dead. He was trashed by the huge fire that blew off his secret hideout. That's the only man who has a nerve to go against a man like me, and if he's not with us, then the state is under a new lens, new forms of danger. The law enforcement sector has worked day and night to crack this very case but it was just a huge gathering of loosely-connected clues, making literally everyone the possible victim of treason.

JUDGE - Now then, when I read these documents, they initiate a plan in accordance to safeguarding the mayor, and not for public interest. It says the decision was to protect the administration from all danger, and not the institutions you were just talking about.

GARY - But hear me out! It was also an implied call of action.

JUDGE - The problem is it needs to be explicit on paper.

(Gary is silent)

JUDGE - If I have the statistics right; the event lead to nearly two thousand brutal arrests of innocent civilians and the likes of those who were released psychopaths. Another casualty was the death of twenty innocent civilians, including a student from Chiltern South High School.

(Derek Matthews approaches the front)

DEREK - As a spokesperson of the parliament, it's my duty to report of the appropriateness of these actions and how they fare against the parliament regulations and law. If I may (reviews the psychopathic criminals release case) the executive order for releasing psychopathic criminals. The approvals have been provided by the administration, as well as the facility in charge. However, before the house could commence to support for and against this notion, the plan had been initiated. Just so I interest you in the statistics of what the house favoured; there were 67% of members against the idea. This strikes a violation of parliament regulations. The same situation applied during the time of the civilian arrest case. Before the house could vote in favour of the notion, the action was already taken in hand by the administration. If I may quote one of the members of the mayor's cabinet, "to be frank, the house takes up too much time to decide on any executive action. While it causes little impact towards long-term issues, it does no justice to immediate scenes."

JUDGE - Thank you, Mr. Matthews.

(Derek Matthews returns to his seat)

JUDGE - Now then...I'm afraid the jury will only share 50% of decision to the final verdict, as it is an issue involving members of the government as well as the public. If I may (goes through the provided evidence). I would like both parties to present their final decisions.

(Every citizen of Chiltern, including KIA, are eagerly watching the live telecast of the mayor's court trial)

MELANIE - (Steps up to the front) On behalf of the parliament correspondence, I would like to announce our decision to deem Mr. Norman guilty of political abuse of power for the administration's gain. This decision is based on the complaint documents filed from the Human Rights Commission in response to the controversial arrest order. This is also a witness of political malpractice amongst competing candidates in the recent mayor's election, in which Mr. Norman was found and proven guilty of emotional blackmailing. Thank you, your honour.

(Gary is slowly getting stressed out as well as frustrated)

DEREK - (Steps up to the front) On behalf of the parliament, I would like to announce our decision to deem Mr. Norman guilty of abuse of parliament regulations and the law. We have carefully considered and observed the various loopholes taken underhand by this administration; these include, but not limited to their early action of executive orders without compliance with the house's decision. The parliament strongly condemns abuse of executive order without obeying the court of law in this state. Thank you, your honour.

JUDGE - Has the jury reached their final decision?

JURY MEMBER 1  - Yes, your honour. The jury has reached the decision of deeming Mr. Norman guilty...

(Civilians of Chiltern rejoice on the streets and at home. Edgar smiles at KIA, and he smiles back to him as well as his mother. As Gary is handcuffed and escorted to jail the following words echo in his mind)

JUDGE - (Echoed words) Mr. Norman will face impeachment from office as well as a jail term of upto ten years.

MINISTER 2 - (Echoed words) No one wanted you to abuse your mayor's power to cause all of this.

(Once the police officer locks him up in his cell; Gary sits silently on the flat concrete surface, contemplating his fate in a content manner)

KIA - (Echoed words) One man, that's all it was to make you start this fire.

(Meanwhile, we are now in Troy's room. It's past midnight and he's quietly working on his developing his weapon. While he's working, we hear the following from Kaiser - in the background)

KAISER - The universe was designed for anarchy. Manmade systems are no match for this universe's self-engineered canvas of chaos. We might as well throw back whatever was thrown into us; rather what this universe intended to throw at us. Obey to disobey conventions - that's it.




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